Join theCHIVE this Saturday in Santa Monica for happy hour!

 Join theCHIVE this Saturday in Santa Monica for happy hour!

theCHIVE is throwing an intimate gathering of like-minded idiots this Cat Saturday near our offices and you’re invited. We’ll be at Renee’s on Wilshire in Santa Monica from 7-10 and we want to meet our LA Chivers. Here’s the deal, I’m going to throw my credit card down and pay for everybody’s beers. When that fucker hits its limit, you pay for beers. Simple.

Because Renee’s is a smaller venue we do ask that you RSVP to the event. The first 80 people to contact us at chivesantamonica [at] gmail [dot] com will gain admittance. You must receive an email back from us confirming your request. Please keep it to yourself +2 to give everybody a fair chance.

We’re looking forward to raising a glass with our Chivers this Saturday and then taking the hangover shitshow on the road to San Diego on Sunday. This should be a good time. RSVP right now!



  • Underbaker

    I'm still waiting for a Texas (San Antonio) Chive party. Hope those that really want it get in, to the rest KCCO.

  • mw0602

    Is Renee's that creepy place with all the dolls?

    • sweet

      Yes. Im scared every time I enter that place

      • SteveD24

        Renee actually still lurks around the bar on Sunday nights during the live music sets. I've had many drunken conversations with that little old lady. She is awesome.

  • Funky Monkey

    Soooooooo waiting for my e-mail not at all as patient as Big James…..awwww c'mon!!!

  • SteveD24

    zero fucks will be given at Renee's

  • Nickn

    I have never hit Refresh so many times on my email box. The stress is killing me!

    • SteveD24

      I RSVP'd two hours ago. Still haven't gotten any sort of reply/confirmation. Maybe it's already full 😦

  • RatedR401

    Come to Toronto, Ontario, Canada!!!!

  • Seattlechiver

    Seattle anytime soon…..?

  • pleeeease

    can you please tell us if you're full so we can stop stressing at out inboxes??? pretty please??

  • Emmanuel Aguilar


  • john

    i wonder how high the limit is..?? john maybe you should get a black amex for the company.. so in the future you can avoid that problem haha.

    i wish i could go.. but ill be in vegas..

  • DeDecker

    No confirmation…no worries. I'm going anyway. I don't mind paying for beers, as long as Mac takes his his shirt off.

  • jetrome

    No confirmation yet. It's ok though. Gonna keep calm (and chive on). Gonna go anyway. I've got my Chive tshirts all ready!! CHIVE ON!!

  • Angel Flores

    where in San Diego is going to be?

  • Link

    Is it the best idea to have people showing up that don’t get an rsvp? Sounds like a huge problem.

  • Kris

    Aw fuck, I just got back from Santa Monica! 😦

  • SteveD24

    I submitted my RSVP around noon and JUST got my confirmation. Sweet!

  • LuvsHorror

    Can't be there, but my thoughts will be. Hope it's beautiful and sunny and everyone has a super Chive time!

  • MickeyFig

    Damnit ! no confirmation…sigh

  • Jay

    Hopefully they are reviewing submissions to avoid a complete sausage fest! 2:1 Girls/Guys ratio would be best. 🙂

  • Teej

    You should set up an 'across the border' meet in Canada!

  • jetrome

    Just got home. It was fun. Sorry I had to bug out so quick. My +1 was getting hungry. This should be done more often. Chive ON!!

  • Frucht

    I haven’t made any herb vinegars to date but would like to try. I recltney picked up a book from the second hand store about making flavored vinegars. Your chive vinegar looks lovely.

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