I hate my job (25 Photos)

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  • DatWop32

    Hello WEBDAWG


      I hate you!

  • Dude Imbibes

    #1 At least it wasn't "PC Load Letter"

    • Brian

      What the fuck does that mean?

    • Takingbackcider

      "What the fuck does that mean?"

    • Scrotes

      what the fuck does "that" mean?

      • tv_paul


        • Really?


        • Simon

          Yeah… I'm going to need you to go ahead and watch Office Space.

    • crazydog

      It should say "PC load Zuul"

    • keith

      Office space. Come on dumbasses

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        Also any office ever, even those not shown in the movie.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      What the fuck does that "mean?"

    • ThatJoshGuy

      I'm not liking what I am seeing in these comments.

  • BritBerrier

    #23 – kinda hot *pulls 'not bad' face*

    • TRUTH

      He gets paid $8 an hour, so no matter how good looking he is, he's still ugly to all women.

      • All women

        Not true. We aren't all that shallow.

        • haeddre


      • OTR


    • Whore


      • Slut


    • Honest

      Tim, where do you work? I want to laugh at you too!

    • Tim

      Thanks Brit

  • Bhodi

    #5 Annoying

    • 0331

      But true.

      • The Punisher

        Bullshit. Quite a few if not most of the folks on what Michelle "My Family farm Got $250,000 IN Gov't Subsidies" Bichmanndescribes as "welfare: actually worked their whole lives, or until they were disabled by diseases like MS, cancer, leukemia, etc. My wife is one of the. How's about YOu try living on a grand sum of $1,001 dollars for a month. Til then, STFU!!

        • Kuss

          Some need it…vast majority don't! Don't get all defensive about it! I have a decent job and lose 1/4 of it so I can watch everyone lay around at home and buy whatever they want. Back in the day people worked two jobs of they had to. What do you do? Do you work? I have no problem helpIng people out who have disabilities…but a drag problem and laziness is not a disability. So you STFU!!!

          • lazybean

            actually most your pay check taxes goes to military, social security, medicare, then subsidies to big rich companies, then maybe a small amount to help those on welfare, of which only 1.9% are lazy freeloaders(actual statistic).

            • texa5 t b0n3

              Lazybean: what do you think welfare is? There isn't a welfare office. Its called social security. If a lazy POS want to " be on welfare" they go to the SS office and apply for the money. That's the problem with the system right now… too many lazy people taking money from the same fund that is for people who really need/ deserve it.

              • qteam3d

                Fucking lazy old and disabled people. Gas prices would only be $2 per gallon if we could just throw all the freeloaders into our furnaces!

                • Brutal_Deluxe

                  Wait, we can't? None of you are cops, right?

                  • jorge

                    Yeah, some people really need it but Kuss is right, a lot don't. I know someone who announced on Facebook that she was quitting her job because she just found out she was pregnant. A few weeks later she posted about how she had just been approved for welfare, food stamps, and medicaid. People like that are the ones who fuck things up for people like The Punisher's wife who actually need it.

          • MarkusEsq

            I don't think statistics back your statement about the vast majority. I know Rush told you that. But it's just not true.

        • Underbaker

          First off KCCO dude. Now what heck are you talking about? Is this a carry over conversation from a different gallery?

        • Jeff

          If you can afford an iPhone, you don't need welfare. There: write that into law!

        • 0331

          Still $300 more a month than I got while in Iraq. Kiss my ASS!

          • MarkusEsq

            Then you should be arguing that you deserve more, not fighting with others and how little you get. I think you should get more for sure.

  • Timmy


  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Yeah, that will send me into overdrive.

  • MylesofStyles

    #10 I get busy enough sometimes that this almost makes sense.

    • Yup

      Busy, yet your on the chive.

      • MylesofStyles

        some·times [suhm-tahymz]
        on some occasions; at times; now and then.

        You're welcome.

      • luke

        no YOU'RE on chive

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          Guys, guys, you can both be on the Chive.

    • Your mom's in jail

      Humpty Hump once got busy in a Burger King bathroom – is that what you're referring to?

