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Hey Chive,

We are part of a nonprofit called All Hands Volunteers that does disaster response both in the US and around the world. This is our uniform here in the Philippines 🙂 We help people clean up, repair and rebuild after communities are destroyed by natural disasters. We have volunteers from all over the world come to help the communities where we work, Hands.org.

We need the Chivers’ help today. Toyota is giving away one Toyota Tundra truck a day to charity. We’re up today and currently in 3rd place overall in the Facebook voting. We really need this truck to replace our current crappy disaster response vehicle. You’re the kindest community on the internet and if you read this in time, John, bring the Chive effect. Thanks for your time.

John: Let’s get these amazing Chivers their truck, Chivers. Vote right here.

  • dahcj

    Hey look a black chick, that guy that always complains should be happy now.

  • sjd


    Thank you Wilburn for all you have done and endured for our freedom! Whoever submitted the pic should introduce Wilburn to the Chive so he can hopefully see that we still care about him and all of his stories…..

    • Capt poopy pants

      Wilburn is a boss.

  • Britishguy

    #7 Who was taking that photo? Too clear to be a zoom job…

  • wowzer12

    Dont miss out on the Black KCCO shirts

  • amoore1983

    #31!!! Find her!! We need MOAR!!!!!

    • Chiver

      #42 from sexy CHIVERS today.. Camo girl

    • CDJ

      She's wearing Husker gear, so I'm assuming she's from Nebraska. Don't worry, I'll start looking.

    • ATC

      Beautiful Husker girl! GBR!!

    • Vic

      Def MOAR of this one…

    • Casey

      AGREED! MOAR of this Nebraska beauty please!

  • Retired Navy

    Oh Hell No!! I'll walk around!

    • justsayin

      Even if that means going the other way around the globe.

  • Dylan

    #9 Nothing to be shy about miss
    #13 That is a friggin' epic beard. One you can use as a verb.

  • Hunter_BZ

    #12 Altun Ha Maya Ruin in Belize! AWESOME!

    • Hunter_BZ

      Wait no, that is Xunantunich. my bad.

      • keepinitreal

        I guess the letter "O" is shaped differently in Xunantunich…

  • Bob

    #6 Almost perfect; just lose the clothes and the chubby.

    • G-rock

      The one in the pink leggings is sooooo hot!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/Emaly.Munguia Emaly S. Munguia


    Happy to vote, Thank you for helping where it's needed =D

  • Blacky

    Black kCCO on sale right now!!!!

  • nikalaj

    OMG who took that picture ????

  • billavoider

    #36, a true hero and American. Thank you sir, for your sacrifice.

  • etcrr

    #36 Dear Pvt Wilburn J. Sams, You are a hero, in the most Courageous army ever known to man kind. There are many who just don't realize they should ask. I for one am humbled by you and your service to our country. Thank You for your sacrifice , service and enduring love of our country God's speed to you Sir

  • Alexis

    I was soooo upset when I didn't make the cut on the Very special sexy chivers but held out hope for the DAR! What do you know, I made it!!! #25 Thank you Chive so very much, you made my day! Oh…and I snagged a black Chive shirt! Thanks for those sneaky comments.. 😉

    Thank you to all those that have, are and will serve us and protect us.

  • Jeffer

    Need to find #10 WOW so beautiful

  • Notknowing

    #21 Brilliant!

  • Jeffer

    # 23 More of this canadian she is jaw drop

  • alpha86

    #23 But are you at all close to Ontario??

    • Deadlines

      Second that.

  • radryan
  • JLay

    #36 and #37 THANK YOU.

  • Crutchez

    #23 the days that I do love being Canadian!!! just why don't they exist in Vancouver?!

  • jfisch6

    As a soldier (who discovered theChive in Afghanistan) sometimes I get discouraged as to why I joined. But then I see posts like this and it's very encouraging! Keep up the good work Chive and as always, KCCO!

    P.S. Men like Wilburn J. Sams, men who were in WW2 and Vietnam, experienced things that even present day infantry soldiers will never experience. They didn't have internet, satellite phones, cable TV, video games, DVDs, etc. to keep them entertained and connected to home; hell, they didn't even have reliable mail service. So on this Memorial Day weekend, remember the troops, but especially remember those who have been through Hell.

    • TJ0351

      Thank you for your service my brother.

      Don't forget about all those ( like my Dad ) that served in Korea too !! The old man received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart !! He was a Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine Corps grunt unit.

      I'm sure it's just a simple oversight but it's weird because it is called " The forgotten War".

  • TheMan

    #25 MOAR!

  • Mac The Oldtern

    Great Friday DAR? Just enough…. bewbs>

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