Hows about a friendly game of Find Her? (33 Photos)

  • akbrown006


    • anon

      Carrina Vargas from Suicide Girls

    • Dirty Derrr

      She's my neighbor lol

      • Name

        Your wrists must be just jacked.

    • bobby

      chive posted this picture themselves….refer to Chivettes stuck in the middle of nowhere

  • Capt stabbin

    First. Find 5 ASAP!!!!!

    • Capt Douche

      You failed at first and you failed at inserting a picture. You, sir, fail at life.

      • Not Really

        You should check out his website before accusing him of failing at life

        • ichive

          And you just failed thinking that he was really him.

    • Alan!

      That's just great, now we're never going to find #5 because they don't want the doucher who says "first" to know who she is. Asshole..

    • sleeping giant

      cum guzzler

  • RoMo478

    #32 wow

    • hmm

      i bet this is danni gee

    • Brandon

      This beautiful woman is Danni Gee!

      • Candymountainmofo

        More like Danni GEE-ZUS

        • MattKL

          She had me saying GOOD LORD!

    • Rich

      No need for porn stars on here. We want the girl next door type!

  • Jimbo

    #8 lucky octopus

    • Guest

      Really? That is quite disgusting

      • Lucktopus

        U scared bro?

      • Derp

        So disgusting my boner threw up

        • Joe

          Well played,

    • disturbed


    • Road_Rage

      Ohhhh .. you made me ink !!

    • @BottCity


    • mopmonkey

      Happy to get that off for you…

    • Friendo

      Her name is Aiya. She's from B.C. Next time I see her I'll let her know about this. This used to be her facebook profile pic.

      • Ned Ryerson

        prove it with a link. hence the purpose of "find her"

      • Ethan

        You're an idiot. She's Sarah McSweeney from Married to the Mob. Fuck outta here.

    • Guest

      Anyone notice how her right breast is so much smaller then the one with the octopus? Is this possibly shopped?

      • Guest2

        Its because of the weight of the octopus

      • Hanx

        It's also a wide angle shot, so it's hard to tell relative size.

    • Ryan

      luckiest octopus out there! Plz Chive, moar of this stunning specimen! (the woman with or with out the octopus)

    • Matt

      Please find her !!! We need moar!!

  • Yes!

    Fuckin' A GAME posts today Chive!

    • Jezza67

      Yeah, I'm actually crying with lust.

  • Jezdezpez

    #5 holy fuck, find those babies and bring them us!!!!

    • Jon G

      Porn star. Definitely a porn star.

      • Jezdezpez

        for sure

        • awkward

          was a man

          • @joe_pec6014

            Doesn't matter, had sex.

    • pingthis

      So definitely shopped…. Sadly…

    • SadFace

      Sadly it's a shop. Look at the door frame below her bewb.

      • Jezdezpez

        Aww 😦 you guys are right! Chive, you can't find her no more

      • LucretiusCarus

        Maybe her tits are just so massive that they can warp time and space…

      • mopmonkey

        There's a door frame?

      • MacNCheesePro

        …..meh! *FAP FAP FAP FAP*

    • BSmike

      Bambi Blaze, if anyone cares.

    • Chuckles The Clown

      #5 Penelope Black Diamond

    • Rob I yes its Bambi Blaze ….

  • Markoda

    #25 Needs a Chivette feature! How can you say no to those curves?

    • Ned Ryerson

      this girl has a knockout stunner of a body! needs to submit more!

    • bdg

      Don't tease us baby just please us!!!!!

    • griswald


      • Shannon

        baaabydoll on reddit…you're welcome

        • Markoda


          NSFW btw…

        • Ouch

          If it is….then implants

          • Markoda

            Yeah, they're definitely implants.

            • hansel

              @markoda Shannon and Ouch i assure you they are real and not whoever baaabydoll is…

        • KyleGamgee

          "Find Her" – it really works!

    • Chazz_B

      answer. you can't

    • mrgoodkat

      This girl caused the near fatal triple tap…audible moan, inability to inhale, sudden low ache in the gonads..then followed by the super stacked sub sandwich pic immediately below caused brain ache and left with overall feeling of hunger…don't do that..

  • Gomer

    #8 How to get your nipple pierced.


    • EarthStarTech

      That was awesome .. Going back for round two!!

    • Levicus

      That was sweet! Nice job.

    • Bob

      you nailed it. Great video.

    • moar boar

      Great video n' song!

    • Beev

      Wow, that is some good advertising

    • Bryan

      Amazing job man, thanks for sharing.

