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Senior quotes brand a signature of maturity (24 Photos)

  • matt

    #10 looks like Cam Newton

  • socalmarti

    #8 One morning as I'm walking out the door I overhear Spngebob say to Patrick "See you next Tuesday…"!

  • Nathan

    I couldn't stop laughing at this post! This is hilarious!

  • Face

    #21, Amen kid………good stuff

  • bkfrijoles

    #23 bromance

  • Glenn 'Phoenix' Yri

    #23 Dr. Suess quote on the dude above him.

    • Glenn 'Phoenix' Yri

      Oops… #21 that is.

  • Bob

    #24…My African American!!

  • @Nonsanguine

    #1 Marry me

  • Quinn Madson

    #10 is my favorite x-mas song. My old man plays it every year.

  • Johnny LaRue

    #2,,,no your an asshole….your an asshole….your anassssssshollllle!

    • jackofseveraltrades

      is… is that the Norway mass killer Ander Breivik??

  • Poke4Life

    #24 stands no chance of failure…

  • Johnny LaRue

    Hey #14….I don't think you are sucking in your gut enough!

  • Chive ON

    #24 saying fuck bitches get money the classy way since 2009

  • John

    #4 When did Splinter say that?

  • Parky


    • MonkeyMadness

      When you say clever I'm sure you mean gay.

  • Benje

    I'd date #1.
    Shed have an awesome sense of humour!

  • scott isenbarg

    we had a paper that let all the senoirs give away their best hanging spots and phone # and other un-nameable stuff to the next was one of the coolest things in pontiac high school!

  • waty

    #5 #6 #13

    Find moar of those hotties please!

  • Aurora01

    #20 She looks like Blair from The Facts of Life.

    • gusto

      It hurts my head to try and think that quote through logically. So she is married and engaged to someone else at the same time???

  • lovewealthy1com

    If you're single and looking for love, the wait could be over Search "lovewealthy" just meet beautiful friends and singles.Females like currency and They hate being ignored.

  • Veronica


    dont care what anyone says…#winning!

  • Echo_five

    #24 he has it all figured out

  • LogicalOne

    #10 cam newton thinks santa claus is black?

  • The Chird

    #14 – wish I knew what he was talking about but love DBZ. How many M's are in kamehameha?

  • tftc

    #24 must be in a frat

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