Would you? (5 Photos)

  • Wouldn't Hesitate

    I'm not sure who she's suppose to be, but in the end it doesn't matter. Still had sex.

    P.s. She's friggin' hot

  • ichive

    Post-op dude? No. Not even pre-op dude.

  • Derper

    Nothing a paper bag couldn't fix

  • superdave

    The question is, "Who wouldn't?"

  • sethial

    O god yes a thousand times yes

  • BadManPajama

    Top of the head is never ugly!

  • Dude

    Dudes it's a dude

  • dylanb89

    thats fer sure a dude…

  • Capt. polock

    yea prob would 🙂

  • Clyde

    Dammit Chive! You know damn well I would!

  • Isaac

    I just did.

  • SirDopeness

    Fap Fap Fap

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.volz.98 Michael Volz

    Man hands… Yeah that is a dude!

  • Blechhhh

    I think it's a dude…look at the hands!!!

  • Dumstruck

    Something off about "her". Are you sure it's not a guy…..

  • KAG


  • Amanda

    Uh, that's a dude.

  • zepolcire


  • John Kenny

    #2…oh hell yes, twice, and a third time on HD camera. 😉

  • slmlmn

    Some nasty dudes on here. Whatever this is isn't right.

  • Did it

    Already did

  • bro

    i would not kiss it tho

  • Tom

    The first pic made me think "It's a Trap!!" Didn't care by the fifth pic.

  • BigDave

    If she was born a female, hell to the yes. That is some good, natural stuff right there.


    seriously chive?

    because she has good meet in the right places? because she is not a skinny anorexic model?
    I would take her for the rest of my life anytime rather than any skinny anorexic chick you seem to be promoting lately…


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