    • @StAiChiLLin

      You just got this song stuck in my head. Find her. #24

    • Poke4Life


    • Mike

      What can I search on YouTube to find this?!?!? I want to favourite it because it's awesome!!!!

      • Quailman

        Dude, Mike. Did you really just ask where on youtube to find that youtube video?

        • Mike

          Ya douche I did. It doesn't open in the YouTube app on an iPhone to see the title of the video. Dumbass,..

          • Anonymous

            Get a real phone instead of that kids toy.

    • Kool592


    • RealZoo

      Nice job. Very well done. I think I'll watch it again.

    • Muadieb

      There is also a vimeo version of this. Bad ass song. Anyone know where the GIF is from at 0:51?

    • Karl

      Should post it on the DAR comments.


        I think thats a good idea. It will be cooler then some douche saying FIRST. Instead it will say BooBs.

  • Corey

    #5 #14

    • Jay

      #14 had photos posted under the title "Stacked Latina". They've been taken down for a year or so now. Had about 80. I have them all. Have no clue who she was, but damn was she hot.

  • khyzer

    #10 #12 need galleries of there own!!!!!!

    • bdrews33

      Agreed. Find #12 now!

      • Trav1121

        She has been posted a few times. Approaching Zero Hour with her. 😦 Pls find.

    • Matt

      #10 Sarina Valentina NSFW

      • mikey

        damn you for making me google image that.

        • @toofast_28


  • Martin_McFly

    #1 some bastard, right now, is getting the "fuck me" eyes…

  • RTD_

    #12 Oh do find… that look… that body… its something about her

    • thatguy

      pretty sure it's her boobs

    • slmlmn

      couldnt say it better

  • Trainer

    #5 i fully have to agree with

  • Ricardus Rodríguez

    #24 Wow

    • @BottCity


    • GoodSamiritan

      sarah shahi… your welcome

      • its_forge

        Liked her better as the tough chick cop in "Life."

        • CjNut

          Or the lesbian on the L Word

      • A Mugger

        what about my welcome?

    • Fuck De Beers

      not her

      • Tom

        Georgia Salpa?

    • mike castle

      Jus looks amazeing..

  • _ThisGuy_

    #26 Oh, she's a keeper

    • Desi

      She? There's a woman in that picture? OH! Right next to the heavenly goodness. See her now.

    • Robinson Crusoe

      She's called Anna Watts. Was on the British version of Shipwrecked, so there is about 8 weeks of footage of her in a bikini… which is nice.

    • steve

      ye anna watts, not a keeper she seemed like a real stuck up bitch

    • Scott

      First her then the sandwich…then her again!!!!

  • Dipply

    #1 girl on right cause boobs, girl on left cause wow

    • its_forge

      I think Girl On Left has some boobs too actually.

      • Hanx

        Your aspirations are pathetic, why only pick one?

        • its_forge

          Who said I did only pick one? I just said the other one looks like she's got nice tits also. The more tits the merrier.

  • Martin_McFly

    #24 Please for the Love of GOD!

  • ILoveChivettes

    #11 is unbelievable

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Found… Dylan… Fap away

      • eggnog

        Went to her tumblr… the words "Oh my gawd.. f@ck me to death" literally came out of my mouth

      • its_forge

        Dylan, such a keister on that girl, just beyond sublime.

      • Yann Mathieu

        Perfection's link has been found. Thank U. 🙂

    • Balls Fucker youre welcome

      • DaddyJax

        Jeebus…How many f'n pics did she take of herself?!!

        • BOCO_Kid

          Dylan and her BF take lots of pics. We all like this.

    • Mo'Phat

      Is Dylan.

    • F3n1x187

      Yeah totally dylan……..

    • A Mugger

      it's old horse-face.

  • Martin_McFly

    #15 Black Milk Clothing's facebook page would be a good place to start..

    • Tru

      That's Mclovin from Super bad.

  • Elad

    #4 yes #15 is the droid I was looking for.

  • Koont

    #2 Qwacks me up

    • Kaiser

      find her, and kill it with fire.

    • Kewlwhip


  • kal50

    #2 LOSE HER and her DUCKFACE!!

    • evil johnny!!!


  • Jethro


  • Matt

    Moar #10 Stat

    • Matt

      Found…Sarina Valentina NSFW

      • DanTheMan

        fuck you and that tranny!!!!

    • Very Disappointed

      I hate to break it to you Matt, she's a TS (shemale). Unless others are into that kind of thing. Damn you Chive!

      • Bob Costas

        #10 is NOT Sarina Valentine. The woman in the pics lives in Atlanta.

    • Sean

      It's Jayme Hall she's from Kansas

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