A very special Sexy Chivers: Smiles for the Troops (93 Photos)

Earlier this week when I asked our Chivettes to give a smile for the troops for Friday's SC, they hammered my inbox immediately. What you won't see here are the kind messages the Chivettes sent along with their photos - the outpouring of support for our service men and women was amazing. It also proves how very lucky we are to have these real girls among us.

We're having a massive Chive meetup for the troops in San Diego this Sunday. All the fun details right here. Everybody is invited and we can't wait to raise a glass with our Chivers.

Stay tuned for the Friday DAR, have a safe Memorial Day weekend, and we'll see you in San Diego.



  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.cathcart Arthur Cathcart

    Hooyah Chivettes!

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #16 Pure awesome!! Get well soon!!!

  • XxOnEdgexX

    #90….thanks for the nip slip, made my day beautiful!!

  • Wyatt

    Thanks for the support.
    a loyal deployed chiver

  • HeliMech

    Those eyes and that smile! Amazing!
    Thanks to the troops!

  • martinj67

    #26 – gorgeous… moar?

  • A Marine

    Thanks for all the smiles and some =D

  • joe

    #30 is the best of them all, I want to make u mine

  • Rich

    #10. At ease…. No need to stand at attention. 🙂 you Look great! Keep it up.

  • Lui

    Moar of #69!!

  • Djuro Srbin

    Well, fuck your troops….or even better, while they are away, fuck those bitches…and your troopers can step on landmines…

  • MrN00DLE

    I love you! haha.

  • Nichan

    whoever you are # 92 you made my day "ALL THE WAY"

  • George

    Hey Lauren! Wil say.a prayer for you kid.

  • GamingChivette

    Cant wait to ship out to rtc in 31 days 🙂 im #85. thanks chive for putting my picture up

  • Ben

    #55 Sweet baby Jesus, you are gorgeous!

  • Hopper

    #45 you have a beautiful body! MOAR please!!

  • FireSlayer

    #42 please tell me you live in Georgia so I can take you on our first date in the wood and do some huntin!! And when we come out I'll check you for ticks!!

  • Andy

    #42 MOAR/find her!!!!

  • jarred

    #90 wow


  • S1M30NS4YS

    So many beautiful smiles, I just wish Canadians supported our troops like these chivettes have. Have a good time in San Diego!

  • https://www.facebook.com/louis.sanmiguel.5 Louis San Miguel

    Thanks for the support chivettes! You girls are awesome!

  • Bob

    #45 stunning

  • alexis

    Awesome post, Chive! All of you ladies are gorgeous… 🙂

  • Anon

    #77 Your eyes are beautiful!

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