Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

Hey Chive,

We are part of a nonprofit called All Hands Volunteers that does disaster response both in the US and around the world. This is our uniform here in the Philippines 🙂 We help people clean up, repair and rebuild after communities are destroyed by natural disasters. We have volunteers from all over the world come to help the communities where we work, Hands.org.

We need the Chivers’ help today. Toyota is giving away one Toyota Tundra truck a day to charity. We’re up today and currently in 3rd place overall in the Facebook voting. We really need this truck to replace our current crappy disaster response vehicle. You’re the kindest community on the internet and if you read this in time, John, bring the Chive effect. Thanks for your time.

John: Let’s get these amazing Chivers their truck, Chivers. Vote right here.

  • C_Bush

    #36 #37 Damn you Chive. Thought I would get through this post without shedding a manly tear.

    • TJ0351

      I didn't make it either bro.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nate.woodard.35 Nate Woodard

    #37 This fucking killed me.

  • hark1985

    #39 voted for you guys!

  • USMC2K3

    #36 #38
    It's men like him that help keep this flag flying.
    Thanks to my family in arms.

    • TJ0351

      OORAH Jarhead !!

      Thanks for your service my brother !!

  • Project mayhem


    Heart stopping!!

  • NobleSobel

    #28 Its There!!!! Cats Craddle

  • Salt

    #36 This. This only starts to describe the source of our problems today. Learn history. It gives you a different perspective on life.

  • dantheman7

    #18 they should carve a slide into the side of it! free snow cones and water slide!

  • iChive

    #18 Winter came.

  • AlbusQ

    #36 Thank you sir.

  • art

    A white one… AHAHAHAHAH I am sooooo funny

  • Anonymous Coward

    #37 – Sgt. James John Regan http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&…

  • dantheman7

    #10 I want to live here!

  • Shadrock7

    Actually, in Battleship, the air craft carrier has 5 marker holes, so technically, it CAN take another hit like that … but i can get behind the sentiment

  • L_E_Ott

    #5 yes you can, aircraft carriers take 5 hits to sink

  • HatBomb

    #39 Me thinks those nice folks are going to win a truck… #28 Yours looks better on you then mine does on me, I'm happy you did some reading.

  • Falcore

    #11 I'm not sure what branch of the armed services you are in but i have a large blue KCCO military shirt still in the plastic you can have if the chive can get me in touch with you.

  • Chrisss

    #12 Xunantunich Ruins. Belize. Really cool place. Well done people

    • George

      I knew it looked familiar! Chive on from BElize!

  • alphamedak

    # 36 – Great picture and story! By the way, it's "cavalry", not "calvary".

  • jack

    Is #34 Nevis?

  • Reagan

    #36 so true how hard is a thank u Everytime u see a vet at the very least thank one on the holiday also voted great cause

  • HBK83


    The Black KCCO is back on sale. Click on the Book case at TheChivery.

  • bobolink

    #16 Beautiful & I'm in love.

    • RealZoo

      She has a very nice body. Moar please.

  • mrjimmyos

    #4 Dude 😮
    #12 Aww shucks, they're 1007 years late for the ol deathmatch games tournaments they used to have there on fridays
    #36 Never take lightly what those out there in the service are doing and have done for us

  • TJ0351

    What an amazing warrior !

    Love to all my military brothers and sisters who put themselves in harms way so my children can continue to live free.

    From a former Cold War Marine. OORAH !!

    • Brennon

      Well said SIr, well said

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