Hot Right Now: Jinkies! We should Find Her (40 Photos)

Her name is Whitney (16 Photos)

That lead photo up there has absolutely torched the internet over the past week. Not much is known about the girl, but she keeps a public tumblr page right here. The premise is simple, Whitney takes photos of herself and posts them to the tumblr... and we're just fine with that.

  • John

    You're gorgeous!!!

  • Kevin

    I would destroy her

  • yum


  • jeff

    #116 You are so GORGEOUS ❤ Thanks for sharing

  • jeff

    #16 You are so GORGEOUS ❤ Thanks for sharing

  • Aaaandy

    Wow. Can you just like….sit on my face real quick…possibly suffocate me with your goodness? That'd just be great…thanks!

  • iria

    more photos??

  • Chris

    #15.. amazing

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