Would you? (5 Photos)

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  • Ecky

    question should be, "for how long"?

  • sc_greb

    must be a rhetorical question …

  • Rob

    Good god, yes!!!

  • Ioolian

    That can not be a man. So YES!😀

  • quelargo

    SIGH… http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellechere/
    Now, for those of you idiots who said dude, would you like to reconsider?



  • Josh

    oh hell yes. that's not even her best costume.

  • fubarmax

    Does the Pope shit in the Vatican?

  • Craig

    o yea

  • BloodyTrae

    dude if it is a real chick f*ck yes… i would piledrive them tittays

  • Biff

    Is she trick or treating in my neighborhood? Any cousin of Elvira is welcome!

  • Jordan

    No no no

  • Jjd

    Not even with yours.

  • Duke Leto Atreides

    Would I? Are you kidding me? She is Smoking hot. Totally Tap-able in EVERY sense of the word.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    the question should be, "what wouldn't you do?" Think that would be an easier question to answer because that list would be short lol

  • Bermin

    Oh he'll ya

  • http://www.dragoncon.org Outlaw Apache


  • Dan

    Who wouldn't?

  • jay

    U bet ur sweet ass i would

  • Indy

    Oh yea

  • bill

    omg yes.anyplace ,anytime.she is a awesome beauty.yummy,hot,sexy.

  • Chris

    All day long!!!!

  • bob

    in a fucking heartbeat

  • Truth

    the point is to not know what she looks like on a normal day (though im sure she looks great}. as for the photos, hell yes, she pulls off the fantasy spectacularly. this is the internet after all…..long live Bellechere.

    PS, if you think she is a dude, you probably like dudes {not that its an issue, be honest with yourself}; also she is so incredibly not a dude.

  • Legion

    I just wanna know how many people know who the character is?

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