Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

Hey Chive,

We are part of a nonprofit called All Hands Volunteers that does disaster response both in the US and around the world. This is our uniform here in the Philippines 🙂 We help people clean up, repair and rebuild after communities are destroyed by natural disasters. We have volunteers from all over the world come to help the communities where we work, Hands.org.

We need the Chivers’ help today. Toyota is giving away one Toyota Tundra truck a day to charity. We’re up today and currently in 3rd place overall in the Facebook voting. We really need this truck to replace our current crappy disaster response vehicle. You’re the kindest community on the internet and if you read this in time, John, bring the Chive effect. Thanks for your time.

John: Let’s get these amazing Chivers their truck, Chivers. Vote right here.

  • Casey

    #31 Go Big Red!

  • M4jestic

    #9 not sure if you're shy enough 😉

    #7 good luck coming back

  • AdrianH
  • Damon

    #8 Oregon is a beer drinkers heaven.

  • Anonymous

    # 36 Over the last 13 years of serving my country, these guys are some of the bravest yet most humble men I have had the pleasure of sharing stories with.

  • Matt


  • brad

    #36 Over the last my 13 years of military service these guys are the bravest and most humble men I have had the pleasure of swapping stories with. Thank them for leading the way.

    • TJ0351

      And Thank You for your continued service !!

  • John

    #31 MOR

  • wackford

    #11 Chive, send that guy a shirt already! Pretty sure he deserves one 🙂

  • d.c.

    Why is photos of week link busted on my mobile and show only a white screen once it is completely loaded ?

  • Nighthawk

    #36 Hero. That is all!!

  • Parky

    #23 THATS why canada rocks

  • Victor_Rosario
  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.blume.73 Robert Blume

    #31. As a fellow 'sker and current member of the military, thank you for the support and nice smile!! GBR!

  • 18D

    can anyone pls tell me where on earth are the places on #10, #14, #30, #32, #34 & #35? thanks!
    i plan to visit maybe some of them when i get back from my tour. KCCO! HOOAH!

  • joneze

    #8 I love me some dead guy!! My parents house is just across they bay from the brewery 🙂

  • butt

    #8 currently my favorite beer

  • SGT_Fati

    Great DAR!!!

  • Chevy4life

    #36 that is awsome. God bless our troops.

  • JacksonRachael

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  • haeddre

    #36 always gets me…

  • Sunshine

    We were just there and we did our chive pic on the opposite side!!! Chive on!!!

  • JohnMcClane_

    Go Huskers!!!

    Can we get more of you??

  • Kimmy

    #37 – God Bless You James John Regan, Rest In Peace.

  • SuperAmericaFreedom

    #25 How is your assault pack that clean?!

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