Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #8 WITHOUT A DOUBT #25 yes #54 OH YES, def photos of the week!!

    • Jimboisme.

      Please, my girlfriends birthday is coming up and there is a contest to which she can in tickets to front row passes and a meet and greet with a band she loves(which i hate…). But nothing is more special to me than to see her smile so I am going out on a limb… The concert is this monday. A simple click to this page ( and you would have helped me through a huge journey to get my love a birthday gift of a lifetime to a sold out show.. I can't explain how grateful I will be to those who take the time to make my girlfriends wish come true. Thank you.

      – a hopeful Pennsylvania chiver

      link again:

      • iheartboobs

        One Direction sucks, but happy to help a Chiver.

        Just hope she doesn't take you!

        • Jimboisme.

          Believe me I agree.. if she wins I've already decided she's designated driver while I forget where I am

      • alan

        Katie is waaaay behind. You got work to do man.

        • Shannon Coverdale

          Yes she is, and One Direction? hm

    • William Spencer

      #8 middle girl amazing ass

  • etcrr

    #4 #11 #25 #30 Oh my, Oh hell yes,

    • myself

      Rhian Sugden is 3 and 11 is Victoria Moore

      • yup

        fuck you etcrr

  • P.A. All the Way

    #30 and #41 MOAR please!! You both have banging bodies that we need to appreciate MOAR!

    • mhuard5

      30 is wearing two sports bras, think about that. I mean c'mon, that in combination with a stellar smile. Find Her immediately.

      • 650

        #30 is all kinds of cute. If she's a cool chick, someone definitely scored FTW there.

    • Justin

      P.A. All the way! I think I know who this is…..

    • aph

      #41 they uh, spread their legs after finals?

      • Jay

        Strectch before cleaning their rooms?

  • Chive On.

    Great Post.

  • etcrr

    #47 sweet n' sexy

    • Bill57

      great legs very sensuous and hot very precious

      • yup

        wow how many stupid fucking comments are you going to make on one page…fuck you

  • etcrr

    #43 Not a good thing when your Limo ride is an Alpaca

    • rob

      tina you fat lard, come eat your dinner!

      • SanDiego

        Napolean..your just jealous that Ive been on the internet chatting with hot babes all day. Besides, im training to become a cage fighter (smirky face)

        • yup

          oh look fucktard making another fucking comment…fuck you

  • Big poppa smurf

    I agree w all the above

  • busy B

    #35. Really. 'You only live ones'. Or am I too f'd up to see clearly.

    • Tednuge

      That's what I'm reading too…

    • Dave

      No, that chick is forever branded by that moron tattoo artist lmao

    • RL3tard

      No, that's how strippers live, ones.

    • Mike

      It almost looks like "buy ones".

    • speed

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one.

      You only love rocs? bocs? 65@s?

      And that's being pretty darn generous with the word "love" too.

    • um?

      You only love oma's?

    • jayjay

      close enough!

    • zoopilandia

      I live twos.

      • JHL1

        Damn binary men… always putting in their 10 cents.

  • ottawa late night

    The ginger in #8 definitely the belle of the ball! She can suck my soul anytime!

  • BloodScrubber

    #1 The elusive chucklepuckin caught in a rare mating dance? 😉

    • Brian

      Comment FTW

    • Bee

      Nah, I think it's just a weird ass human.

  • old dress blues

    #25 Yes, yes we know you love showing off your fake, spherical alien tits…go find another douchebag 2 hook up w/ because no real man will want anything to do with them-

    • Jim

      Dude you suck at life

      • hootie

        hate to break it to you Jim, but anyone who starts a sentence with "dude" is a failure and a loser-

      • passwordistaco

        For not being a fan of fake tits? You must have a pretty strong opinion on this fake tits thing if it can define a life.

        I think everybody BUT the boyfriend/husband get to enjoy fake tits, they're better to look at out on the town but unleash 'em and most look and feel wonky.

    • ZachBob

      i would because sex.

    • Chris Henderson

      Are you into dudes? Wtf?

      • old dress blues

        because I don't like fake tits I must be gay? Fuck this country is lousy with morons…

        • Chris

          Then get the fuck out if you hate it!!!

          • south derp

            they took our jorrrbs!

            • merican

              deh terrkk ouurrr jeeeeeebbbbssssss

        • Guest

          If you can touch 'em, they're real… fuck you

          • BiggBlobb


    • Chris

      Don't hate because you have no chance with her!

    • pum

      i bet u sleep with one of these

    • Gnole

      Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

    • HonoluluChiver

      The only difference between this chick and the living doll girls they featured a while back is a tan…..Gross. Still would poke though.

    • RichMahogany

      You are either a jealous girl, or a male who does not appreciate the female form. While I agree that her surgical enhancement was not necessary; I can say, as a real man, this girl is gorgeous. So get over yourself, drink in the beauty, and chive on.

      • blah blah

        She's a worn out, bleach-blonde, leather face with 2 basketballs on her chest- true story

        • DrFunkenstein

          You got it brah. There aint no love in dem fake titties.

    • Pat

      You must know her then in order to judge her. Woman get implants for a lot of reasons. Maybe before she got them she was drastically uneven and every morning she woke up feeling like a half a woman because she was so self conscious to ever take off her shirt. Some woman don't get implants to make her guy happy or to get attention (some). Sometimes they just aren't happy with the size and want to get them for her. It's not what is on the outside it's whats on the inside that should matter. You knowing she only dates doucebags makes me think you dated her. There's no way to know anything about a girl by a picture. A real man, which I'm assuming you're calling yourself, wouldn't judge a woman in the first place. Grow up.