      • MylesofStyles

        I don't know what you're talking about. Just because

        I'm crazy.
        Allow me to amaze thee.
        They say I'm ugly but it just don't faze me.

  • Acesevens

    I'd rather play hard and spend it on myself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #23 Yeah, your job sux

  • George

    #5 OBAMA!!

    • Aran

      More like FDR!!

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        Martin Van Buren! Am I doing this right?

  • Brutal_Deluxe

    #3 Blackface is racist. Knock it off.

    • naomi p

      Looks like his whole body got dusted with soot when you take the suit into account

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        I hope that's soot and not something biological.

    • a-nom

      Agreed…though he is covered in soot, the excess amount on his face is intentional – this shouldn't be posted. I'm all for racial satire, but this is just fully reminiscent of a bygone era that shouldn't be rehashed. Chive On

      • thom

        Where is that Jacoby douchbag to scream RACIST!

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          I'll fill in until he gets here.

          1) The chive is racist
          2) Martians have been leaving me strange messages printed on my underpants with red sharpies
          3) Has anybody seen my keys? I don't know where I put them
          4) I want the chive shut down
          5) Horble zoop zop
          6) The stick up my ass has a stick up its ass
          7) Email me for more information about how you can save money on term life insurance
          8) When I'm alone, you're all my girlfriends
          9) This list item preceeds item 10
          10) Keep calm and something something

        • a-nom

          hahaha…i read that earlier this morning…i don't agree with anything he said, just find this picture stupid

      • tapsnapornap

        It's mud and oil, not soot.

      • Sinner

        Does it hurt to be so ignorant? If you knew anything about Rigging you'd know that's Carcinogin not soot. Second I'm reeeaaallll sure he meant to put a poisonous substance all over his face on purpose. Do some research before posting judgmental shit dumbass.

        • Sam

          "carcinogin" is a substance that causes cancer… which can include asbestos or benzene. So the fluid maybe classified as a cacinogin, but it is likely called something else. So relax.

      • Sinner

        The only person being offensive to Afican Americans is you a-nom. To say their faces look like a thick black substance sounds pretty racist to me.

    • Tecumseh

      It's oil douche bags!

    • Albertaroughneck

      No its fuckin invert. You use that shit to drill because its lighter than mud. Toxic as hell but you get an extra $25 a day for using it!

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        Yes, but how does it taste?

  • nuccabay

    #16 hahahaha

    • Poke4Life

      Actually makes me want to eat there…

      • pinky thumbs

        I Vant oneee

  • Anomanom

    #23 What are you required to *do* whilst wearing lederhosen?

    • Tim

      I work at a restaurant and gift shop in a Bavarian themed town. I have to clean and clear tables in leather pants. Not what I thought I'd be doing when I graduated college. KCCO

  • Shiguy

    #19 Cogdell….is that you? Didn't know it was cold up there right now.

    • Keith

      My grandpa always used to say "colder than a well diggers ass". Never understood till now.

  • Vegas


    • Flee

      WHERE DO YOU WORK???? I need some of what you are selling


      • Joe

        That's an AT&T shirt

    • kh2the1

      why no pic of her hump???

  • B.Clinton

    With millions of people unable to find work and an unresponsive president who only cares about being re-elected, you'd think people who actually HAVE jobs would be a little more appreciative.

    • eino

      HA…….that comment made me laugh.

    • Escelante

      There are plenty of jobs out there. People just aren't willing to take a job they don't want. There was a job fair in my town not to long ago with hundreds of places seeking employees. Maybe some people should just suck it up and take that job at McDonalds until something better comes along.

