Chivettes, we need your smiles for the troops!

 Chivettes, we need your smiles for the troops!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we want to do something special for the troops. On top of our military meetup in San Diego, we wanted to do something more to show our appreciation. What better way than a beautiful smile?

Obviously Chivettes, if you have any military gear laying around, props are welcome. But if you don’t, just flash us your best smile to show your love. Send the smiles to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com or use our handy-dandy submit page.

Be as creative as you can, the SC goes live this Friday!

  • dirtysteve99

    Giving that it's stuf, or whoever he's pretending to be this week, and that it contains a personal attack on a staff member, I don't expect this post to be up for long.

    Also, ageism, so what if the chive guys are 40? They can still find women attractive, without being labeld 'creepy'.

  • Tim Stmartin

    So, it's safe to say you dislike theChive… Am I reading this correctly?

  • kevin

    Blacks, a minority? Get the fuck outta here. Blacks r always the first to throw a race card but yet yall say whites r racist. Yall need to shut the fuck up and live life. If u don’t like what the chive post in this free fuckin country, go watch bet.

    • your mama

      um blacks are a mi nority in this country population average wise idiot.

      we throw the race card because we have hundreds of years of oppression (read slavery in text books)

      • kevin

        Everywhere i look i see more blacks than any other race. And text books? Really? U turning to text books? U throw the race card because you want someone to give u something for nothing, its that simple. Name calling? R u fucking 12. Grow up and get a life and fight something that matters, like a speeding train. Why r u even here? I don't like bet so guess what I do, stay the fuck off the channel.

  • Biggbirdbigg

    Ty for all the support. Found chive in the desert. And haven't stopped daily. Btw. Love my military chive shirt. Air Force thanks u all

  • Infidel

    People like BULL provide hours of laughter to soldiers like me. Their ignorance and lack of gratitude make our sacrifice all the more fulfilling by distancing them from Americans as a whole. All the money in the world couldn't buy your freedom. It's a gift from us to you.

  • Chivette

    Already sent mine in!

  • FF*?22

    Thanks you little attention whore!

  • Kjell

    Definitely could use some chivette smiles to brighten my memorial day as I'm on duty. US ARMY BABY

    • Ana

      Great work on these, all of them made me LOL!! I think #4 might have actually haeneppd in real life and the guy from the other team was edited in to make it look good for TV. Just saying Awesome post.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    I am still about 7 weeks behind, Chive, so i will be getting to this post hopefully this evening…Lol! Great idea, can't wait, but I think you should have not excluded the world's military Chivers & Chivettes, even if this is an 'Merica holiday.

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