      • lame

        stfu Pat and go back to your cube-

      • G-man

        Or maybe she got them because she is a whore (like my ex-wife).

    • Gaho

      Then I guess I'm not a real man 😀

    • Methos

      They're only fake on the inside…

    • Slim Jim

      i challenge you to a man off, bet i would win and ask the girl out.

      • hootie

        A real challenge getting a ride on the town bicycle…shit ur probably such an idiot you'd inseminate this trailer trash and make a little skeezeball that you'd be paying child support on 4 the next 18 years-

        • Randall Clements

          ^—- Don't call out someone on their sentence writing if you have trouble writing proper sentences yourself!

    • Kuma the Killer

      Well i am touched by your concern for her possible silicone poisoning but i assure you fake or not this chick is hot. I also find your assumption that she is into "Douche-bags" a little presumptuous. This girl may be the answer to a guys prayers and be a chubby chaser. Finally being a "Real Man" myself I would like to point out that hell yes i can think of few things i would love to do with this fine young lady, besides judging her personality from this photo is something only an asshole would do.

      • south derp

        she's a douche and so are you- true story

    • Mughaha

      I would love to do anything with them…*Presents Douche bag card

    • Greg Hankins


    • Ajm

      You coulda just said you're gay…

    • Samhedi

      Yeah, she's overtanned and overtittied. I'll take small real over big fake any day. Luckily I don't have to make that choice thanks to my lady.

    • nonhater

      kind of uneccesary. you certainly don't speak for real men. As a matter of fact you are a jerk-off. I hate you. This chick is unbelievably attractive.

  • I kant spellz

    #35 Do tat artists know better and just like to fuck w/ people? DERP

  • antcruz

    Were there more pics after #36?

  • hootie

    I keep thinking #1 is a really flat, topless chick-

    • antcruz

      She is.

    • passwordistaco

      She clearly is not topless, the straps have just fallen off her shoulders.

      • hootie

        I meant the one in the background

        • passwordistaco

          no shit, i was just joking because the girl in the foreground is equally flat chested. Try and keep up chivers.

          • south derp

            not only did u sound serious (clearly), it just wasn't funny- keep up w/ that moron

  • Shitslinger

    #25 = perfect.

    • hootie

      shitslinger = greasy, fkn loser w an IQ that would make Forrest Gump look like Stephen Hawking-

    • Inifekt

      She's definitely not perfect. More like fucking gag. Her tits are ugly as fuck

      #30 is perfect.

    • Darth Yogurt

      Looks like the unholy love child between a barbie doll and a nightmare!

    • SammyBoy

      looks totally fake in every possible way to me #8 is where it at buddy 🙂

  • MadMax

    #15 – don't you think some idiot is going to try to jump to the lower level pool eventually?

    #30 – you are the hottest, one I'm going to walk away and go anywhere woman to grace The CHIVE. Where are you and what does this weekend look like for you?

    • Krauter

      the one idiot who is jumping to lower level pool is deserving what he gets.

  • Acesevens

    I vote for wet t shirt edition. Cold water acceptable.

    • MacNCheesePro

      I'll speak with a British accent if it works for her!

    • G-Unit

      British? Be specific. English or Scottish boys?

  • SkyDan

    #39- ??? Fart? What the hell is in the box below you, carryout nachos for 15? Just kidding, after finals, Anything Goes, right?

    • 650

      ^ must've been hammered when he wrote that

  • ayoitsdk

    #30 #36

    All we want is MOAR!

    • 650

      I trust your judgment

  • John Knolhoff

    #12 wife would not be my wife if I pulled that $hit

    • Chiveon!

      What we have here is a failure to communicate.

    • kitty_karloso

      No, he's clearly proposing to the pizza.

      • thorthechiver

        finally a wife you could eat out and it would taste delicious

    • hungreemthafka

      That got to be RoundTable Pizza! am I right?!

    • Andyy

      I like how this one is posted after that super good proposal video. He didn't even get breadsticks!

    • Amigo

      would be a funny/dickish prank to pull as the pizza guy

  • Nate Evans

    #41 Repping Scranton. MOAR

    • Guest

      The only problem is there is no excessive alcohol use in the picture… are you sure this is Scranton?

  • Chaos

    #54 let me dust that sand off of you real quick…

  • Chen

    #30 is out of this world !!!! FIND HER !

  • Edward

    #9 Toro Flex 21, Cadillac of greensmowers

    • Edward

      O my god I need to get a life

    • Jay

      I remember those 5am mornings…mowing greens is no joke!

      • zack

        AMEN to that!!!!

    • zack

      need to step up the stripe game lol jp

    • JimBob

      I use the same mowers at work….. at 5am >.<

  • Tim Stmartin

    #41 Perhaps if she cleaned up a little there would be room for both feet on the floor.

    • My Room

      probably not her room… looks like a guys room

      • Chris

        Where she spends more time with her feet in the air than on the floor.

        • @JONNBOY89


      • Jay

        Eh, I think guys are more likely to have a clean room to impress the ladies…ladies have all of the power, therefore don't have to give any fucks about their rooms. 😉

    • Dre

      I didn't even notice the mess or give Any fucks seeing her super hero ability!

    • Johnny

      It appears that she has a box of pancakes under her bed

      • ns_chiveon

        She's a keeper.

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