Is it ‘Redhead Thursday’ already? (41 Photos)

  • M.C.

    #35 If the person who interviewed you had the same view as your camera. Then it's safe to say the job is yours.

  • orion

    #3 super #9 moar #14 sexy

  • Walt

    # 18



    Can we just be friends and do fun stuff together? ❤


      Does fun stuff involve getting naked? If so yeah I want that shit too!

  • Chirs

    #25 I feel like I have seen her on that show true life

  • chivexpress

    #2 holy shitdogs, what a stunner…

    • BobbyM5

      Tara Perry

    • John

      you have likely identified the best looking of the bunch; however you phrased it kinda crudely

  • Rakk1616

    #16 MOAR please

    • Jammy

      Iga Wyrwal

  • skippy

    #5 Moar please

  • ArrJay

    Redheads, on my birthday? I love you too Chive!

  • irons

    #2 is beautiful and doesn't appear to be batshit crazy like most firecrotches

  • eatsleepnexercise

    MOAR of #2 & #24
    gorgeous…now let's see the rest of them!

  • big D

    Get you finger off the trigger, idiot.

    • mmmmm coors

      Thinking the same thing. She's cute though so I'd be willing to give her some lessons on gun safety.

    • AsciiAdam

      Although it is never a good thing to put your finger on the trigger of even a bb gun, that is all it is. That is a spring loaded bb gun. I had one as a kid. It could not put your eye out at point blank range.

    • Karl

      I scrolled through the comments to see if anyone else had the same reaction. #32, if you want to come over to my place, I'll shoot with you all day, and make sure you're safe while doing so.

    • Kyle

      Great way to shoot yourself. I actually said out loud, "Get your finger off the trigger!"

      • Frank Frankerson

        My verbal response was "Keep your booger hook of the bang switch!"

  • irons

    #2 beautiful!

  • Jeff

    What a captivating smile you have #2!

  • Jeff

    #13 let's see next week what should be a very beautiful smile.

  • Jeff

    One word for #11: MOAR!!!

    • GA Peach

      Thanks Jeff huge compliment for me!!!

  • Jeff

    #33 I'd love those red tresses in my face!

  • D Mc

    Dear Chive,
    It is 5:50am in Kincardine, Ontario and I am about to go to work. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to when I get home.
    Sincerely, a huge Chiver, and a big fan of redheads.

  • Matt Miller

    #32 that look… she could have EVERYTHING i own and more

  • Elvis

    #26 is already x-mas wrapped for some lucky person … wish it was me!

  • Jason

    #31 is Jayden Cole. A pornstar doesnt really count as a real girl does it?

  • Slade Garrison

    moar. Moar! MOAR! MOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! *froths at mouth and passes out*

  • YoungTurk

    plz MOAR of #16 #18 # 29

    • Elcastino

      These two were my favorites out of the bunch. Particularly #18, one can only imagine what she is thinking while she bites the lower lip…..

  • Bash

    #18 and #29 more please!

  • Matt

    #2 Perfection!!

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