      • The Punisher

        Escelante, you are a living example of "remain silent and let people think you are an idiot, or speak and erase all doubt". I was a carpenter for 30+ years, ran million dollar jobs, and had pretty well mastered every aspect of my field. Mexican illegals ran out of lettuce to p;ick or chickens to cut up, took government-funded trade schoo classes, and became "carpenters". After that, almost every greedy general contractor on the East Coast replaced their work force, except for the suck-ups, with putas who don't pay taxes, don't get insurance or Workman's Comp. After four years of trying to find work at age 48, I sold my $3000 worth of tools for enough money to pay the rent and get groceries. My last job was as a short-order cook in a Tex-Mex restaurant full of – wait for it- illegals, and the cokehead owner and general manager cut all the white guys hours, since the illegals wouldn't get them any more of the fine white if they lost any time. Stick to talking about things you know- poontang and beer.

        • Brutal_Deluxe

          How did you manage to remain 48 for four years?

        • luke

          yes, let's DO talk about poon and beer

        • Andyman38

          You ran million dollar jobs with only $3000 worth of tools, ya not a chance. Next time you come to spout bullshit at least have an idea what the hell you are talking about.

          • bojo

            Im sure what he meant was that his personal tools totaled ~3k, which is actually quite a bit more tools than the average carpenter would need assuming his employer provided the higher ticket items such as compressors, generators, lifts, etc….

    • Kuss

      Really??? You think I am thankful to have to give 1/4 of my salary so people don't have to do a damn thing?? There are plenty of jobs…just to many lazy people with zero work ethic. They think everything should be handed to them. Get real

      • bdawoodworker

        I'll keep that in mind as yet another report will be issued showing how the average pay in the US has remained stagnant over my 43 years on earth while the top earners get tax breaks you are too ignorant to know of. Oh, sorry Kuss, you and I don't get to deduct our auto loan interest, but guys like Romney can deduct their jet payments. BTW: You might actually want to look into the Welfare reform enacted when Clinton, a ……wait for it……………Democrat, was in office. Your ideas that people are just too lazy doesn't hold water. Lifetime limits keep it from happening. Sure, there are people who are not able to work, such as many handicapped, mentally handicapped and sick people who collect a tiny amount of money to scrap by with. How tiny? How would you enjoy a life on SSI, living in the lap of luxury, on $638 a month? Maybe if a-holes like Romney actually put America first for the last 3 decades and pushed to keep jobs here our country would look different? Meanwhile, stop at Walmart on the way home and pick up something made in China and smile that YOU saved $3 on it.

        • Wow

          Who controlled congress during the passage of the welfare reformact?

          • bdawoodworker

            Certainly not the Republican party of today. The only thing today's Teabaggers are wanting is total elimination. Compromise has become synonymous with losing.

        • bvin426

          Did you ever think that Romney broke up company's that were failing? He sure didn't buy profitable company's and sell them off. Its called restructuring. thats what you do when something is failing. Also it doesn't matter how much money people get from the gov't, people will vote for who ever will give them money republican or dem.
          not an endorsement of Romney either

          • bdawoodworker

            A company on a steady and slow uptick is not failing. BC bought companies that had more value dead than alive. It's not called restructuring, it's called destruction. Equity firms used buyout leveraging in order to gain the company thru the boards who have a feduciary responsibility to only the shareholders. The employees and communities supported by these companies only growing 1-2% could just FO and die for all he cared.

            • deleted6750212

              Everything you just said is incoherent in quite inaccurate. Go back to watching Fox News…who's viewers statistically know less than people who watch no news at all.

          • MarkusEsq

            In several cases, Romney came in, took out a bunch of loans through the company, paid himself and his buddies millions, then left the company bankrupt, while forcing the government to come in and pick up pensions for the employees. Oh, and he hid his money in the Caymans while he was at it to shield it from taxes. It's a fact, whether you want to admit it or not. There are ways to restructure companies that are more healthy for the overall economy and especially for the workers and their communities than the MO at Bain.

            • Zed

              The big problem that people don't see is that the man in charge of all these financial regulations is bernanke. How can someone buy a $500k dollar house with no money down or allow investors to trade on huge margins that they can't even cover. The reason why were in this mess is because his actions to make lending so lenient (including Greenspan's). As long as you can read, write, and fill out a credit card application, you were approved.

