• EZ Rider

    This is And1 Basketball: The Drumming Edition. superficial flashy drum antics to disguise lack of talent. Buddy Rich with just a snare makes this dude look like a chump.

  • C926

    Check out Tim Young if you want to see the greatest

    • C926

      Tim yeung stupid auto correct

  • Bret

    THIS GUY SUCKS ASS! Great theatrics…now if he only knew how to actually play the drums.

    And all of you praising him: fuck your mom, right in her big, fat, dumpy, mom-jeans-wearing ass!

  • Crowley

    He plays for Vince Neil !!

  • TeamEvil

    Jordan Burns is a drummer. Period. End of list. Done.

  • Mr. Fister

    RIP Dio.

  • Sebastiaan Timmerman

    Joey Jordison >

  • Jammy

    I vote for Travis Barker from Blink 182

  • cortez

    Mad man? pfft, not even close.. Now, Keith Moon? yeah, batshit insane he was!

  • Joe Mamma

    As a drummer myself…I was entertained.

  • Zodiac 308

    Paul Mazurkiewicz, Pete Sandoval, inferno, Joe tempesta, Chad smith, Charlie Benante I could go on, but you get the point. These men are drummers. This retard is not

  • Mickey

    He kept time, and got his message across while being entertaining. nuff said

  • Jay

    I was at this he was Vince Neil's drummer, this was in slave lake Alberta. Vince wet back stage and his guitar player was singing.He did that for there whole set

    • Mr. Attitude

      Probably was the best part of the show. I've seen Motley Crue several times and Vince hasn't sang yet! Mumbles a few words, gasps for air, mumbles some more, swears, gasps… He's the worst front man I've seen. He absolutely sucks live. As for the rest of the band, I believe they used to be with Slaughter.

  • Jake

    Dude, work on your actual drumming and not juggling.

    Don't forget Danny Carey in the list of all time greatest drummers.

  • Guest.

    To bad the shit he's playing is boring


    mad as in AWESOME GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce

    Much more entertaining…

  • dbwyk

    Have you not heard of Joey?

    • Gursch

      Fuck Yeah, Brother

  • Merlin

    Awesome! Tight as F**K drummer with killer groove! For those of you that are looking for fast and complex playing, understand this: It's often the slow and simple beats that are the hardest execute. It's a shame that the sound quality is so poor, cause it's difficult to hear the subtleties he's laying down whilst also holding the beat down as solid as a mountain!

  • spookyloops

    when does it get good

  • Apeland

    This guy isnt a drumer, he's an artist!

  • who?

    I'd rather a drummer play something interesting then dance around his kit like a retard.

  • Todd S....

    Sounds like Dokken

  • Hags

    Dude is having a good time and rocking. Are there better drummers in the world? Yes. Are you haters being super d-bags just to do so? Yes. Just relax and have fun.

  • asdf

    anyone who's amazed by this has clearly never taken pcp and tried to play the drums

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