• ReverendE

    Snot running down face.

  • AlbusQ

    Yep, tears, not ashamed one bit. I love these videos and can't wait till I see my son again. I'm betting a tear or two then as wall.

  • LuvsHorror

    I will never get tired of these. Beautiful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.white.92560 John White

    you guys really fell the need to make us cry???……THANK YOU!!

  • Bisco

    Thank you for ALL you do and give up. This is a Thank you not only to the soldiers protecting us, but to the families that must let them go. You ALL are Awesome-KCCO

  • https://www.facebook.com/charizmick Megan Rikas

    I have to say, the original video posted with all of these clips was wayyyyy better and made me bawl my eyes out. The only one I hadn't seen before was the dog, and that was def sweet, though.

  • Lisa

    I managed to make it 10 whole seconds without crying

  • Sourika

    I wonder if the kids of the the ones who were killed by these soldiers are happy too ^_____^''

    • FWM

      I was wondering when the troll would show up. Thanks for answering that question.
      This is not about satisfying your insane, political need for moral equivalence in all things, and especially when it benefits your own world-view. That's a topic for ANOTHER forum.
      THIS forum is about the a pure form of joy, the joy of children/loved ones who no longer have to wonder when or if their loved one will return home to tuck them in at night. These children, THESE children right here, will not be victims of the world's misery. That's what we are celebrating.
      For your own custom-made forum, please tip yourself on over to MSNBC. You'll find lots trolls just like you.

      • Austin

        Thank you for that ^^^^

  • CurryJanis

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    • FWM

      Please go elsewhere

  • A.J.R

    I know how that feels when my brother came home it was one of the best feelings ever! God bless our servicemen & servicewomen! Thanks chive

  • ubaldnuts

    DAMN ONIO………. oh fuk it! This stuff always gets me in my manly soft spot. Its just that its so awesome!***TEAR***

  • Brian

    I'm a Marine and i have a video of me coming home after 11 months over seas from this February. only thing is I am in civilian attire… we aren't allowed to wear fatigues off base… its also a news clipping. how would i go about uploading if anyone cared to see? firefighters are in the video as well 🙂


    Cried from the first one………..Damn you Chive 🙂

  • candyee

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  • cme_red

    I just got to surprise my daughter yesterday when I got back from Afghanistan, but still watching these make me cry… I know the feeling all too well.

  • fabio

    Isn't easier to stop being a dick around the world?

  • Nick

    I always hesitate before I watch these… Just to make sure no one can see me well up like a little girl.. so cool!!

  • Ell

    Sitting at work… Can't. Breathe. Must. Not. Cry. At. Desk. **Single tear rolls down cheek**

  • Jayhawk

    Love the dog one, but my dog does that to me when I leave for 10 minutes to grab a gallon a milk. 🙂

  • Daddy

    Sitting here watching this hugging my boys 2 & 4, crying like a pussy & hoping they don`t notice.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      and if they do notice, they'll be a man just like you. good for you.

  • slashduel

    As a navy veteran I got to say one of the greatest feelings in the world is coming home after a long deployment . KCCO and keep fighting the good fight.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    You deployed military people don't get to see your families for long periods, and don't get to go home to them like I do every day. For that selfless act of service, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for what you do.

    Proud to be an American.


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  • Bree Jarrett

    I wanna cry when I see this cause I know how it is to worry about your loved one in the military

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Damn, pollen count must be high today…

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