Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

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  • Bradyized

    #8 and #14 are awesome hahaha

    • Hahaha


  • Nucleon

    Chive you need to have a “Dog Day Afternoon” post.

    • mel

      dogs suck

  • DrtBkeChivette

    #8 love it!

  • Cat

    PLEASE EVERY CHIVERs HELP A LOYAL CHIVETTE .. "Like" this video… .. my fav radio DJ have a bet for 5000 Likes and they will perfom this thing live on the Springbreak Festival here in Germany!!!!

  • Billy

    Come on chivers Katie is at 73 clicks and all you do is click the link and your done she is only behind by about 300 clicks. Lets do this for this poor sap…………………………

  • Lewis Mcintosh

    Nice one mate, 76 clicks away now!

    • Billy

      Come on guys at 81 clicks now……………

      • Yoga Pants 2012

        Katie's boyfriend, keep KCCO'ing, but try hitting up a library or a school and do it on multiple computers there. It's not too bit of a competition, and just might work.

        • Jimboisme.

          chive took down the link for whatever reason…… there it is again..all im asking for is to visit the link.. q102 is a radio station here and are offering meet and greet and front row tickets to the show.. Idc if the band sucks it's not about me it's about my girlfriend and her birthday. so please one click and a second of your time. Thank you.. Keeping calm and still chiving on despite the negativity.

          • Theresia

            Put it on theBerry. Girls are less dick-ish. If it hadn't been removed, I would have clicked!

            • Jimboisme.

              the links right up there ^^^

              • hahahh

                come out of the closet jimbo….urgay…….

          • jimboismeislame

            okay, so this is the band your girl wants to see and it's her birthday? you didn't buy tickets when they were put on sale to the general public? you are a fucking loser boyfriend dude. gotta learn to read the signs before you are put behind the 8-ball. she'll leave you tomorrow.

            • Jimboisme.

              they were sold out within minutes much like a chive shirt. you're a dick.

            • Jimboisme.

              oh and by the way I was able to score lawn seats but instead of telling her to deal with the distance I still tried to win her this contest. I'm not a bad boyfriend I just didn't get the tickets in the couple minutes they were available.

              • loserjimbo

                still lame.

                • Jimboisme.

                  Whats the matter? Palmela Handerson not giving you any?

                  • Verbal_Kint

                    Wow! Your English just got so much better from the dribble above begging for help. Your girl needs to enjoy the lawn seats with you. And, why are you hanging around this place, get out and vote. You still suck.

  • Davie

    #2=Meowna Lisa, #25-love watching a pussy ride a cock.

  • informationasymmetry

    So #23 is a civil case?

  • TacoChops

    #9 Damn Cat.

  • brian

    i dont care for cat Saturday.

    • Smitty

      Yet you clicked on the Cat Saturday (26 Photos) link off the home page?

      • MonkeyMadness

        He meant to click on the Berry.

  • @imoon001

    Thankyou chive

  • babylove

    # 24 Love!!!

  • Anon

    Best Day of the week

  • Sicily

    #9 Every day!

  • TheJCG

    And the requisite, weekly FUCK YOU MAC.

  • Ding A Ling

    not the best 'cat saturday' I've seen though at least there aren't lots of repeats!

  • comeagain

    #20 Do people actually take cats out? that's what a litter box is for

  • DCD

    Cats rawwwk.

  • Clutch101

    What is, make good pets, for a thousand please Alex!

  • katastrophe89

    #8 FTW

  • Thunderchicken

    #13 epic

  • mel

    Bravo! Yeah to cat saturday. thanks mac!

  • jackazz

    Its all about the pussy #13

  • Jeighseauxn

    Should have said "were gonna need those back meow"

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