Celebrating JFK’s birthday with some rare photos of the man (30 photos)

  • Mike

    #4 for a moment i thought he was playing PS3 there!

  • Jonathan

    I hope a similar set of pictures is posted on Ronald Reagan's birthday.

  • Marcus

    All this makes me realize is… I really need some fucking Ray Bans.

  • Paul Kepler

    Another " Never Know" is where would this country be IF he hadn't gone to Dallas?

  • electric boogalo

    I guess it's good to come from a wealthy criminal empire family.

  • Ted

    I don't think there's any point in being Irish if you don't know that the world is going to break your heart eventually.

  • CurryJanis

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  • zepolcire

    Makes you wonder what things would have been like had he not been killed.

  • tylrd67

    That reminds me, my dad was there that day and found a shell casing on the grassy knoll…think I should mention that to someone?

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    J.F.K:"What's it like to be a superhero?"
    Dr Manhattan:"You should know."

  • moeshere foxdale

    #12 Dirty Dog like all of them…in the House..

  • https://www.facebook.com/murtadha.mustafa1 Murtadha Mustafa

    1st time in the histroy, president is killed than series of killings & NONE OF THE KILLINGS WERE INVESTIGATED OPENLY, WHAT THIS MEAN???? DID CIA KILLED JFK & WHY & FOR WHAT

  • http://www.facebook.com/TiminPhx Timin Phoenix

    He was a total scumbag. Lee Harvey's bullet was a great career riser for him.

    Now everyone likes to think of him as this "young prince" struck down in his prime.

    In reality he was the type of person more suited to rule Rome than this country. Nixon was far less vile than this guy.

    • ichive

      Your ignorance is astounding to say the least if not outright criminal. Please don't procreate.

      • MrMr

        Yes Timin you are a Ass Hole Baby

  • ano

    #12 JFK or someone else, such as Peter Lawford ?

  • Bill G

    Really enjoyed these pics. In retrospect, even though he has his flaws ( as we all do) and you may not agree with everything he stood for, he was a great, strong, charismatic leader.

  • AM dominante

    Awesome the man was just classic awesomeness

  • Giggity

    What an ultimate badass.

  • footballfan365

    I guess these photos aren't "rare" anymore, right??

  • The Weekender

    #12 That's Dimaggio, not JFK. C'mon Chive.

  • Jawbone

    Shit. I was hoping for some of him fucking that strung out cunt Marilyn…

  • waty

    Back then we had presidents like him… Now we have Obama… What has this country come too.

    • ichive

      I know, I know. You are allowed to vote, drive a car and procreate.

  • av10

    This are real fucking pictures…. Not like the one people put on their stupid facebook's!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598349306 Liam Hanna

    One of my favourite posts. Awesome collection of photos

  • ichive

    How rare can these pictures be if they are all pulled from public domain sites on the internet?

  • Razorback Fanatic

    So whens the "J. Fuckin'. K" shirt release? The man is a legend…

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