Daily Morning Awesomeness: Memorial Day Edition (30 Photos)

  • johnny chimpo


    • Buck

      Idiots that say "first", "fuuurrrrssst", or any other variations of the word make me wonder why I've been serving this country for nearly 15 years so far. I was hoping to have a Memorial Day free of stupidity. Get this nonsense out of your system before November so I can have a dumbass-free Veteran's Day.

      • Jimbo

        Because everyone on this site is American.

        • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

          you missed the point.

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Since Chive is posting shit today, here's something nice to look at. Whole lot of americans though…
          Put on full screen, grab some chips, enjoy the next 10 minutes.

          – the one you love to hate

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000422857556 Sylvain Roy

            Hey that was a nice fail compilation!! i love to see human stupidity

      • DEAL WITH IT

        FUCK THE AMERICAN EMPIRE! wanna honor your troops read some Chomsky.

    • Freddy Mercury

      To lick my butthole

    • Tom

      I am with you buddy. Furssttt fursssttt fursssttt. Victoria Day is for Americans, many of us are not, so in light of this fact I say again, fursttttttttttttt (though I know I am not, the title belongs to the god above who posted furssstttt).

      • Tom

        Don't sully the good name of Tom with your lousy comments.

        • Tom

          Fuck you tom. From, another Tom.

          • Tom

            And also with you.

            • Tom

              Tom? is that you?

              • Tom

                Wait. Which Tom is this? Which Tom am I?

    • potato

      Next time, learn to spell right numnuts.

      • paulie


        • Tom


    • sleeping giant

      doooouuuuche bag

    • Dick Innabocks

      Yes, first and with nothing interesting to say, so, who cares?

      • johnny chimpo

        Lol. Trolling you idiots is too easy.

        • dag nabbit

          Hey chimp, the only troll here is your mom!

        • Bobestradamus

          Give my regards to Bobby Baboon.

    • dag nabbit

      1st to suck big black c0ck you mean

    • matheson

      you use to not give a FUCK about discretion.

  • http://babyfartmagizax.wordpress.com babyfartmagizax

    Happy Memorial Day!! And #5 what a Gap/hump!!!

    • prick

      Haha not first today huh fucko now do us all a favor and get a life

      • Logicyup

        The picture, not who posted it, happens to be the important thing here. Women who look like that while being able to do that are fucking wonderful. Go on being concerned with what some random guy does on the internet every day. I am sure there is a closet somewhere you could be coming out of while thinking about him. Not that there is anything wrong in being that way. You should proudly pick up that banner and join their parade.

      • babyfartmagizax

        wasn't yesterday either… who cares??

        • prick

          2 weeks and already another account?? WTF. you ARE the new etcrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • babyfartmagizax

            what are you talking about new account? you're obsessed buddy

    • babyfartSUCKS

      Get a fucking clue already.

    • Guest

      If she's legal, that's definitely a want and need!

      • ThongLover

        Pretty sure if she is wearing a bathing suit like that then she is legal.

    • BruceWayne

      Good Memorial Day to all and to my dad. Love you pop.
      #17 is from a TV show and Ill find it in a minute. One girl is holding the scrip in her hands.
      #27 It scared me to think a McDs is closing? WTF?

      • Paul

        Mcdonalds not closing, Remodeling the place.. demo, start over..

    • rorey

      its baby fark fagget

    • yourmom

      She wins the internet.

  • Rocks Off

    Second, from Switzerland. Have a good Memorial Day America, remember why you have the day off

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Thank you for the international love

    • Sarah

      we also have the day off…
      kcco from zug.

    • Smitty

      Thank you, and I will.

  • usa

    God Bless 'Merica!

    • Killer Whales

      This isn't congress, this is the Chive. Don't say that here.

      Everyone stay safe and enjoy the day off.

    • edslerson

      Fuck America right up it's stupid asshole

      • thatguy

        Perhaps the chive can help coordinate you saying that to the face of an American you coward. Let us know where you are and I'm sure we can find an American close enough.

        • BAMF PANDA

          Could make a gallery about it….

