Chivettes bored at work (30 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Kill some time and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • keepincalm

    # 20 you look so familiar kcco from shreveport ?

  • DrummeWill

    Hooooooooollly shit! #3 I like your face.

  • McNastyify101

    #37 omg!!!! total hotness! pouring like a siv in D-town,MN and that just brightened my day. holy cow.

  • Guest

    White women are EASY!

  • Jdub ottawa

    #10 and #29 all night long. The things I would do to asses!

  • jblizzlef0shizzle

    #34 Spankbank

  • Kenny

    #34 MORE!!! Hey wait a minute, you're the cute girl that works at my bank…

  • John

    Ok..Ladies are you kidding me? Is it that easy for you to show off your bodies like that? I'm sorry but I'm not attracted to any of you girls and norm not gay..I don't find it attractive that you girls think you are so hot..but you're not. You are what we call attention whores…does this make you feel that much better about yourselves? Very typical..kind of gets old…

    • burlap

      Get over yourself

      • john

        ummm how about annoyed seeing these women easily take off clothes for a freakin picture..youre prob some oldie tryin to get off haha

        • Dat guy

          Your exactly right…These fucking women are savage animals!!! Overweight and under educated!!! I'm so sick of these barbarians with giant guts thinking they look good. They make me wanna puke….actually they should be the ones puking!!!!!

    • becca

      why am i uneducated because i posted a picture to the chive? i have a bachelors degree and im working.. obviously (haha). so i go on break at work and take a picture (fully clothed, mind you) and now im an ugly, uneducated attention whore? makes sense. it also makes sense that you look at this post since you despise it so. dont like it, GTFO! have a good one 🙂

      • your mama

        you are a secretary get used to it for life you fucking idiot

  • Joe

    So many winners #3 still the best

  • Chase

    Lol its like these girls are wannabe they come on here to get some kind of publicity…why else would they show off their boobs or butts? It's a reason why you don't see many black chivettes..because they have class…they don't need to take pics like this and submit to chive..that's why I find black women all the more beautiful …keep your clothes on ladies

    • Non-judger

      Black girls have class. I hate to stereo-type, but they are usually rowdy

      • chase

        yes i have seen alot of rowdy black chics..but its def not all of dating a black girl and she doesnt try to get attention like alot of these girls do..ive dated plenty of white women and in one way or another they always tried proving themselves. black chics dont seem to have to prove themselves..thats just my opinion

      • chase

        may i add alot of them thought they were barbies…my fault for dating them

  • Asalomon1008

    #10 #26 #29 wow 8) do whatever it takes to find Moar of them

  • Dyon

    The TROLL has spoken, down with titties and beer. In fact down with the whole Chive thing, its just exploiting these young ladies who would otherwise be doing something more constructive……… porn or making their man a sandwich.

    • vegasruel

      Go have your boyfriend make you a sandwich…bitch

  • Vector_Victor

    #7 perfect timing, then you can burn your bra tomorrow, and buy a new one!

  • Mark


  • Vector_Victor

    #11 Why yes, you CAN help me with something!

    • @pezatsea

      I little older, like fine wine.

  • Dat Guy

    #12…Your fucking enourmus. Hit the gym and drop about 60lbs and then re-post

    • Dat Guy

      forgot to spell check…go ahead and begin verbal assassinations

    • your mama


    • Russianbear2120

      Your fucking idiotic

  • Sam


    Can we have MOARRRRR ??.

  • OrgazoidHD

    Mac seems to be a bit of a cunt

  • Jacob Keheian

    #10 I like the kinda ass that'll slap me back 😉

  • MPH29

    Ain't no way that last chick is a dishwasher!

  • Roadgypsy247

    #7 You can serve me, whether it be food or a summons.

  • burlap

    #9 #8 #10 *picking jaw up off floor

  • burlap

    #30 after a rough day at work seeing your beauty has brightened my day and reminded me to always KCCO

  • Thunderchicken

    #22 your muffin is ready

  • Randy

    I wanna see more! Were is the rest of #2? I really like #10 and #29 get moar if them as well…

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