Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

Hey Chive,

We are part of a nonprofit called All Hands Volunteers that does disaster response both in the US and around the world. This is our uniform here in the Philippines 🙂 We help people clean up, repair and rebuild after communities are destroyed by natural disasters. We have volunteers from all over the world come to help the communities where we work, Hands.org.

We need the Chivers’ help today. Toyota is giving away one Toyota Tundra truck a day to charity. We’re up today and currently in 3rd place overall in the Facebook voting. We really need this truck to replace our current crappy disaster response vehicle. You’re the kindest community on the internet and if you read this in time, John, bring the Chive effect. Thanks for your time.

John: Let’s get these amazing Chivers their truck, Chivers. Vote right here.

  • liberalcure

    @cryingman – Buy a clue and stuff your rhetoric. You have zero idea what your’e spewing. Go cry somewhere like huffpost.

  • laskhdlkahf

    #5 uh.. yes you can.. Carriers take 5 pegs to take down….battleships are 4……

  • River

    #19 Only in South Africa. Tax payers' money hard at work.

    • Ettienne

      Welcome to SA.

  • Bw11

    #36 & #37 got me…

  • Chicago Sean

    #27 Must find her

  • Bob

    #9, #23, #28…CHRIST ALL MIGHTY!! More of these women.

  • Shat_Thrice


    That is a beautiful Husker. GBR and Chive On!

  • Barry

    #36 and #37 are very hard to take. eyes welling with tears. need a break. G-d rest that man's soul.

  • yogo

    #18 Worst photoshop attempt

  • Miss CC

    #29 hahaha is all i can say

  • little miss CC

    #29 hahaha is all i can say little

  • Miss CC


    • Hey there


  • Miss CC

    sorry bout that ^^

  • JonathanKorus

    OORAH nebraska

  • ma nam a borat


  • Chiveisperverts

    #19 Too funny! Silly darkies all gathering around for a street dedication to a local hero! LOL! How easy to recaption it and say look at the lazy black city workers! LOL!

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