        • yeah

          FUCK AMERICA. in the face of your BOURGEOISIE ass fuckin internet machine

          • Desi

            Yawn. So, which cesspool of a nation to you wallow in, faggy?

            • yeah

              in the cesspool of the century. AMERICA. fuck the empire

    • Adam

      I'm so conflicted. I know why the Chive isn't posting more galleries, which is cool. But the selfish part of me just wants to get my Chive on!! Could we at least get a motivational post?

      Happy Memorial Day America!

  • maclean

    haha love how #15 is place right after #14

    • Stella

      #15 typically does comes after #14

      • Stella


      • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

        If at all

  • CH1V3R


    Goddammit Chive, now I have to change my password.

    • DDR

  • http://www.GremlinPrince.com GremlinPrince

    #18 I want one of those

    • whi

      shopped as fuck

      • Logicyup

        Shopped as fuck, is that like getting a hooker?

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Still, do want.

    • Cube

      Watch out for the thermal exhaust port though.

  • 2Dogs

    Nothing like havin the pussy thrown in your face

  • Gnole

    "Yes, I would like to report a robbery. #17 just stole my heart." HAH!

    • craig

      i would like her to rob me of my underpants soldiers

      • https://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

        I can't believe she's a police officer. This must be the set of some Dutch porno.

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Here's the big version: http://www.geenstijl.nl/archives/images/politieme

          – the one you love to hate

          • CjNut

            still hot

            • man

              nope! look at that face….id still do her tho

              • man

                also..where is dar??? 😦

    • chiveninrhodeisland


    • dirtysteve99

      I would like her to beat the shit out of me. I would pay for the privilege.


    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Nah, that's just the average police officer over here.

      – Fan testimonial: "I'll feed you one more time. You are the worst kid of person. I hope this temporarily assuages your insecurity. To call you a piece of shit would not express it well enough. – keystone183"

      • Name

        Fuck the police!!

        • Name

          I bet she uses handcuffs in bed

      • Wet_tosti

        Over here in den Haag? : )

    • steve

      "Anything that you say can and will be held against you" Boobies!

  • Rollout25

    #17 I feel there should be a Brazzers.com logo

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      What's Brazzers.com? I guess I have a few minutes here at work. Lemme go ahead and check it out!

      • https://www.facebook.com/damonaco Daniel Angelo Monaco

        Fired in three…two…one…

    • potato

      or Naughty America

    • yourmom

      I shouldnt laugh, but that's one of the funniest damn things I've ever read. Hahaha

  • Tony

    Meanwhile, at a Nickelback concert….

    • Thud


    • Longback

      Franconia sculpture park. Check it out. Pretty fucking sweet place!

    • dickwindsor

      You can't make jokes about Nickelback…ruining music is not funny.

      • DaddyD

        You can. But you shouldn't.

  • CastorPIS

    don't know what the other female officers look like in the Netherlands, but this one looks better than any female officer in my coutry 😀

    • Sarex
    • Woofie

      I've been to the Netherlands. Being the "hottest" isn't that hard. The women there are mostly barf-ugly dogs.

      • who cares

        You shouldn't talk about your mother that way. She's a nice lady.

    • Berend

      Most other female cops in the Netherlands are big-bottomed horsefaced lesbians. So this is quite a nice exception (I mean; very nice exception) BTW this is for real, no porn film set or something. It's the Hague police force.

  • http://twitter.com/xXMarcellusXx @xXMarcellusXx

    #17 Oh man… The Laws I would break..

    • pete

      trust me they don't all look like this……

      • Marcellus

        Still walking down the street and see that on the other side, I would instantly get the urge to just mug the hell out of the next guy that walks by me.

  • Scott

    #2 #30
    We shall never forget the sacrifices made to make this the

    • Scuba Steve

      False. Your country fuckin blows. Pull your head out of your ass and look around. Pick up a book or something.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Wow…. douche alert. Apparently you're not allowed to be proud as an American Scott….

      • Scott

        Shouldn't your name be Scumbag Steve?

