Statistically, the odds are in your favor (21 Photos)

  • Dylan

    #10 is crap. I've had a bedroom for WAY more than 388 days, and not one sexy pillow fight has happened.

  • Han

    Never tell me the odds!

  • shaun

    So I'm 3,600 times more likely to get hit by a falling satellite than bitten by a shark? SO why have I never heard of anyone hit by a falling satellite but plenty of people attacked by sharks? I'm calling bullshit. on all of them. I don't mind the advertising posts but please don't make up crap!

  • Anonymous

    The Chive being taken over by advertising – 1 in 1.

  • Dubious

    Wait just one minute… you mean to tell me there is a better chance that I might get tagged in the face by a falling satellite than injured while mowing the lawn?! I find that very hard to believe.

  • travis87

    # 14 NAILED IT!!

    • ColaChiver

      Too bad you can't "nail" posting a picture in the comments #14

  • @nickinwarcal

    thats crazy I just had girls in my room for the 389th time and it happened

  • Ralph

    What a FAIL of a post. Doesn't surprise me that people who enjoy watching guys bash each others' brains in would suck so hard at math.

  • Bob

    so according to #17, there are over 14,000 people currently on fire in the world.

  • Brandon Beardslee

    Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1

  • Kevin

    77% of all statistics are made up.

  • ColaChiver

    Don't know why everyone is questioning #17 ….I've lit myself on fire plenty of times and am sure a little over 14,000 people were just as dumb as me at the same time.

  • Francisco S

    Is #17 the "Camera Motors Action" from Hollywood Studios, Disney, Florida?

  • Notknowing

    #12 bin-thr-dun-that

  • Notknowing

    #10 That reminds me. Gotta watch the Dukes of Hazzard movie again. Fast forward to topless pillow fight.

  • GlobeSwatter

    #16 Sooo your telling me there's a chance… I read ya.

  • Jeff A

    #1 is close (per year, including both injuries or death); #2 is a bit off (1:178,000 – USA males >15 assuming all supermodels were single globally); #3 is close (male) it is in the high 2K for females; #4 this is high if you are another pro basketball player and super low if you are a fan of the lakers and crazy low for everybody else; #5 cannot find stats, but assuming you actively try to be in the same place at the same events maybe, In the wild randomly, I would say that it would be around the odds of #1; #6 this is about right if you consider all coastal waters in the US, in Florida is it about the odds of getting hit by lightning assuming you count all injuries and not just deaths; #7 correct according to nasa (globally) for any piece of space debris; #8 wrong, 1:43,000,000 (wild) or 1:~12 (per term) for those who decide to try; #9 correct; #10 oddly enough possible, but I think it is a bit high, I cannot obtain data other than the odds for a threesome are about 1:8. If you went with the words "sexy pillow fight" and not the picture than all you need is a partner which you find sexy and then the odds are below 1:2; #11 wrong 1:~8,000,000 usa assuming one per household; #12 way wrong it is about 1:2 because it just says injury. Half of all American households have at least 1 person who plays an instrument. Injury could include a minor one like a blister; #13 close for a pro ~1:3000. Amateur is ~1:45,000 for a par 3; #14 correct, according to the writer of the movie; #15 close 1:652,046 National Safety Council; #16 No stats, but if you add up the odds of winning any super car, and a bikini girl handing you the keys (of any car) is about right; #17 very wrong. it assumes you are both on fire and reading a post on the odds that you are on fire. Most people do not catch on fire from a house / forest and are still alive (smoke kills far faster) however if you consider fire by lighting and small cooking/smoking accidents it is lower around 1:200K; #18 wrong no matter how you consider it. Escalade is most often stolen by a factor of 6. If you give every household one escalade the odds are ~1:1M but the second you do that I am sure the odds will change because who would by an Escalade if everybody else has one; #19 wrong 1:137 for the best pro bowler 1 for every 9M attempts by the average person; #20 about right if you account for all pro-sports according to the NCAA; #21 Depends, for the normal person it is about 1:10,000,000 it happens every year so divide the president by 4 assuming USA population only. If you go globally,…… ohhh shit there goes the last fuck I give.

  • Adam F

    #16 Carmella Bing, Shyla Styles, Gianna Michaels … that is all

  • Bob H

    #16 I'll definitely help them out, Chive, if you FIND all three, and bring them to me.

  • Jayrod

    I have a difficult time believing I'm so much more likely to be smacked in the face by a falling satellite than by Ron Artest.

  • jonny chimpo

    who came up with these fuckin numbers

  • Redwall

    Seems legit.

  • Shat_Thrice


    That can't possibly be accurate

  • Marxist Prick

    #8 absolutely fucking worthless sack of shit

    • Smitty

      Odds 1:1

  • Raoul

    Considering how many guys have been ufc heavyweight champion and how many men have been president of the united states i think your math is wrong. Still a great post though. I like my odds with a supermodel.

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