The world would be a boring place without Asians (32 photos)

  • Kenny

    #1 It's "Obama Fried Corgi" and it's not a happy meal…

  • Benje

    #8 and #26 made me laugh haha!

  • Kyle

    #9 is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese pop star.

  • aaaa


    Asian don't soop up domestic POS.

  • noway

    Can't believe how often i see the same shit recycled on this website… get some fresh fucking material

  • Anon_the_Anon

    #23 now that's how you get pink eye!

  • Chicago Sean

    #27 Way to fuck up a Mustang.

  • Buck

    It's a joke from tosh guys.

    • Arnez

      i don't know if it's racist, but tosh is a faggot.

  • epomerance

    #7 can he see?

  • danny

    #13 anyone see the guy in the window with the gun?

  • Luna Lee

    I'm sorry to encounter all this tired motherfucking racist shit being perpetuated on what I thought to be a pretty outstanding website.

    • pissoff

      So do you laugh at the pix when its some white person doing something funny/stupid??
      you fucking racist….piss off

  • Leo

    Leo can suck a wiener. Racist ass muthaphuka!

  • pistol pete

    i smell racism. make a post about 'dumb white red necks'

    • J in GJ

      They do dipshit. It's titled "So You Got Wasted". Have a sense of humor or GTFO. Nobody asked you to troll here.

  • BigDick

    This is not racist. Lighten up sensitive motherfuckers.

  • Catzb

    #31 is actually pretty cool lol

  • Jess Forster

    #12 made my cry laughing..!

  • @frankystein123

    #15, wtf?

    #17, you'll never be as cool as these guys.

  • DaRealUSC

    Don't know if the people in #21 are Korean, but in Seoul it looks like everyone is made from the same mold when you look at body types and fashion.

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