      • Veteran

        Without us….You could give up that internet connection,probably a lot of your freedoms, and your name….. Go Fuck Yourself!

        • TheDude

          I've got no problem with the US per say but the comment "probably a lot of your freedoms" is ridiculous. This is the reason guys like Scuba Steve start this crap in the first place.

        • dirtysteve99

          His name? that's an odd…claim.

          • Indeed

            His name is from Big Daddy, an Adam Sandler movie. Nobody else in the world could ever come up with such comic genius…

      • jimmy

        here, here!

        • DaddyD

          That should be "hear, hear."

    • Proud Aussie

      nah, australia is better! nah, actually both are pretty awesome. have a great memorial day, your troops have helped us out of the crap many times.

      • Tek257

        I had the honor of working with Australia soldiers during one my deployments, great brunch of guys.

    • Mr Man

      Those sacrifices are made to prop up the capitalist system. It is sold to the gullible public as patriotism, honor, security etc…

      Read 'War is a Racket' by Smedley Butler, the most decorated marine in history (at time of his death).

      • J in GJ

        Right, because communists and socialists never earned a dime from war. Your intellectual dishonesty is striking. So F'Off and Happy Memorial Day 'Merica!

        • dirtysteve99

          Who said he was socialist OR Communist? He's making a good point that many wars are fought for the profit of a few.

        • Logic Mark 2

          doesn't matter. he was talking about capitalists. not communists/socialists. nice try.

          • deal wit it

            i know of only 2 instances in history when a communist system was actually communist and not STATE CAPITALIST. and i cannot think of an instance when an economic elite were not proping up there own capitalist interest in war including our own American Revolution.

    • Just wondering

      Just wondering what freedoms is everybody talking about? Can't be in the U.S. thats a bigger police state that the former ussr. Your not allout to drink alcahol, smoke weed, Your phones ar tapped, your internet is watched. Your police forche is more brutal then the gestappo. Can't even vote your own pressident. But u do have the freedom to go to war with every country that has oil or other recources u need. But u r the most gullible people in the world. u extualy believe u r sending your soldiers to die for your "Freedoms". Instad of just robing other countries.

      • passwordistaco

        Sorry but I'm sick to death of this war for oil crap. 11 oil fields in Iraq have been auctioned off. Only one American company (Exxon Mobil) won an auction. Do the math we aren't getting the damn oil, you're just repeating the same tired line being thrown out there for 10 damn years. By the way why not throw the French under the bus, those assholes were buying oil from Saddam himself under the table for how damn long? Stop chirping little bird the story's old and inaccurate.

        Now forgive me while I sip my beer, light up a fatty, and have phone sex with my girlfriend while watching porn. fucking tool.

        • The Stev

          Keep calm, man. God forbid anyone have an alternate opinion around here……..

        • ha ha

          yes you are correct "we" are not getting the oil but some oil company has shady men with guns posted arround there well. and that company is owned by white men in the western world the french deserve just as much responsiblity as US especially in Libya and more than US in ivory coast

  • John Kenny

    #29 F-14 Stratocaster. B)

    • dochandy

      excuse me. Wayne? can i put the Fender back now, please?

  • samwise

    #15 should not have taken the advice from #14 i guess

  • dashete

    #28 That doesn't seem to make sense but I don't know enough about good ideas to dispute it.

    • Logicyup

      Unfortunately it is not a book. Which is sad, because ironically, it is a good idea. The investment company Adris puts this out as their annual report every year. A book with shit like "brush your teeth" in it and all those other nifty little good things would come in handy for some.

    • true story

      6 books to the right.. thats the one ur lookin for

    • Joe B. Skeen

      Good idea? Who reads in the dark?

  • Mike

    Juuuuust a bit outside…..

    • Lower

      He tried the corner and missed.

  • Jonathan

    gotta love chive for posting stuff at 2 in the morning

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Wrong. It's 12am. Your time zone doesn't count.

    • HonoluluChiver

      Actually it's only 9:30 pm here, thank you very much.

    • SociallyAwkward

      I think im a bit ahead of the power curve… It's already 10:43am here. I got an early start to my day

  • John Kenny

    #24…"Manatee the Hutt is PLEASED with this offering…now throw it over the glass!"

