How to live cozily in a 500 sq. ft apartment (14 HQ Photos)

Via Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture site HERE

  • Oderus

    Great for one person. Two, not so much. Two people in that small of a space will eventually lead to violence.

  • Jeff Wallenfelt

    I designed #14 in Minecraft

  • Dan

    You'd be fucked if you were in bed and there was a kitchen fire

  • Morgan

    I want something like that that is cool

    • Abdul

      UGH so sorry to hear about your car I’m glad you are ok though & that it didn’t total your car. I’ve heard that those tire picees are do some big damage to vehicles- it sucks!Thanks for the shout out Have a great weekend!!Holly recently posted..

  • Julie

    What I never understand about the way this kinda thing is usually presented is that, if you have the money to buy/build all the furnishings, or have someone else design/buy/build them, don't you probably have enough money for a bigger apartment? Until this is how all small apartments are designed and built from the beginning, this is just a design exercise, not some revolutionary way to live well on a budget.

  • Devlin745

    #14 shows that this design hardly seems stackable, as in an apartment building. So is the viewing section only for the penthouse versions?

  • ayoitsdk

    If you fall out of bed, there's no recovering from that.

  • Mike

    The government figured out all of those tricks and more decades ago. Ask anyone who has been in the Navy.

  • lalabruh


  • motojunky27

    Pretty fucking awesome for the size of the apartment!

  • junior

    no dump taking privacy

  • epomerance


  • mark

    I can't breath….man this place is too neat and needs a cat or 2

  • Maoam

    Gosh! I wanna live there!

  • Retired Navy

    That's a cool place. 500sf beats the bunk(rack) I had on my ships that was 74" X 18" with no way to sit up in my bunk. There was a locker section under the matress pan (the matress was only 2" thick) and a stand up locker 3ft high by 8 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

  • Thomas
  • Trevor Lindsay

    When I was a child we lived in a rolled up news paper in the middle of the highway there where 9 of us and we woke up at 3am every morning and worked 29 hours a day in the mill this is far too big for me lol

  • steve

    how much is this place?

  • Otter

    #12 – the problem for everyone else, of course, is that most apartments aren't going to have that added ceiling height above where they put the bed. Sit up and you'd likely hit your head.

    #9 – and it seems to me you'd have to pull out that refrigerator in order to open the door.

  • Guest

    Looks really nice.

    Now do it on a 500$ budget!

  • Da Sandman

    #6 break your toes every time you walk up your stairs…

  • jim

    Glad to see the Munchkins have finally found appropriate housing…

  • Robert LaPlante

    The square footage savings is negated by the higher ceiling and even higher ceiling over the bedroom area. Less floors in the building = less apartments overall. Interesting idea, terrible execution.

    • Luciana

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  • coolio

    i'd like to imagine that a small cheap place like that would have lotsa murderers and rapist living next door.

  • THEClesusChrist

    Am I the only one that thinks this is retarded? If you had the money to transform a 500sqft apartment into something like this you wouldn't be living in a 500sqft apartment, you would probably own a house 4 times the size…..come ON man

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