The Jumping Frog Jubilee is an actual event people take seriously (23 Photos)

  • RandomTask09

    #13: Frog pancake in 3, 2,…

    • Drew

      That frog is F-U-C-T!!!

  • guest

    and here comes PETA

  • Oregon_country

    #19 Photoshop the frog out, and it looks like she is taking a huge, painfull, and public poop.

    • Atom819

      find her

    • sfb101

      Surprise public buttsex.

      • Barry McKokkinner

        Love the way your mind works sfb101 🙂

  • stan

    #14 kermit and miss piggy have really gone downhill

  • Trav1121

    #3 #15 Moar! Haha XD! I am sure Mark Twain would be proud of these people, who don't look the least bit crazy! 😉

  • joe

    this is in Angels Camp, CA. The high school mascot is a buffed out bull frog, its hilarious

  • goodguysfan

    #6 That squirt is headed straight for her mouth.

    • Frank

      I think she's TRYING to catch it.

    • dub

      I've seen this many time. First time involving a frog, however.

  • Bill

    #20 Ian McKellen is doing that too?

    • DubStu

      Since when was the venerable Sir Ian McKellen half-Asian…?

  • Dan

    That's the same county where the Mythbusters' secret quarry where they blow shit up is.

    • Nad

      So fucking what.

      • Justin

        Enlightenment, douche! I just learned something, maybe you could too if you opened your mind a bit.

  • etcrr

    #15 Find Her! and I don't mean the frog

    • yup

      repreating others comments…nice…oh and fuck you

    • Bill57

      i know that if we find her than we can find the frog and both of them will be there. very sexy great post

    • SociallyAkward

      Start with the local Avery Middle School…. You might find her there.

  • OrgazoidHD

    ribbit ribbit

  • Franco

    This here frogg a-jumpin contest is NO JOKE, ever year the winner takes home a grand prize'a forty dollers! and a date with the mayor's eldest daughter.

  • rena

    what a terrible thing to be good at…

  • Mikeg01sf

    Little LEAN MEAN SCREAMED at machines. Yummmmmm soup

  • TheJesus

    #13 So what's the best way to get dead frog out of denim?

    • JAFitC

      Empty your poclets.

    • Imzkid


  • Brian J Castro

    #22 talk about literally scaring the piss out of frogs….then again if i had a giant human jumping up and down screaming id piss myself too

  • imbizzle

    So many PhotoShoping possibilities.

  • Trailer Ray

    We used to do frog races as kids at the campground we went to. These photos are great.

    • Nad

      Nobody cares.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        shut up emo

  • LeahciM

    Anybody else had other thoughts on #5 and #22

    • Kim Kardashian

      I want to go there.

    • dub


  • Matt

    Angels Camp also has a Walk of Fame commemorating record-setting frogs. Eat that, Hollywood!

  • Verbal_Kint

    I participated in this when I was about 10. Even then, i thought to myself, "fuck, you guys are takin' this a little too seriously". One dude flew with his frog from New Zealand.

  • BSmike

    Pocket Frogs: Reality Edition

  • avgejoe

    #13 looks like he's about to squash the competition lol

  • Notknowing

    This post looks like a bunch of people yelling at frogs. What did they ever do to you?

  • Rainmaker2112

    #19 – Based on the pictures I would guess this was the winning frog! He is getting some serious hops! Also, the "shout pooper" looks like an older Selena Gomez.

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