The 10 most expensive celebrtiy divorces ever (10 Photos)

Can anybody say Prenup??

List via Toptensthings

List via Toptensthings

  • Internet Superhero

    425 million? Really? They live in LA where you can give a mexican 100k and a pack of newports and he'll run over your spouse.

  • DrGarnicus

    Or keep it in your pants. Which one's cheaper?

  • jorge

    I love the Charlotte Boncats.

  • gingergreek

    #7 absolute bullshit!

    • gingergreek

      Chive why you give me wrong picture? That was for Guy Ritchie and Madonna

  • disappointed

    Bob you lazy peice of shit, you are fired! You just wasted my precious Chive sneaking time. How hard would it have been to do this post right? Go ahead and steal the content, just at least take a few minutes to fix it and make it look professional. Don't you have any pride? That was just bad, bad, bad…

  • dave

    Wait a minute. Guy had to pay Madonna 92 million? Shouldn't that be the other way around?

  • Dmac

    What the fuck is a " Celebrtiy"?

  • weirdo

    Shouldn't paul mc cartney also be on this list?

  • Eddie C

    I keep pressing 1 but I'm not getting English…..

  • MISTERButterworth!

    If you call in the next 20 minutes–because we can't do this all day–you can now have your marriage ANNULLED after 31 years of marriage and 7 kids! All for the low, low price of $425 million! Sham-WOW!

  • -d-

    "Problems in their marriage appeared when in 2006 they separated."

  • Benjamin

    Bad Grammar Nazi questions "velly".
    I mean, I get the l's becoming r's, but not the other way around in the same sentence, ok?

    • 'Merica

      The chive just stole it from another site in typical chive fashion. Why work when BEWBS.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Mocking of tlansration not rimited by palametels of learity, foorish one!

  • Bob

    #1 He got Terminated, then she turned lezzy, lol.

  • dahenkilla

    Who write Dis? Eh six yaar older?

  • timothy mowery

    # 6 ~ $100. Shit, I paid $375 just to file the sum bitch. And then I had to pay.

  • Kyle

    Chive, are you outsourcing your caption writing to India now? Or is it China?

  • Kenny

    #7 I'd love to meet Elin, Hot. Swedish & Rich!!!

  • its_forge

    This copy reads as if it were written by a schizophrenic ostrich after a Red Bull binge.

  • Two Low

    The descriptions below the pictures are the worst written articles/comments i've ever seen on the internet.

  • Nate

    Holy shit, why did I read this… was the writer drunk? This is a fucking travesty.

  • yeah

    That's a shit load of money for simply having a hole between your legs…

  • SCiD

    "… children together reflected their marriage on a solid ground…"
    Did Yoda write this???

  • @thelogicbox

    If anyone deserves the ass-rape, it is Mel Gibson.

  • sup

    #2 written buy there 4 years old?

  • duma

    wheres Kobe?

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