    • bones

      #24 new exhibit at Sea World, "Habitat for Huge Manatees"

      • A little slow

        Clever! almost missed the joke on that one.

  • big mick

    #17 isnt the hottest cop in the netherlands, i thik she is the hottest cop on the planet….. Car to prove me wrong Chivers…. Im happy to be proven wrong, only with photgraphic evidence!!!! Cant wait to see the evidence

    • grammer police.

      You're happy to be proven wrong? Start with the misspelled words think,care, and photographic. And just to nit pick, you should capitalize Netherlands.

      • Justin L

        And some apostrophes…

      • Tyler

        I think you meant 'grammar' not 'grammer' — that's embarrassing.

        • Jawbone

          Look for your own pics of women, douchebag. It's not that hard.

      • Grammar Police

        Also, "grammer police", there should be a space between your comma and the word "care". Douche.

    • AJG
    • Bark bark

      Better looking than that thing? 'K. . .

    • majorfathead

      The Ironic thing is in the Netherlands and all of Scandinavia she's probably just a little above average, all the women there are flawless

  • G~money


    That right there really started off my day much more brighter and it is 2:18 am in Dallas, Tx. Haveto wake up in a couple of hours and begin training while I think about #17.


    #22 makes me look like a complete bitch in the gym.

    • Jawbone

      Hope your figure skating workout went well.

      • gmoney

        Thanks for taking time out of your day to tell me that. ; )

  • Devin_Medrano

    #2 Thank y'all for seeing that my brothers and sisters final resting places are well maintained. #5 MOAR! #24 Bring me Solo!

    • Jawbone

      Trying to hard to cram everything in to one post, kid.

  • Dan

    #1 "Like I Give A Fuck."

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Go fatty , show those posers how to strut…….!

      • Yes

        It's spelled Partty

        • Yes


          • MyDream

            I hope patty reads this then kills himself

            • Frank

              Wow, so full of teenage angst, aren't we?

              How emo of you.

            • Frank

              Now smear your black jizz all over my hairy chest, please.

    • dirtysteve99

      Well at least he didn't pump himself full of gear just so he could inflate his arms for the summer.
      I'm sick to death of these water-wing douchebags showing up in the gym, training for 3 months on juice, then lecturing everyone else on tips.
      One in particular has no problem in telling an actual pro-bodybuilder what he's doing wrong (hint:nothing), when he himself just has that watery, ill-defined mass from gear.

    • asdfasf

      zero fucks given.

  • Scott

    #27 I fucking HATE those kinds of dogs. They're goddamn useless shitheads that bark too much and they're not even cute.

    • Anon

      Anything smaller than a cat shouldnt be owned by anyone.

      • stonewall_79

        Agreed man, schnauzers, french puddles, chihuahuas and all that kind of stupid dogs should be killed especially chihuahuas.

        • Frank

          Dogs lick balls.

        • Jack_LeMac

          What's a French puddle?

          • Indeed

            It's like a Cleveland Steamer but French-er

    • aussie aussie aussie

      True story……

    • G Monie

      That bitch made that girl her bitch.

      • gmoney

        Hey man thats my name : (

    • Dr. Irony

      Yeah. And that Pomeranian hates her too.

      • matt

        No, it doesn't hate her; the dog's owner (woman) has allowed the dog to take an Alpha position, and the woman has taken the submissive position by not disciplining and training the dog. She is not in charge of that "dog." Also, smaller dogs like that thing tend to have more aggressive tendencies since they are smaller than big dogs that can physically defend themselves more effectively.

        • http://twitter.com/PeterJasonMN @PeterJasonMN

          You nailed it. The vast majority of these purse-pets are owned by women. When their animal does something bad they can't possibly discipline the dog because "OMG, it's soooooooooooo cute, I just can't be mean to it!!"

          So then there goes little CocoVuiton or whatever stupid name they give them, shitting on the carpet and biting anyone it can.

    • SnakeBlitz

      Kill it with fire

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