If Liberace threw up on the Jersey Shore, you’d have a Bulgarian Prom (22 Photos)

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Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU right now but when it comes to prom, they spare no expense. The average prom dress costs more than the annual income of an average Bulgarian family. The girls dress like flamboyant street walkers because prom is viewed more as a celebration of adulthood than a farewell to school.

The Vagabond interviewed one of the prom girl's mothers, who justified the cost:

“When my daughter grows up, she may get married two or three times and so have different wedding receptions. But the prom happens just once in a lifetime."


  • Reni Zhelyazkova

    Lol.. As a Bulgarian that has already had a "prom", I should say that this is total bullshit! Of course they are examples of girls that are too proud of their silicone boobs and want to show them off but thats not the case with all of us !!!! And we are not the poorest country in the EU !!! HELL NO !!! Is it good to make fun of the misery of others?! these girls on the pictures are mostly rich and spoiled and the others why not be sexy and feel sexy ?! It is easy to make fun without knowing anything about it !!!!!!!


    i'd do em al

  • ARMY

    I'll tell you what, Bulgaria is a bomb as place only if you are on Sunny Beach, the rest sucks ass. I spent several months deployed there, besides some of the questionably attractive ones in these pictures. Even though they are ridden with Mafia and Brothels.

  • ARMY


  • Anonymous

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  • irishfan#5

    I love the concept but Bulgaria?Really could this please catch on in some country that actually has hot girls, like Japan or America…please

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