• Dan

    Don't do it next to someone else who's going to spit it all over you.

  • Hand of Fate

    I did the Cinnamon Challenge at my 30th birthday party and beat it (in order to get a Jewish friend to eat pork), and even though I won, I wish I hadn't because it's like even if you "win" you still lose.

    The Cinnamon was like crusted on to the roof of my mouth and back of my throat and I practically had to throw up just to get it off, and thought I was gonna be sick for the rest of the night.

    So, yeah, I won, but I really didn't win.

  • Kenny

    You guys at TheChive office should try it and upload a video of it! 😀

  • Jezdezpez

    I do this everyday, it's my strange addiction, my family laugh at me everyday because of it.

  • chumpcheeto

  • Rob

    @0:06 – "LLOYD!!!!" -Ari

  • Suck it

    Is it just me or is the 1st guy, the guy from the "Francis Plays Magic the Gathering" video I saw on here a few months back?

  • KeepinCalm

    says the guy w/a fucked up screen name.

  • LoBugg

    Haha classic.


    First Bucky Larson, now Men at Work. Get this shit out of here!

  • myrtleville

    Looks like a bunch of people vomitting in zero gravity…..

  • Livin' Legend

    The Spice must flow!

  • NebraskaGuy

    Omg that was hilarious! What a buncha dumbasses!

  • babytrollmagizax

    Moar of the beauty at 0:04 0:05 very funny video(translation)= first!

  • therealguy

    darwin challenge… this can put you in the hospital, and even cause suffocation.

  • Atom819

    FIND MS BIG TITS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • filmguy2

    The girl with the beautiful assets is part of a youtube channel called Screen Team Show, linked below… http://www.youtube.com/user/ScreenTeamShow?featur

  • Roflcopter

    Screw cinnamon challenge, anyone for the cayenne pepper challenge?

  • Aaron

    I've beat it !

    • barbie

      Can I have your kids?

  • Duck

    LMAO!!! At 38 seconds the dude on the way left blows a cinnamon "O" out his mouth

  • JLay

    Fire breathing hipsters. Never thought I'd see the day.

  • shootermcgavin

    I heard if you mix nutmeg and oregano, you can get pretty wasted.

  • Suri


  • Liam

    I expected to beat it…and i totally did! https://vimeo.com/41318898

  • prplhaze

    1:42 is that Ponce The retarded policeman? Josh Perry is da man!

    • Rhayzor

      He is a cop and he's learning impaired…he's the Retardes Policeman!

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