Is it ‘Redhead Thursday’ already? (41 Photos)

  • hafnium10

    You know actually Supergirl is a blonde in the series and ……. who the hells cares! She is awesome here!

  • chobobo

    #14 please show me what happens next.

    #31 wow. wow. wow.

  • Chase

    #32 am I the only one who noticed the creepy old guy in the back with the hat checkin her out

  • Notme

    #28 winner enough for me

  • Tyler Durden

    #14 now kiss!

  • your mama

    Hello friends!

    While I am not the original m j aco by, I will continue the cause.

    1)we are growing and are disgusted w/ the Chive

    2)Many disgusted Chive users have tried to submit THOUSANDS of pictures representing African American and Minor ity women, but the editorial staff refuses.

    3) Separate is not equal. (See black is beautiful)

    4)There are horrible emails from Chive users that will become public. These emails show some pretty stark racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and border-line threatening language.

    5)would it really hurt if we had more black women in the posts?

    6)When the Chive does post pictures of black men and women, they perpetuate hateful stereo types. Why not celebrate their intellect with some historical examples? Like “great black thinkers of the 20th century?”

    7)We take offense to the “find her” gallery. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It is just creepy to ask thousands of users to find the names of women. We have a growing number of scared women who have been contacted by you creepy chivers due to the “find her” gallery. THIS HAS TO GO.

    8)The Chive, while not directly racist, continues to practice institutionalized racism by featuring white/blonde/blue eye girls as more “attractive.” Look how black men/women are portrayed. Hateful stereotypes.

    9)We are sick of the emails claiming BET, JET , and other black media is racis t. The reason those institutions exist is because BLACK PEOPLE ARE MI NORITIES. The rest of the media is white-tilted. Black individuals have been marginalized since the dawn of this country, these are important outlets to let their voices grow.

    10)We also take offense to the college pictures. These perpetuate the notion that US college students only drink. We need to celebrate diversity, education, and reward ideals related to striving for excellence. It is also creepy that 40 year old men find pictures of 18 year old girls, and then ask users to “find them.”

    Thank you for your time!!!

    The chive staffers act all self righteous and think they are philanthropic. WHAT what you really do is perpetuate stereotypes, marginalize black people, steal pictures from other websites, all in the name of some ridiculous brand, "KCCO." Get off your high horses and just admit you are 40 year old men who steal pictures, ask users to stalk women, and make fun of mi norities. You do nothing for society

    Also, the “FIND HER” galleries are a ticking time bomb of law suits waiting to happen. I know of women who are creeped out by this, and some who have expressed anger at thousands of gross men finding them on facebook (and other sites) and sending unsolicited requests for “Moar boobs” and “take it off” and “ get in the kitchen.” To name a few…

    Good luck Chive.

    Chiveisr acist@gm ail .com

    • Omega

      Okay, I don't normally, but I can't help it. You, are the very definition of a spamming troll.
      The Internet is a vast and wondrous place with websites to suit every need and taste. However, you decide to come to this website, pump up its browsing hits, and pump up it's comment hits by spamming your opinion. Yes, you are entitled to freely come here and post your opinion, as am I. You are also free to leave this website and never put its address in your web browser again and never again have your sensibilities defiled by the Chive. Know what? I don't like soccer, but I don't go to their websites and troll in the comment sections about how terrible of a sport I think it is. I simply avoid it. I'm sure your inbox has exploded with hatred, you annoy a lot of people with your trolling. Does it make it right? Hell no! But when you condemn and decry people for no real apparent reason than the site you came to is not catering to your needs, you will upset people, all of whom may not be altogether there.
      Here is the beauty of a free enterprise marketplace, if you feel your needs are not being catered to where you are, exercise your free right to leave. It's that simple. Don't like looking at blonde, white, blue eyed girls? Leave.
      And one last thing. Those who continue to look through racists eyes and cast all you see with this label is most likely the most racist one in the room.

  • seanthecelt

    #29 and #35 MOAR

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  • Chris Bauer

    This thread makes every week bearable, Thank you Chive! (And Chivettes)

  • Drake

    On her playground is where I'd like to spend most of my days!

    • Drake

      #11, that is

  • Sapper@1CER

    MOAR #41… Enter the Suck Zone (of the tornado!!)

  • Rich Graff

    #6, #10, #31 and #36 are absolutely gorgeous. I want to see more of these four lovely ladies. If the are not Chivettes find them ASAP.

  • jofassa

    I'd like MOAR #7. Please and thank you.

  • Mark Andrew LeDonne

    #2 #38 hot redheads.

  • Ghad

    #16 ass so phat that you can see it from the front!

  • Rollo

    #2, #3 and #33 MOAR!



  • jermC

    God bless the gingers !!!!!!
    & #16 your doing it right!

  • johkur

    #2 A natural beauty. Wow! I'm in love!

  • http://thechive Robert lam

    #16 and #22 find them pleeeeease

  • Kyle Lowman

    #22 Hooray for Gaels! #37 and #38 are pretty amazing too.

  • moeshere foxdale

    #16 #25 Now really that's why I just love the hell out of red heads

  • John

    #32, NO..don't do it.

  • davey jones

    25 ive seen you a couple times on here, very beautiful

  • Feetsthss

    #18 Jesus H. Fuck, that lip-bite… I may never leave the house again, I'll just stay home staring at this.

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