Is it ‘Redhead Thursday’ already? (41 Photos)

  • DEeto

    Number before second!!!

    • rob

      Cool! Oh wait…fooled me ;(

    • Trst


    • Guessed

      Bag before douche!

    • overit

      Dumb before Ass

    • TwistedTweeker

      Stop being a sheep and grow a personality of your own.

    • Evil Johnny

      And still yet to everybody you managed to show how much of a douche bag you actually are… Here is a cookie for your hard work and effort… Now go somewhere and lick a window….

  • bdg

    #3 #22 #26 and #29 are F'ing incredible!!!!! MOAR

    • bdg

      All are great!!!!

    • KeepinCalm

      I want #29…good god

      • Happy Canuck

        FIND HER!!!!! MOAR!!!!

  • Still_Counts

    I'm leaving my imagination tell me what's going to happen next in #14

    • Omnomnom

      They are going to get a cup and play with their shit I guess…

    • 0331

      While you use your imagination, I bought the movie.

    • Maynard B.

      I jumped into the middle once they were warmed up.

    • TXCherokee

      Nothing that involves you.

    • Mark Pickle

      "He fixes the cable"

    • Bender

      the brunette is Malena Morgan

      • TheDude

        Redhead is Ella Alexandra sexart soft porn models

        • Wut?

          Think #24 is as well

      • greg

        You're being a little too serious for this site.

      • MarkusEsq

        You're really trying to inspire people to join your "cause" with "your mama" as a tagname?

    • Adam

      Oh my god….already? Fuck man…its 8 oclock in the morning….

    • Jay

      This a free country the chive has thr freedom to podt what they want on tjeir page. You are free not to look at it if you dont like what is on it. PERIOD. NOW GO SURF SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    • Jason M Donaldson

      When the apocalypse comes, I pray people like you are the first to go so we don't have to listen to you anymore.

    • rodolfo

      Enough with the fucking re-posting already!!!!! You're just confirming your douchebaggery by repeating…

  • Attaxia

    #40 mesmerizing

    • Phil

      AnnaLee from Suicide Girls

    • Brian

      Is that a nose ring or snot?

    • ghostdog1977 Tumblr feed full of nekkid shots. Wow hot. Obviously NSFW.

    • TommyKnockers

      yeah get that poor girl a kleenex.

    • Buffalo

      You have excellent taste!!!

  • Vic

    #19 chive red heads are the best…

    • LukeTheTerrible

      I don't think she's a redhead.

      • Pud_Divine

        Who cares?! MOAR! She's a cutie at least.

    • Da Dutch

      I like redheads because low self esteem = easy.

  • etcrr

    #2 #6 #16 Wow invasion of the Red-Heads couldn't happen at a better time. I surrender

    • 0331

      I got to go back, after 2, I was lost.

    • bdg

      #16 because boobs!!!!

      • Matt

        Alexandra Bittencourt NSFW

    • Ricky

      who is number 2? this is no normal need more situation, i need her to survive. she needs to be found… chive hack her shit and find her now!

      • Nick

        #2 is Tara Perry

      • Stark

        That would be Tara Perry, or the new "Marina" of the Fresh Beat Band, appearing on Nick Jr. One more reason to have kids.

  • Trav1121

    #14, #15, #29, #35 Welcome back, Redheads! Missed all you sexy devils!

    • Timmy Timothy

      Sometimes the paleness that comes with redheads make them even hotter. I don't know why.

  • Vic

    #7 and #13 🙂

  • maboze1x

    #3 Hump, gap, side boob, redhead. Jack pot!

    • your mama

      white gilr surprise


      • Unfkngblvbl

        While I enjoy a beautiful African American woman, a red-headed one, is not one I want to see.

        • GrayDog

          I think a blackhead post would be more appropriate on a dermatology website.

    • Gursch

      I'm willing to wager some FLBP as well.

    • mark

      And cute freckles!!!

  • Trav1121

    And #21 is absolutely adorable! Moar of her pls!

    • #21 Fan


    • ghahahahg

      hey fuckers its spelled MORE not MOAR


      • disturbed

        Go back to the chalkboard. UR clearly not ready for the interwebz.

  • Yayyyyy4gingers

    #3 makes me feel like a kid again.

    • sneederbee

      PERVERT! …oh, wait, I misunderstood you……

    • Mark

      AND cute freckles…..

  • RealZoo

    #2 #31 #33……………Lovely!!!

    • Michael Jackman

      I cant believe you were the first post to mention #31… I could look at that pic all day!

      • Big poppa smurf

        That's Jayden Cole look her up

        • bud

          Ooh I saw her boobies… and some other stuff that made me feel fuzzy. And by fuzzy I mean lifting my desk up without my hands.

    • Yep Yep

      These 3 are my favorite!

  • BJM

    #40 SG's AnnaLee. Frickin beautiful!

  • Vic

    #35 cannot forget my texas girls….sexy..

    • JimmyP06

      Those eyes! Wow

    • winkwink

      If that's what you wore to the interview, I'm sure your head will be bumping against the underside of your new boss's desk in no time!

  • insane2u

    #4 this is going to be a great thursday now

    • bdg

      Looks like a knob is about to be polished

  • antcruz

    #9 more. #14 moar. #21. Good god MOAR Plz!

  • BigDan

    2, 3, and 16…
    Proof that God does exist.

    • Matt

      … so the "big" in BigDan isn't referring to your critical thinking ability, is it?

  • Jak

    #31 find her!!! Moar!!!

  • 1/2FunAndDontCry

    #19 YUM!

  • 1/2FunAndDontCry

    #30 WTF, is that the Horror movie poster?

    • KEV

      Devils highway in jersey. The chill jersey, not that northern shit everyone sees on tv. Just don't chill on that road though.

    • ken m.

      nice to see some salem county chivettes, just chiving in pennsville

  • Shadow Kearsley

    #5? No! No sir! #8? Much obliged!

  • scarred 4 life

    You show #1 every redhead gallery…we get it, she's the hottest ginger ever, NEXT!

    • Whale

      We get it…you dig dudes. NEXT!

    • Chive

      That's because Cintia Dicker is a god.

    • ImpressMe

      Nope…shes not in every redhead gallery… ginger hater….you may go…you are dismissed.

  • Rich

    I have a wonderful job available for #35 … No interview necessary 🙂

  • goodguysfan

    #16 Love when you can see the ass through the gap!

    • Jay

      Couldn't agree with you more.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      That's one hell of a woman.

    • Matt

      NSFW Google Alexandra Bittencourt

      • tdog

        Just wrong

        • Tecumseh

          Iga Wyrwal. She is a goddess.

    • fevrd

      Eve Wyrwal aka Iga on Met-Art. We get her all the time on the Chive. There must have been four from this set alone.

    • Today

      Google Iga Wrywal

  • mopmonkey

    GAWD I love Thursdays now! And good luck with that job #35!

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