• Bain-a-rang

    That is showmanship. He probably rehearsed that beat once before he got so bored that he added all the glam to hold his interest. I bet he can unleash like Mike Mangini!

  • RandomGuy

    I raise you Korean Dummer, from parts unknown.

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  • weeee

    Heaven and hell!!

  • @beazlrock

    Being a drummer I can appreciate the showmanship, but that's all it really is…showing off. It's a pretty simplistic beat and just a lot of practice to do the moves. You can compare several different kinds of drummers, but its like comparing the different varieties of apples. They all taste generally the same, but they all have their special attributes.

  • tara

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  • Steven B

    im exhausted watching him

  • @colink187

    he was better at his tricks than actually shredding

  • RU486

    there is 2 mins and 18 secs of my life I will never get back!

  • brap

    What else you gonna do with such boring drumming to play.



  • Performer1135

    Zolten Chaney, formerly of Slaughter, and is now playing with Vince Neil. Went to the show, and watching this guy on drums was a way better performance that listening to Vince.

  • Goose

    hmm, I'll settle for 18 year old prodigy drummer Luke Holland.

  • powles

    wot a pile of shite!! john bonham – led zeplin, keith moon-the who, now how how to hit drum skin and actually make itsound good. this dick should be hit with the drums!

  • colddust23

    Everyone is judging him on the simple beat he is playing as if it's the only thing he knows how to do. It's what the song needs and all that crazy shit he is doing is entertaining and if you noticed all that showman ship stuff he did had no effect on his meter/timing. He sat back in a solid groove. I'm a drummer and I like all the other drummers that everyone else named too. This guy was rad.

  • darko

    He's not mad, he's just on a lot of drugs… 😀

  • The Mad Zak

    Fuck yea! Heavy Metal Fuckin rulez!!!!!

  • mikethemotormouth

    to the haters:
    #1 drummers rule: play what the song needs
    if it needs to be simple, Keep It Simple Stupid, less is more
    if it needs complexity, well then show me something thats gonna make me take pause

  • Lora


  • Anonymous

    Attention whore

  • None

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

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  • ChristophersonofGray

    Wayyyy too much work involved for Heaven & Hell.

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