Is it weird to say that I want to live in ‘The Hobbit’ homes? (14 Photos)

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  • Moknowsbest

    There is a dwarf village next to where I live in florida that i wised looked like this

    • Spelling Police


      • Moknowsbest


  • BabyFart MagiZax


    • HOOK


      • DaUndeadDodo

        Please, refrain from the Caps Lock. It's irritating beyond belief.

        • L4D


          • bdawoodworker

            Please refrain from typing "first" as if anyone else gives a shit. Give a comment or GTFO!

    • sloth

      Baby farts has a baby dick FACT

    • Berend

      Loser! not even first get a life. You should be permabanned

  • AtlChiver


    • Meh


  • GomerPyle

    third! Can't wait for the movie!

  • Kenton

    I'm not even the slightest bit stoke about this movie. Filmed in 48 FPS?!?!?!?! its going to look like a Jersey Shore

    • Kenton (again)

      The reason movies have that different feel is because they are shot in 24FPS instead of 30 (or 29.97). 48 means its going to look about as clear as your own eyes, which means it will totally lose the feel a movie has. It will bomb unless the convert it.

      • Google

        Kenton, Get a clue. It's shot 48fps because its being shot in the classic style for true 3D. Ever notice how those old 3D movies and 3D rides at theme parks look amazing even today?… 48fps
        This movie is going to look great. Telecine transfers are never projected at 29.97 fps in theaters and Jersey shore is shot at 60 interlaced frames a second for broadcast.
        As for different feel, tell me what you thought about Avatar, asshole.

    • Brian

      They're releasing it in 2D at the normal 24 fps. Calm down.

    • Franklin1138

      Don't bitch about the cake until you've tasted it.

    • press

      I want it in 500 FPS.

      With triple-quad sound.

      Shown in theaters with individual massage chairs.

      And free Dark Lord beer.

      Shared with 300 Chivettes on Spring break.

      I want what I want.

      • twincities

        Now taking bets that some tighta$$ is going to say, Wait, 500 FPS isn't possible!

      • zoom

        Dark Lord beer with a Hobbit movie.


    • 'sota

      Hahaha, Kenton, you have no idea what you're talking about do you?

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Guess it wouldn't be that weird if you were a groundhog.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Do they come with big Hobbit foot shoes?

  • Desi

    As long as I don't have Snooki for a neighbor, I'm down.

  • Darth Yogurt

    Looks great except I wouldn't know how to brown chicken brown cow with the little peeps.

  • Underbaker

    Do they need a village PC repair man? I would love to live there and go fishing in the lake. Ye Olde Computer Shoppe. 🙂

  • Cal1

    This film is going to look amazing, espeacilly in 48fps be a change like DVD to blue ray but better, god damn visual orgasm

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #13 if only I could live there

    • Static

      no shit.. amazeballs!

  • Holy Hell

    I'm going to build something similar to this in Texas.

    • Guesty

      Except bigger, right?

  • Elecman

    I would dig it. Probably a lot better for a Texas hurricane as ling as floods don't affect you

    • Dothan

      Nice use of words.

  • mateo

    Great idea for a development, reminds me of the earthships outside Taos, new mexico. Same idea, live underground, just a whole lot drier and all recycled material.

  • Know's Better


    • Conchy Joe

      Seriously – where are all the hot Hobbit Mind the Gap articles –

      racist pigs!

  • tv_paul


    Good work, is this for Hobbitat for Humanity?

    • S.Frued

      I see what you did there. . .

  • echogeo

    Evangeline Lily is in it. That's all that matters.

    • Meh

      Have you ever noticed she has no curves whatsoever? Look at a pic of her facing the camera and it is a straight shot from shoulders to knees.

      That insignificant fact, however, would not prevent me from plowing her bean field ifyaknowhwatImean, amirite?

  • amplexus

    I'd love to have a house like that.

  • Derby

    My nice and husband are carpenters "on-set." Their normal day is frickin' amazing! I've seen a number of the movies and they get to build our fantacies.It's way cool; "What ya been workin' on?" Oh, last 4-months we built an 1740's village….before that, two towns in Iraq, in August we are doing 1947 Chicago, etc."

    • ChristophersonofGray

      Google translate still leaves this as jibberish. Have another drink.

  • Blue bronco

    Hobbit Tossing

    • Jammy

      All we need is a velcro wall.

  • Armakane

    I'm from New Zealand, been to the set which is open for tourism. It looks amazingly real and 'lived in', the attention to detail is incredible. If they had a bunch of Hobbit actors walkin' around ti would be a total spin-out.

  • Zappa

    I can't hardly wait for the film! For you fans out there, you should check out the journals on the film made by Peter Jackson. These are particularly about the Hobbiton.

    • Graph

      Cannot thumbs up enough times thanks! Made my evening!

  • Gallus

    There's always one in every crowd, and I guess I'm it for this thread. I don't understand. Is this a movie set, a theme park or dwellings made for actual habitation? If for actual habitation, I think the place would be fun. But, other than #14, there are no interior shots. I'd like to see more interiors.

    • S.Freud

      It's a movie set for the upcoming "Hobbit" film.

    • Valashar

      Most of the hobbit holes are just the exterior fronting with a bit of dug-out interior visible through the windows or open door. Other buildings have a bit more interior for open-door 'out-to-in' shots or the reverse. The difference between this set and the one they built for the LotR movies is that the older one was temporary and taken down after. This one is being built with permanent materials and will remain in existence and open as a tourist attraction. With that in mind, I would imagine that at least some of the buildings, such as Bag End and The Green Dragon (tavern) might be given full interiors.

    • Kyle Bartley

      How did you even learn human speech?

  • Master_Rahl

    #1 #7 #12 I would imagine that the neighbors wouldn't hear a sound if you got a bit unruly in one of the Hobbit homes. Wonder how they hold up during mudslides… or floods.

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