If Liberace threw up on the Jersey Shore, you’d have a Bulgarian Prom (22 Photos)

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU right now but when it comes to prom, they spare no expense. The average prom dress costs more than the annual income of an average Bulgarian family. The girls dress like flamboyant street walkers because prom is viewed more as a celebration of adulthood than a farewell to school.

The Vagabond interviewed one of the prom girl's mothers, who justified the cost:

“When my daughter grows up, she may get married two or three times and so have different wedding receptions. But the prom happens just once in a lifetime."


  • Dayne

    I guess the sluttier the better?

  • M4jestic

    #5 what has been seen, cannot be unseen

  • mattbaty

    #22 i thought she was spreading her legs!! when u see it!

  • whaaaaat???

    why the hell didn't they look like that when I was in high school??? I didn't know if this was a prom or a casting call for brazzers

  • jkklouna

    First of all I'm a Bulgarian male. I'm 21 and every year prom dresses for these girls become more and more crazy and extravagant. Most of you are wondering if they are legal-yes they are 18 years old, they are finishing 12th grade. I am ashamed of these women tarnishing the memory of the people who fought for our freedom. They are ugly and don't realize this. I wonder how their parents let them do that. There is a picture which isn't here but actually shows one of the girls in public with her tits out and dancing. I wish I could slap some sense into all of them but alas it is not my place. For the most part everything here comes down to who can show off more. Let me clarify that also these dresses cost a lot of money and probably more that a MONTHLY pay for a whole family but after the prom they just return them and get their money back. Which is extremely inappropriate. In conclusion I'd like to say that we have very beautiful women in our lovely country and these things only shame is in front of the world. I really hope my reply does not get buried. Please don't judge our whole country from the silly actions of a few.

  • Big Mike

    They may be the poorest country – but they make up for it with FLBP !!!


    Bulgarian high school is 9 years long…

  • Jason

    Prom!!!? How old are some of these girls? Some of them look like they're working an exotica convention or working to be mail order brides. I think someone didnt get they're facts straight.

  • LuvsHorror

    I can't believe these are teenage girls…really?

  • richmackin

    How many people read this as "Porn" instead of "Prom". I needed to reread 3 times.

  • birdhaus32

    #14 i totally would anyway

  • chucklesclown

    Anti-Semites need to see this because this is what happens when the Jews decide to leave. 60 years later you get this shit.

    • jkklouna

      Are you retarded? Bulgaria is one of the few country which saved its jews in WWII. Please don't leave such ignorant comments.

      • chucklesclown

        This is what happens when I try to make jokes. People try to claim that I'm mentally handicapped.

        However, I'm not actually retarded. I'm well aware of the fact that Bulgaria saved its Jewish population during WWII. That's why I said "decide to leave" rather than "get brutally murdered." However, in the years after (after the formation of Israel in 1948), the vast majority of the 50,000 or so Jews in Bulgaria emigrated to Israel.

  • ImpressMe

    #19 High schooler my ass…..

    • chucklesclown

      She could still be in high school. Maybe she went back in her 30s to get her diploma.

  • http://lifeexperiencemash-up.blogspot.com/ bcarson810

    Do they all get boob jobs to go along with their dresses?

  • vegasnites

    I gotta move to Jersey.. all the slutty girls live in Jersey..

  • TheSimonizer

    #18 #13

    Good thing you black bared her face…. otherwise we might know who that is…

  • MforMadison

    It's sad that some of these girls look like they were at my prom…

  • Dvwhite

    A whole post of pure jailbait, genius chive…

    • chucklesclown

      Jailbait would imply that they're desirable.

  • https://www.facebook.com/bhall236 Brett Hall

    #3 and #14 both look like a fun night

  • Bob

    #18 is disturbing

  • Random

    I wonder if the chick in #18 is upset her face wasn't black barred in #13?

  • kelser

    Maybe they'll make a TLC show out of this…

  • Sisco

    Thanks for all the strippers, Bulgaria! ❤

  • Emeperordirt

    #16 ZOOM, ENHANCE!

  • Kevin

    if they teach there kids to dress like that for prom it is no wonder they "might get married 2 or 3 times"

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