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  • babyfartmagizax

    #26, yes…i'd like a beer!

    • babyfartmagizax

      although the tattoo says it all

      • Fulgram

        i can get over the tattoo

    • NDChiver

      Why is that not a PBR?

      • Justin Sargood

        Doesn't say "Hipster" anywhere…

    • RealZoo

      Actually, I'd like "that" beer!

    • Switters

      That's not a beer.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Thats a nice beer sized gap you got there

    • B Dub

      babyfartmagizax, where you been?? The peeps been trolling all up in your biz for weeks!

  • Francisco

    #25 FIND HER!!!!!!

    • maboze1x


    • SGT_Fati

      Can be found at your nearest McDonalds…

      • JAFitC

        She only eats food caught in her gravitational pull.

    • GernBlansten

      Shouldn't be too hard. Use Google Maps.

      • name

        Just turn around, and she'll be there.

        • mame

          Whenever she walks out her house she causes an eclipse lol

          • Brutal_Deluxe

            She's the one with the Goodyear muumuu

            • Biggus Diccus

              Her waist size is equator

              • DMFMcKenzie

                Omar the tent maker is her tailor.

                • oopieceacandy

                  She is visible from space so shouldnt have to look long

                  • Harry H-d Sinner

                    Puts her belt on with a boomerang

                    • Tommy-gun

                      You know she fat too!!

    • karl

      yo i think thats the chick from flavor of love

    • Underbaker
    • Rolo__Tomasi

      Slap it in the ass and ride the wave.

    • fred

      She's not, I checked.

    • derv89

      She must live her life with no fears.

  • Don't Touch My Mum


    Nailed it!

    • aav

      Does repeating the title of the post count as a comment now?

      • JHL1

        Yes, yes it does.

    • Metallislayer

      Considering the date on the test is 1992 and no smartphones to assist…the drawings are pretty spot on from memory

      Well played m/

      • TDub66

        He probably aces it if he'd dropped Slayer and put Motorhead!

    • Derby

      Lighten up! give the guy the score. He got it right.

      • Al bondigas

        Megadeth is not Biohazard

  • Superman

    Does anyone know where I can order yogurt online? I can't seem to find an online site anywhere.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Just go to the fucking store. Geez.

    • Yogurt

      Lemonparty dot org

    • Superman

      Well, this was a reference to the stupid yogurt ad. LOL

      • dabeut

        Pen island dot com

  • Panigale

    #26 You could drive your car.through

    • better yet

      Possibly even your double wide!

    • jeff donuts

      my kind of girl

  • Bjorn

    #30 super gay!

    • Marla

      pretty much.

      the frist one blows, the second one sucks…hmm

    • Dork

      Its like the smoker's version of snow-balling – perhaps smoke-balling?

      • Wrong....

        You spelled tea bagging wrong.

    • Blake

      Blowing a gun is one thing…but this is like a SFW episode of cum swappers

    • sean

      i was thinking the same thing.. o.O

  • Thee Chad

    Reblogged this on Thee Chad Presents Stunner Ink and commented:
    Nailed it!! Reblogged from

    • MattyDeuce

      Nobody likes you.

      • Alpha0010

        Is that some sort of auto-post from that site, or spam?

  • maboze1x

    #26 Awsome beer gap!

  • Larry

    #15. Thats my kinda math!!!!

  • BigPup

    #3 It's like a bum cabana.

    • Eli

      It looks like a Doomsday Preppers failure.

    • Paul

      Sucks when it rains…

      • JHL1

        It is actually on the inside. The outside sun is shining through the windows onto the inside floor.
        Probably from WWII.

  • whyme1973

    #21 Props for Anthrax under heavy metals
    #26 I bet she's fun at all the parties.

  • kalthechiver

    #10 is not going to end well…

    Amen to #15!

  • Mad_Hittman

    #13 was he eaten by the dude in the picture?

    • Habsy

      These 2 have to get together #25 and look in a mirror.

    • Dukechar

      Onion News explains that pic fully

  • MissChris

    #29 Aw, I would want to go join him. Poor guy.

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      Perhaps #13 wants to go join him

    • stef

      Question: Is he actually wearing a forever alone mask….or is it photoshop? Every time I see this my initial thought is PS…but I honestly can't tell. Help?

      • @KodomosD

        I think it'd be pretty hard to eat your food with a giant cardboard mask over your face lol

    • TDub66

      …and sit side-by-side?

  • echogeo

    It worked in rehearsal.

  • Fulgram


    How you doing Bro……….don't talk to me.

    • BillFMurray

      #4 Dude can you pass me some paper?

    • TDub66

      hey, u smell dat?

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #5 Agreed

  • SolidusSnake420

    #26 Run away from any girl with that tattooed, I don't care how much beer she has

    • Bus

      I'll run away the next morning

      • SolidusSnake420

        It's a trap!!!

        • Jonathan Sears

          And I'll fall for it every time.

    • davo

      gay huh solidussnake420?

  • Timmer

    #13 if he's not obese I don't wanna know who is

  • tv_paul


    Have you two met?

    • Rolo__Tomasi

      There is no bed strong enough…

  • echogeo

    And on the other side people are bunching up at the top of the escalator saying, "WTF?"

  • Brian



    • Master_Rahl

      exactamente, I would've passed that kid. Apparently, Fernando knows his metal.

      • F3n1x187

        Scumbag teacher fails a perfectly good answer and can't spell "Examen"

  • tv_paul

    #8 YOU? How dare you! You are obviously a nonconformist and a rebel!

  • Ron Burgundy?

    As a former stoner, this was pretty f'ing impressive… #30

    • SGT_Fati

      I have to agree, even if it was a little gay.

    • SadeShadz

      I think it's cool too although most think it's gay >.<

      • Charles Humphries

        Yeah and its funny how someone in one of the posts above basically said this was more gay than blowing a shotgun. Your almost kissing the person when u do that but somehow this is more gay?

    • Alan

      You're never a "former stoner" you're just being a grown up for a little while… You'll be back, they all come back.

    • Habsy

      Still not as gay as Twilight. But pretty fuckin close.

    • TDub66

      "former stoner"?…cool story bro!

    • Jack o' lantern

      And as a current homosexual you thought it was fabulous

  • Shiguy

    #25 moar please!

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      I think there's quite enough of her already

    • arlindo medeiros

      Sorry that file is too heavy.

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