    • YourMom

      Yet you have time to surf the chive…hmmm seems like somebodys not trying very hard 🙂

    • Shawn

      I am a college grad and while i do agree with you that there is a poor job market there are still jobs. I took a job in Wyoming doing chemical work in the Oil field. This is probably the last place i thought i would ever end up but I am making the most of it and am happy to be working. There are plenty of jobs out there you have to be desperate enough to get off the couch and pursue them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.oliver.106 Shane Oliver

    Tipsy tuesday. I love em too

  • SovietPlague

    #24: I think a 'Yo Mama so big' joke should be included with this pic.

    • Mr. Tea

      Her toilet paper roll fell in water…. Damn!

    • t.dot

      iv worked at a paper mill, and i know this pain. heres hoping friday comes quick.

    • That Guy 13

      What You Do?!!?!??

  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo


    "Andy Dufresne – who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side."

    • stash

      We're all innocent here

    • Ouch!

      Fresh Fish!

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      "Andy Dufresne – who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side."

  • Gmoney

    #3 Looks like the gimp.

    • Maynard

      gimp's sleepin!

  • Sam

    #23 you've explored all other possible career options?

    • dkptig

      i thought the same thing.. how many DUIs do you have that you cant go get an entry level data entry or customer service job paying 10-12 bucks an hour?

      • Haley

        Psh I would much rather get paid less, and have more fun! Chive on Ledorhosen Man!

      • snoopyismyhero

        Guess it depends on where you live. Around where i live CS and DE jobs pay minimum wage, with .10 increase after 90 days if you are lucky.

      • Tim

        I live in a small German themed tourist town. No other jobs. Don't worry. I'm keeping calm and moving on at the end of the month.

    • thom

      In Obama's economy, this is theo nly career option, other than a guvmnt job.

      • Tim

        True Story

  • Notknowing

    #16 seems legit

  • tv_paul

    #18 Drats, foiled again!

  • Mikey

    #11 – What did you expect, you were an english major…

    • Cantaloupe

      English teacher… based on his attire, I assume his job it not cleaning filters.

    • Robtoad

      Be glad you didn't opt for that communications degree or the philosophy or art major, then where would you be

      • KO617

        I have a comm degree…and am doing well for myself. Your argument is invalid.

    • RoW

      this guy is a douche, those filters are cheap and you just replace them very easily. He just wanted to look like he was doing something and get on a chive post

      • Skofe

        RoW you're an idiot… You think I would do that? Why don't I just stick my head in a toilet and light my ass on fire… That'll be sure to work, too. I'm glad to see you're such an expert in filters, maybe next time u can do it for me. Go dig a hole and bury yourself.

        • >.>

          That would be the coils you are cleaning….
          The lack of a filter is the problem -_-

          Next time use windex and a hard bristle brush. Go with the direction of the coils to not bend them up.

          I do this on a normal basis, works every time.

          • SkofeALofe

            ahhhhhhhhhh ok thanks! Muchos gracias amigo~ Chive on!

    • Skofe

      Actually I'm not even an English major 🙂 I'm teaching English as a second language, in Korea… Sometimes, they ask us to do wacky shit… Like today, I'm going to eat pig's feet with some other teacher

      • puddin

        Dude, try not to bend those fins with that box knife. It'll mess up the air flow. A little soapy water and a SOFT scrub brush will work wonders.

        • SkofeALofe

          Ah really? Thx for the tip… I was using the box cutter to go between the fins, loosen them up, and then was vacuuming the dust as it fell off… I clearly didn't major in engineering.
          I don't think it had ever been done before in the history of the school, and I probably won't be the one to do it again, either

      • comer64

        pickled pigs feet are the shit. what did you think im interested in knowing if there is a korean twist compared to the country ass pig feet that i have ate in my day

        • SkofeALofe

          Ive had the Korean style before… they boil them…. and, maybe steam them? Its realllllllllly good tho.

  • KO617

    #21 Sure, I'll switch to a windows phone…wait, what just happened.

    • Bob Fungus

      My wife is a die hard iPhone user and she's jealous of my Lumia 900. And Android? Please. Better off buying a BlackBerry.

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