• babyfartmagizax

    Way to be Dylan!! You keep on dancing!! Great spirit, show cystic fibrosis who's boss!!

  • http://twitter.com/connordmurphy @connordmurphy

    Dear Chive,
    This kid probably has some bills.
    Please do what you do best.

    • Ash K

      I bet he would, I have CF and I live in Australia and it is bad enough. Assuming he lives in the states it is even worse, those vests in the states are literally thousands of dollars, not to mention the amount of medication he is on, because CF only affects 800,000 people worldwide, there is not a lot of funding for it, so families do not get a great deal of support. It would be great if The Chive could do something for him.

      • xsoldier2000

        ^^this guy is not lying. We are actually looking at foreclosure as we can't manage the mortgage payment anymore. But getting that treatment and paying those bills to keep my little guy healthy is more important than anything else. Sucks, but that is the way it has to be. (/rant on/ All those F'ing banks had their hand out for help a few years ago and got it….but when the homeowner asks and asks for help PRIOR to missing a mortgage payment…. they won't even talk to you. refinancing isn't an option as out credit score fell because we had to pay medical bills with credit cards…those bills came due and had problems paying them which in turn hurt our score….so our hands were tied to try and talk with the loan mitigation department of Sun Trust Mortgage….but we had to miss a few payments in order to get them to even talk to us. Now our credit score is crap and we are totally in the hands of the bank….and they don't seem to care. We got a letter from a lawyer saying how Suntrust Mortgage is moving ahead with foreclosure while we are STILL talking with them to try and come up with a way to keep or house. F'ing banks suck. /rant off) Wife and I both work full time, and I've had to get a second job to help out…. but I'll do anything for my son.

        • loyalchiver

          I hope we can get the chivers to help you with this

        • Mrs_Conejo

          xsoldier have you tried contacting the CF foundation? My niece has CF as well, I believe her meds cost around $6000/month. Maybe the foundation can direct you to someone that can help? I'm not sure if that is something they can do but I have heard my niece and another friend who has CF talk about them. http://www.cff.org/

          • xsoldier2000

            Yes we have, thanks so much for the help though. We are kind of caught in a grey area here, because we both make too much to qualify for financial help be it from the state of MA or CFF.org. CFF is EXTREMELY helpful though, and have always had a great experience whenever we've dealt with them. We were just caught off-guard with the amount of medical bills that hit us all at once. I''ve explored all other options that I can think of. I just hope the bank comes to their senses and helps us out in anyway shape of form.

            • Matt

              I know that it's easy for me to say this and I can't imagine what you've had to go through, but hang in there. My heart really goes out to you and I'm so sorry that these are your family's circumstances. I will say this, you hit the nail on the head when you said "I'll do anything for my son." He's lucky to have parents like you and your wife. God Bless You & Your Family.

  • Applefish

    Inspirational! I'm stuck with a stupid measly cold, and I don't even wanna move. Way to go, little man!

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    Awesome! Kids got better moves than some of the ones I've seen out at the clubs lately.

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Anything is better (skill-wise) than at the club.
      Guy: Let me just stand here.
      Girl: Back that ass up!!

      • Yoga Pants 2012

        * Not saying that his move's ain't bad. Dylans got moves!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=11605891 Dakota Moore

    awesome Dylan is awesome! don't let anything hold you down

  • ryan

    This kid is great! I love his attitude.

  • etcrr

    Putting your mind to do things, very cool good on you Dylan

  • Nuck Chorris

    Keep dancin' Dylan!

  • Mojomatrix

    God Bless the boy ! Would love it if chive could start a fundraiser for him.

    • ilbrutto

      If you want you could donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Every dollar counts to go towards a cure!

  • ilbrutto

    My wife has cystic fibrosis, stuff like this really gets me. Its amazing how great of an attitude they can have despite their personal circumstances. Chive on and Breathe on Dylan.

    • Ksh3366

      My daughter does as well. I just showed this to her to show her she's not alone.

    • Allen

      My son who is 4 also has CF, we have been blessed as he has been healthy most of his life. Thanks Chive for sharing this and helping bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis!!!

    • Maynard B.

      My 14 year old son has CF. He's at the age of rebellion, wondering why he has to do this crap and how different he feels compared to other kids his age.

  • 209swagg

    Keep Calm and Dance On little man!!

  • Stay strong.

    Hell yeah little man! Side note: Anyone else think with his gear on he looks like he's dressed as sub-zero from Mortal Kombat?

    • Dude

      Hell yes! You go short human! Put some lockin moves and you'll be at next Battle of the Year man!

  • JLay

    Awesome attitude and hilarious moves, Dylan! You inspire us all to live life in spite of our circumstances! Rock on, little man!

  • 1/2FunAndDontCry

    Dance your ass off, and then dance some more.

  • Matt137

    I have CF too, buddy. Shit is no fun. Keep kicking its ass for me! KCCO

  • Curfsup

    Keep dancing Dylan!!! You are killing it!!! You made my day!!! Thanks!!!

  • Neps1982

    Keep on dancing brave little trooper!!

  • Justin

    Dylan, you totally rock, could you please show us some more dance moves.

  • Xyloglue

    BANE can dance. Go Dyl

  • Rainmaker2112

    Dylan, keep your attitude high and your dance moves fresh! You're an inspiration to all of us Chivers! KCC little buddy

  • Kip

    Dylan, what an awesome kid you are.

  • Oubie

    Party on Dylan!!

  • Xsoldier2000

    My own kid (also named Dylan btw) has Cystic Fibrosis, though my Dylan is only 15 months old…..I wish he has this same attitude as this Dylan does. Keep doing what your doing Dylan, there are great things happening in the CF world right now with Vertex drugs….it's as close to a cure as you can get. (depending on the CF mutation…)

    • Mrs_Conejo

      over 1500 mutation right? I have an acquaintance that has one of the worse mutations. He has been told you wont make it to age 5, you wont make it to age 12, you wont live past 30…his whole life. He is pushing 50 now and doing well. My niece's doctor has expressed her excitement to her about the drugs you mentioned, my niece has CF as well. Very exciting and hopeful indeed!

  • Xsoldier2000

    My own kid (also named Dylan btw) has Cystic Fibrosis, though he's only 15 months…..I wish my Dylan has this same attitude as this Dylan does. Keep doing what your doing Dylan, there are great things happening in the CF world right now with Vertex drugs….it's as close to a cure as you can get. (depending on the CF mutation…) Make CF stand for 'Cure Found'!

    • ColinButler

      I was in the drug trial for the Vx-770 and Vx-809 combo drug trial. Either I got the actual meds or it was one hell of a placebo affect, but I didn't cough for the month that I was on both medications.

      • Xsoldier2000

        That is so awesome to hear….my son has the Delta F 508 mutation also… (which is the combo drug you are talking about, right?) Awesome… they just finished Phase 2 trials with great results, and are moving into Phase 3 soon. Best of luck to you sir… hope everyone can kick this affliction's ass!

        • Jammy

          I hope the both of you and your loved ones find relief from this soon

  • Emily

    KCCO Dylan! You dance better than I do!

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