Operation Honor Wall: Honor a Hero

honor wall Operation Honor Wall: Honor a Hero

One of our Chivers, Chrisopher, has created a virtual Honor Wall for the troops. The idea is simple: Head over to Operationhonorwall and click ‘Honor a Hero Here’. You’ll be given an easy pop-up screen to craft a message for the soldiers. Your message of support will appear on the Honor Wall for everybody to see. It’s a great idea to show your support for our service men and women this Memorial Day. Click here to honor a hero.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend, Chivers, and stay tuned for the Friday DAR1

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=679850617 Jeremy Warren

    Very great idea Chive!! Just got back from posting on their wall, so glad to see all the support!! This is why The Chive is so awesome in so many ways. Have a great weekend and Chive On!!
    From a fellow veteran

  • Mike

    If you are an American, please take the extra few seconds to thank a member of our armed forces, past, present, and future.
    Sometimes people forget that men had to die so you can freely voice your opinions and feelings.
    There are still places in this world where you can't do that.
    So from me to all of our solders, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
    I am an AMERICAN and I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made so I can live free

  • vinny

    thanks for all the support, and thank you to all my brothers and sisters serving besides me.

  • TheJCG

    Oh look, Chive whoring out for a bunch of braindead murderers who do nothing but kill people without cause for "our freedom." What a bunch of bullshit.

    • Dudee

      Please do us all a favor and move to north Korea

    • jdl

      With out them,asshole, where do you think you would be. Quit trolling and grow up, shithead, nobody wants to here you whine. Only person brain dead here is fucking you, little liberal spoiled asshole, go back to your mamma's tit and let the grown ups honor these people.

  • Rainmaker2112

    As a Navy Veteran if makes me feel good to see those who honor our troops and remember those who have paid the ultimate price. To those who came before me and paid the ultimate price, to those who I served with and lost, to those who are in harms way today, I SAY THANK YOU & GOD'S BLESSINGS!

    To those who support the troops, now & in the past, I salute you too. For those who complain, make snide remarks, make pithy arguments, etc. etc. I say to remember the freedom that affords you that possibility is paid in blood. This isn't a chastisement, rather a simple reminder that your right to protest is paid in that same blood. Take just a moment to be thankful & perhaps even visit the graveyards and honor the military who have died on Monday. Remember when you get that espresso, remember when you order that BFM3D, remember and give thanks…..YES, EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE. For that right disagree has been bought with a mighty price!

    Always remembered, never forgotten!

  • TMO

    Thanks to all military members for your service. Uncle KIA WWII in fighter plane over Pacific. Uncle KIA WWII in Normandy D+7.

  • John

    How cool would it be if a million chivers would blow up the wall and help fix the lives of those posted heroes.
    Kudos to the Yellow Ribbon Registry Network for stepping up.

  • JacksonRachael

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  • TheJCG

    Murderers aren't heroes.

  • Del

    Ugh. Yes. That box. Or should I say, those boxes. Photos of a much-younger me all doelld up for a college dance. Photos of boyfriends past and friends who have passed away. Photos from my teaching stints in Korea. Photos from the Heroic Trip to Italy with my husband, his boss, and my mother. Photos from my sister’s wedding on the beach. Photos from my book research trips. The last photos of our first dog. The first photos of the dog now sleeping on my lap. Photos from my days before my husband. Photos of his days before me. And that chronicle of our courtship and the last decade of marriage, too. They are all trapped together in that never-never land of photo safe boxes the sad, the sweet, the elegant and the mundane (not to mention the unflattering). Together they represent decades of moments I never wanted to forget and some which I have already forgotten. I long to put them together into books to digitally create that ultimate record of our lives. Ciao!

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