Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

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  • Jeff

    #19 Club 152 in Memphis

    • dan

      this is the greatest picture i have ever seen

  • Tony

    #15"He said I was too emotional.
    Do I look too emotional to you?"

  • PartyMarty

    Funny as always, but why does the "you got wasted" set always, invariably include a picture of some drunk white guy with some busted black chick(s), a la #19?

    Kinda feels like the implication is that it's fundamentally hilarious/embarrassing for a white man to hang out with black women and/or a white dude would need to get ruinously drunk in order to think doing so was a good idea.

    Like I said, otherwise funny stuff. Just thought I'd point out what is decidedly a trend at this point.

    • Megan

      I think it's the fact that she's chubby….? Why is it always a race thing?

      • PartyMarty

        I mean, that's a whole other conversation- the regular and slightly cruel mockery of fat chicks on this site. But whatever- one doesn't want to be too overly sensitive about those things on a site like this.

        But no, I don't think it's that she's chubby in this instance. There's always a picture of some crazy wasted white dude grinding with a black chick, and it's supposed to be hilaaaaaaaarious on it's own merits. I''d just like somebody to be honest and explain why these scenarios are supposed to be so goddamn funny.

        • Megan

          Well, in that case, there's almost always a picture of some white skinny slut doing a keg stand, too. What to say about that?

          • PartyMarty

            Well, what I'd say about that is that- at least insofar as I've seen, the Chive/etc. values system roughly dictates the following:

            Sluts: awesome
            Drinking: awesome

            So the image of a white skinny slut doing a kegstand must be some sort of representation of SUPER awesomeness.

            Also: Kegstands are typically seen as a masculine activity, so seeing a female take part in one is just counterintuitive/ironic enough to add a layer of humor.

            Anything else? Still not hearing an explanation of why drunk white dudes posing with black chicks is hilarious.

            • mcfadinj

              Because it is? I hate to say it, but interracial relationships still ARE NOT the norm in the world today. Hell, go to some foreign countries and get killed over it. What's not funny about it? I think it's sad and petty for you to try and make it sound like it's the most racist thing in the world. Are you trying to make some genius point that will entirely change what the Chive is? Are you trying to be the super-cool, high morals guy that you aren't? I find it hilarious that you can get as offended as you obviously are over a stupid fucking picture.

              • 4343

                making an observation = being offended?

    • Budderface

      Why does everything have to be about race? The fact that you look at a picture of white people and black people together and immediately find an issue about race is racist in its own right.

      • Dub

        so, because he notices that two people of two different colors are…..two different colors, he's racist? sense: that makes none.

  • phydor

    Wow, this week's seems really crazy. Hair of the dog

  • Cadet Certainly

    To thou so righetously wise and informative: I give many thanks to your abrasive stance. YOU sir are completely in the know–to be able to define these fellow men and women as uncool losers. Surely YOU are excelling in life. Surely YOU have been there and done that so YOU know how to empirically define those who are complete strangers…ahhum! Great thinkers never mess up! Great minds, Greek men and global philosophers surely never stooped to such bowels of "loser". YOU sir are a man ahead of your time. Let's you and I continue to stay strictly high on life and thump our books at people so stupid enough to actually enjoy this assignment called life. Great post, I raise my glass of douchejuice to you comrad!

    • kitty_karloso

      The point of the post isn't to belittle those who get wasted. It's a nostalgia post because we have all been there and thoroughly enjoyed it!

      • cadet certainly

        Sorry, I was aiming that at "Jaime"–the critic…I was drunk when I wrote it; listening to "Boys don't cry" while everyone else was at church. I love the pics.

        • kitty_karloso

          No problem. That's a kickass song.

  • Tommy tsunami

    How do I get my hands on that flask!!!!!?????

  • gottaclimb

    #15 Ahhhh, Plainwrong (AKA Wainwright) Junior Ranks Mess…. Many a night of stupidity can be traced back to that place when you're in the Plainwrong. Wonder if she made it to JD's after…

    • Juicemeizer

      The buffalo picture in the background was the dead giveaway, I puked somewhere over there after drinking a "trick" shot called the cement mixer. Ahhhhh Wainwrong.

    • Cindy

      She made it but spend most of the night in the bathroom hahaha sleeping on the toilet

  • Jason Bartz

    The stupidity of young people these days is egregious. (sorry for the big words, if you don't understand them, get a better education.) I do not understand the logic of wasting money on booze and being so drunk you puke it all up and head back for more. I mean, just this morning I saw a story of a young Colorado woman, who just recently graduated college, who was shot in the leg after drunkenly walking into a strangers house. Her BAC (that's Blood Alcohol Content for you less then highly educated people) was more than 3 times the legal limit. That's at least a .24 BAC. Most people wouldn't even be able to stand. Now she's being charged with felony trespassing and could spend quite some time in jail after she leaves the hospital. And lets not forget the countless numbers of people who are killed every day by drunk drivers. There are serious consequences to this bullshit and The Chive needs to get their shit together and stop encouraging this kind of drunken nonsense.

