I hate my job (25 Photos)

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  • MediumJim

    # Your life is so tough. Jerk Off

    • luke

      Your life is so tough, jerk off.

      punctuation is important.

  • Bill

    #11 Since you are an English teacher and all, I would think you would actually know correct grammar. Your caption should say "As an English teacher, I always DREAMT of scrapping dust off OF an air conditioner filter"


    • northerner

      OK, point taken. However. <Sigh> let the "picking of nits" continue. His story of "under employment" is too often the rule, not the exception. Ease up a little?

    • Skofe

      Haha Bill, I stand corrected. Well played, sir. 🙂

    • Jared

      While I do appreciate a good grammar troll, in this case you are incorrect, Bill. In this sentence, the past tense continuous 'dreamed' is acceptable. Also, you misspelled scraping, and your use of 'of' is unnecessary. If you really wanna pick some nits, head over to burn your bra and help all those poor girls who've "burnt it."
      i.e. The bra is burning. The bra burned. (OR I burned the/my bra.) Once the burning is complete 'The bra is burnt."
      Dreamt and burnt are both the perfective, signifying an action carried through to its conclusion.

    • SkofeALofe


  • OFT15

    #3 Kick the pumps off next connection. Dickhead drillers suck!

    • tapsnapornap

      I think it would've got his neck, or hoody if that had happened. But you're right, it fuckin' sucks when they pop a stand on you like that whether it's on purpose or not!

  • hwath

    #11 you fuckin pussy. Take that mask off and grow a pair.

    • Skofe

      Haha ok, you do it for me next time 🙂

  • etcrr

    #11 the are some teachers still out of work, Maybe you should be grateful for the job you have and look for other opportunities

    • Phil

      Shut your incoherent hole

    • Genki desu yo

      KCCO playa

    • Skofe

      Wow, you're totally missing the point here, aren't you.

  • Dan

    #23 Don't worry buddy, they aren't laughing at you, they're laughing with you.

    • Genki Desu Yo

      they're probably laughing at you. don't worry, some chivettes love a man in lederhosen 🙂

  • http://thechive.com F3n1x187

    #21 MOAR!!!!

  • El_Capitano

    #13 – Not Okay, Okay is lame!

    • Wut?

      OKAY?? AWESOME!!!

  • http://twitter.com/hutton2420 @hutton2420

    #21 Need MOAR please!!!!

  • Juice

    Chive I don't care about the other stupid shirts you make..I just want a Black KCCO shirt!!

  • drunkenogre

    #21 I know how you feel, i work at planet cellular 😦

    • Jason Marquez

      I work for at&t too… I hate that phone 0_o

  • ktrain

    #21 hello

  • DickFister

    You get PAID to wear lederhosen? Awesome!

  • tapsnapornap

    Now #3 and #14 have something to complain about!!! Drilling rigs and coal mining, I've only done 1 and the thought of the other scares the shit outta me!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blackfyre.webster Elliott Webster

    #21 i would like to know where that Chivette got that shirt. I would also like know her name and number. WP RULES.

  • Rob

    #21 yummy yummy yummy

  • fogarty

    #11 why not just buy another 2$ air filter…dumbass

    • Skofe

      Does it look like I have an option here?
      Dumbass 🙂

  • stuey

    #21 s'up girl? whats your screen name?

  • C17

    #21 MOAR

  • Grippy

    #21 moar moar moar

  • Stank You

    #18 "Ha! you guys got me, what a great prank . Now clean out your desks your all fired"

  • dmdpt

    # 18 foiled again

  • zgl

    #10 – a personal bathroom in my office? seems like a win ;p

  • LoFromWisco

    THANK YOU! I work two jobs to pay off my student loans (not even out of college yet, so you can imagine two jobs and full time school), and I work HARD for my money. It just burns me when I go to the grocery store and get stuck behind these people, who are getting all these hand outs but still find a way to just bitch bitch bitch. It's extremely easy to find a job if you want one. Just cut the laziness already.

  • MrM

    #19 – Surveying in the winter blows!! I feel your pain man.

    • https://www.facebook.com/timothy.nowell Timothy Nowell

      It does indeed. But surveying in the Texas summer… I don't know which one is worse.

      • DrFunkenstein

        Haha nooooooooo thanks. I'll stick to cold and snow haha.

    • DrFunkenstein

      Most snow we got in NY this winter was a foot or two, wasn't too bad. I'd take cold over heat any day though. Heat shimmer gives us more problems than snow haha

    • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.dentremont Isaac d'Entremont

      being the one standing in the hole…..that was april 3rd…..winter would have = another foot or so of snow :S

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