Daily Morning Awesomeness: Memorial Day Edition (30 Photos)

  • Nate

    #17 doesn't matter. Still a pig

  • Jason E

    #5 i wish i was that pool

  • Barry

    #4 and #30 break my heart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.morrison.56 Ronald Morrison


  • http://twitter.com/frankystein123 @frankystein123

    As for #17, I'm not surprised that European women are more beautiful than American ones.

  • MEme

    #9 FPS Russia FTW!

  • Goodgod

    Dammit, where did the link to Rachel MacAdams go?

  • ChiveSux

    #9, nice job polluting that lake with lead, forever. Idiot. If you want to shoot a gun to compensate for your tiny prick, join the military and join me on my fourth trip to Afghanistan.

  • ChiveSux

    #26, should do your research tools. They demolished the McDonalds to build a BIGGER one because they are crushing that BK.

  • http://procrastinationsquared.blogspot.com Charlotte

    #19 Looks like so much fun! I really, really want to go to one of those races! They should come to… Well, somewhere within a 7-hour drive from Denmark!

  • http://protractedgarden.com/2013/09/30/relax/ protractedgardenrelax | protractedgarden

    […] Source […]

  • deal wit it

    chive please approve my previous messages. Im not a believer in free speech either but you guys are awesome and i love america and the individuals who sacrifice. i am blessed to be born here. i view it as my responsibility as an American to speak in what i believe is in the citizens interest to know. in this case being dont send my fuckin friends to be your pawn and die in the middle east thats not fuckin cool. btw i will KCCO

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