    • J.D.

      This is the way I see it. .24 bac, 24 beers in a case. This means 1 beer equals .01 bac. In conclusion I technically could drink 7 beers and still legally drive!

      Forever and always yours J.D.

      P.S. sometimes my poop gets under the seat on the toilet….weird right?


    • Who Dat Is

      Cool story bro….

    • mcfadinj

      I love it that you care so much. Egregious? You seriously consider that a big word? I'm more elite than you. Luckily my magnanimity is so enormous that I even care about you as a person. Just wish you were as smart and cool as me.

      • STFU

        "commenting in a comment section means cares so much". yeah, 'cause everyone knows it takes monumental concern to type a comment.

    • kitty_karloso

      I don't remember the post where the Chive encouraged people to drive drunk and trespass. Oh yeah, I don't remember it cause that didn't happen! Your probably one of those tee totaling assholes who thinks one drink is going to lead to alcohol poisoning (if you didn't know, a teetotaler is someone who doesn't drink alcohol, sorry for the big words). You know how I knew you were an idiot? It didn't take long! You started your comment with "The stupidity of young people…". Step # 1 for looking like a dumb ass: generalize. People like you are stupider than the people they try to talk down to.

    • puddin

      If you're going to act smart, learn to punctuate and capitalize properly.

    • LanceFabulous

      "My name's Jason Bartz, meh meh meh neh neh jkshdjfhas, I'm so arse-ingly intelligent".
      Good thing you have to comment on the internet to express your opinions as you are clearly so smart from your use of MASSIVE words. All hail Bartz. Wanker.

      • LanceFabulous

        Kunt turned me into an angry internet poster, bloody p1rck.

      • Giggity Goo

        i'm going to apply some "chiver logic" : "if you see something you don't like, move on."

    • NYchiver

      When you get done learning proper comma usage, get off your fuckin high horse and have a beer. Chill the fuck out.

  • Jefferey Mccauley

    Saw #9 on Tipsy bartender. Captain america tastes so bad.

  • Kdavis4328

    #9 The Incredible Hulk is Hennessy and Hipnotiq btw

  • Naughtygrog

    I do love Sunday mornings, 26 fresh new reasons I don't drink anymore.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    I was once a college student, but I kept my consumption quiet and behind closed doors. It is, I understand, a necessity for many to get wasted in public and be loud and messy, without apology. It is why college rentals are terrible neighbors, and why college students have to pay so much more than "normal" people. The sense of entitlement among many young drinkers, and apparent sense of immortality, has always baffled me. Seems most prominent among fans of team sports. Since tailgating makes it okay to assemble, drink, get loud, and make a mess, I guess the idea carries over to any time they get together. It would be better if they just stayed home and smoked a bowl until they learn to control themselves in public. Oh, I went to parties, but when the good judgment of partiers went out the window, I would leave out the door. You know, if the neighbors are complaining or the cops are being called, you messed up. Yep, I'm old.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    Nap time!

  • M4jestic

    #19 he will feel bad when he sees this photo

    #20 new way to take your panties off

  • GI Joe


  • Ken Kong

    #19 isn't that dude an artiest?

  • Johnny B Good

    Really???????????????????? Proof that alcohol is a bad idea. Anytime.

  • Bill

    Holy crap people its a website about random shit. If anyone has came to this site looking for insight on life youre retarded. Not once I have I seen on this site where these guys have said everything we do is serious. Please its a site dedicated to making your day better so for the love of god shut up. If you don’t like it fuck off.

  • Katie Davis


    Been there.

  • Katy

    #24 is what i wish i could afford, but just buy beer instead cause its cheaper

  • Livin' Legend

    #8 Dear Diary… Jackpot.

  • Pager

    Why do people look at these posts every week and insist on talking shit?

    • mcfadinj

      After their weekly church session that they think makes them high and mighty and above everyone and everything else, what else is there to do for someone who has no friends because they are better than everything but their 'god'?

    • kitty_karloso

      I know right!

  • Kyle

    This thread always makes me feel better about myself 🙂 KCCO

  • Matt

    #14 SHOOT THE BOOT!!!!

  • kitty_karloso

    #23 I know your mad but don't hurt the KCCO shirt!

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