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Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

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  • Ryan

    #11 Focus on the old chair trick. Pay no attention to the guy with the caulk gun. I'm sure he has noble intentions.

  • Baba Booey

    #16-and yet another gay ass cowgirl fan.

  • Dank

    Dear chive
    While this post is usually hilarious and awesome a good friend of mine was hit by a train early this not ing because he was passed out drunk next to some tracks he is in the icu and will be in cuse hospital for several months with a lacerated liver and bladder bruised lungs broken ribs a fractured skull and broken facial bones. We're all kcco and praying for a full recovery. Keep him in your prayers please kcco

    • OOo

      Morning sry it occurred earlier this morning

  • Cunty

    #5 Gross pig whores.

  • StoneHunter

    Gotta love em drunk.

  • HannahR

    #4 Friendzone: Level 100

  • Micks

    #5 hahaha great! we need more pics of those tattoed butts

  • Piper

    #2 awesome fuckin cooler.

  • KoS

    #25 Irish guys keepin it classy

  • Pissed in NM

    The girl in #6 is a total BITCH! She deserves to have her nasty Fucking face as an example of what NOT to do in life. Fuck you Allison.a

  • None

    #15 a fine Nova Scotian beer from Missouri.

  • gus

    #5 countdown to day of regret, begin

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