If Liberace threw up on the Jersey Shore, you’d have a Bulgarian Prom (22 Photos)

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU right now but when it comes to prom, they spare no expense. The average prom dress costs more than the annual income of an average Bulgarian family. The girls dress like flamboyant street walkers because prom is viewed more as a celebration of adulthood than a farewell to school.

The Vagabond interviewed one of the prom girl's mothers, who justified the cost:

“When my daughter grows up, she may get married two or three times and so have different wedding receptions. But the prom happens just once in a lifetime."


  • Big poppa smurf

    Their all hopin to get sold off to some rich guy by thenso why not… Not that I'm complaining

  • Anonymous

    check out Irish gypsie/pikey weddings for similar looking ladies

  • gingergreek

    This is NOTHING!! Compared to the shit I've seen in the clubs in both Bulgaria and Romania! Great countries 😀

  • roy

    check out irish gypsie weddings for similar looking woman

  • haeddre

    Wait… These are kids? Oh my! Yeah no…

    • Gerry

      18 in Bulgaria equals 21 in US. So they are not kids, as ppl can see, but they defenately do not have brains ,even as a 4 year old, again as u can see. otherwise they wouldn't be out on the streets celebrating anything in their underware!

  • patrick907

    So these are all high school girls …………

  • Nighthawk

    This can't be a prom. These girls are too old for that. Has to be the Bulgarian Porn Awards

  • FarmBoy

    Bulgarian Mail Order Brides anyone?

  • JDE

    #3 you think they mail order?

  • Rusticles

    there is no fucking way #19 is a high school student.

  • http://twitter.com/stefanielame @stefanielame

    Ewwww. They make the Gypsies on My big fat Gypsy wedding look like nuns.

  • monkey

    How old are these girls? they look like MILFS i saw in a porno once


    #22 I see what you did there.

  • Thefool

    I was just in Sofia , the capital of Bulgaria for 2 weeks. They aren't poor by world standards. In fact the general standard of living is very high. I really enjoyed the country. They only reason they would be considered poorer that the rest of the EU is because they weren't dumb enough to adopt the euro and have avoided the huge price jumps as a result. I like this post but the supporting commentary is uninformed.

  • da one

    dumb bitches got a barn for a home but enough clothing to trade in for a mention lol

  • sean

    #3, #19, and the lady facing away in number #10… mm mm mm

  • Annon

    My daughter just graduate #4 in all of Bulgaria prostitute school ….
    … Vary nice!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Reavings Justin Daniel Brown


  • Dr. Evil

    I'd totally bang some of these chicks and hate myself for it.

  • Jules

    ok am I the only who now feels like a pedophile? lol I forgot these girls were in high school after the second picture. This needs a pedo bear sticker all over it

  • freddy boy

    I can hear Nicolas Cage saying "this is all just so confusing". And he'd be right.

  • Travis

    #5 doesn't look poor. She looks pretty healthy to me

  • oompajc

    #3 and #19.

    Rest of em can eat shit.

  • angelcurry1077

    Um…censor in #18's face does little good when she is clearly uncensored in #13…

  • Gallus

    So this is an adolescent perception of adulthood. I think some kids in Bulgaria are in for a very rude awakening.

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