It may be Tuesday, but we can still mind the gap (40 photos)

  • Jamie

    #4 nice camel toe!! #13 ugh !! Do not want ! Eat a salad Fatty!!

  • Kevin Lass

    #4 & #9 win….and need much much MOAR!!!

  • jughead

    NO, FUCK YOU. You whiney piece of Shit. Nobody is telling you to visit this site. If you don't like what you see go somewhere else. your just a hater, Looking to hate something. what the Fuck is your problem anyways? If looking at beautiful women and crazy photos just to make the day go by easier is not for you, i'm sure there are sites out there that you can waste your time at full of cock. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


    Come on guys this is wrong…
    not cool…
    let's not promote skinny, anorexic girls, they need help, putting pictures here making them feel they are doing ok is not going to help…
    this chick needs to eat…
    first time a "mind the gap" picture makes me sad…:(

  • Mo Morris

    #23 So there's one Chivette in Ohio. Amazing! Also, quite lovely.

  • dmdpt

    This needs to be a new category


  • Houdini112

    #26 they look like fun

  • troy

    #16 Ive seen the light and I dont want to come back

  • Jamie Carter

    soooooo in love with #9, WOW!!

  • Jizz Wellington

    Don't mind my faps while I mind their gaps..

  • Vector_Victor

    #7 and #27 are doing it RIGHT!

  • Mark

    # 9 -WOW

  • jack wagon

    #36 you are so damn sexy, love them thigh high hooker boots!

  • The Pols

    #27 #37 moar of that Chive

  • Randy

    the gqp is my fav! #9 please…

  • Randy

    #3 #7 #17 #27 #37

  • ramon

    MOAR of $27 & #29

  • ramon

    MOAR OF #27 & #29

  • Earl

    #7 is cheating. I’m OK with it; I’m just sayin.

  • jsmooth11

    7 and 16

  • sean

    #9 is very nice..

  • Rezilient1

    #9 I see your Blue BJJ Belt with 3 stripes. Nice touch to add to that gap.

    • Rezilient1

      My Bad, #8 is the BJJ practitionor

  • Trevor

    #9 , you win the interwebs

  • Bryan Gray

    #2 and #9 i would like to fill that gap

  • country boy


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