Everybody stop and take a moment to reflect on your childhood (38 Photos)

  • NOPE

    2)Many disgusted Chive users have tried to submit thousands of pictures representing Africans and Minor ity women, and to no avail.

    3) Separate is not equal.

    4) need to celebrate black culture and great thinkers, not boobs.

    5) brooke the dentist is not a dentist, she is a hygenies.t that is like saying a nurse is a doctor. Vapid girl. Attention seeking the worst way.

    6)When the Chive does post pictures of black men and women, they perpetuate hateful stereotypes. Why not celebrate their intellect??

    7)We take offense to the “find her” gallery. This is a law-suit waiting to happen. It is creepy to ask thousands of users to find the names of women. We have a growing number of scared women who have been contacted by you creepy chivers due to the “find her” gallery. THIS HAS TO GO.

    8)The Chive, while not directly racist, continues to practice institutionalized racism by featuring white/Aryan/ blonde/blue eye girls as more attractive. Look how black men/women are portrayed. Hateful stereotypes.

    9)We are tired of the emails claiming BET/ JET , and other black media is racis t. The reason those institutions exist is because BLACK PEOPLE ARE MI NORITIES. The rest of the media is white-tilted. Black individuals have been mar ginalized since the dawn of this country, these are important outlets to let their voices gro w
    10)We also take offense to the college galleries. These perpetuate the notion that US college students only drink and party. We need to celebrate diversity, education, and reward ideals related to striving for excellence. It’s also creepy that 40 year old men find pictures of 18 year old girls, and then ask users to “find them.”

    I hate this website. The chive staf fers act all self righ teous and philant hropic, but what you really do is perpetu ate stere otypes, margina lize black people, steal pictures from other websites, all in the name of some ridiculous brand, "KCCO." Get off your high hor ses and just admit you are 40 year old men who steal pic tures, ask users to st alk women, and make fun of mi norities. You do nothing for society

    Also, the “FIND HER” galleries are a ticking time bomb of law suits waiting to happen. I know of many women who are creeped out by this, and some who have expressed anger at thousands of gross men finding them on facebook (and other sites) and sending unsolicited requests for “Moar boobs” and “take it off” and “ get in the kitchen.” To name a few…

    Good luck Chive.

    Chiv eisra cist@g mail .com

    • asdfasdf

      Then start your own website

    • Lindsay

      Is anybody FORCING you to visit this site? No! Why don't you target the websites that showcase child pornography, instead of those that take a light hearted view of the world. You have a victim complex, you obviously like to think that every non black person is a racist and you most certainly have a chip on your shoulder. I feel bad for you. Why not do something meaningful instead of spending your time complaining at how you are treated unfairly?
      Yours, a loyal (and mixed-race) chivette xxx

    • stop posting

      Simple. Go….to…hell

      • https://www.facebook.com/Danny4nasty Danny Javier

        What are you talking about? Kid & play is black.

  • SadeShadz

    #23 Awesome times!!! 😥

    • Einnoc

      Please, please, please – what was the name of this game!??

  • asdfasdf

    Bad Post. Almost every photo is something from 1987-1989. That's not reflective of "the 80s" by any stretch of the imagination. And 1/2 of this post is Nintendo related which came out in the end of 1986 and really caught on in 1987 or later.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #7 what the hell happened to those things anywyas

    • johnny

      I was wondering the same thing. I never knew what they were used for, but I did like to play with them.

  • Brett


    I can't remember how many times I put that puzzle together. Ahhhh the good ole days.

  • bsho7

    #1 If you Ooze you lose!

  • Sabrina

    #38 Zoobilee Zoo FTW!

  • Anonymous

    #29 Like a Rammstein concert.

  • ckron247

    #15 Castle GreySkull from He-Man. I swear I thought that was a picture of me! Awesome!

  • Sean

    #37 – What was the name of this game?

  • kingspade97

    #14 i did that to lmao

  • roadrage07

    #12 Dear god… I worked at a Chess King that became a Merry Go Round. Skidz and MFG jeans FTW. Ugh…

  • Still_MisGuided

    #21 fav book ever back in the day

  • zac

    Who's the purple dude? I can't remember what that's from..

  • menky

    #18 I don't know who the cat is, but is that a Mod 25 or 30?

  • Mike

    #34 YES!

  • jmerbaugh

    The purple guy is ivan ooze from the power rangers movie

  • Stick

    Even if the tape snapped, or got eaten by the machine, you could fix it with a piece of Scotch tape.

  • zero

    What movie is #17. Its eating me alive and I can't remember

    • answer

      Total Recall, Arnold trying to squeeze one out??
      No, on Mars and cannot breathe

  • blah blah

    when I was bad I was whipped with #22


    #24 I do what I want!

  • http://www.antonarnold.com Anton Arnold

    #6 RIP Mach!!

  • Ispeakchive

    When you're in your late forties, this section makes you feel really old.

    • Einnoc

      Early 40's, too…

  • Ryno

    Hey NOPE, go smoke a j and get over yourself, even your name says your a close minded individual, we are all sorry your weird unkle touched you as a child…he cant hurt you anymore..its over dude, your safe.

  • wow

    #1 #21 and #38 holy crap…laughing so hard

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