If you’re on the market for cuteness overload, meet Oscar (9 Photos)

This Maltese pup is getting a lot of internet attention recently. More Oscar (and his cute owner) right here.

  • poop


    • babyfartmagizax

      your name suits you

    • welldonesir

      nicely played sir

    • DaddyD

      Ignore them and they will go away. No comments. No thumbs.

      • The Chivers

        if we ignore you, will you go away?

  • Josh

    MOAR of her, please!

    • Jeff

      Its a trap

  • Durp


    • Guest

      He does look delicious though… Little
      Montreal steak spice… Mmmmm

      • JHL1

        If you look at her webpage the dog's name is "Steakie"…. o.0

    • AllanA

      I can't fap to this…

      • John

        Really? I found this exceptionally easy to fap to………

  • Drew

    #2 Between the cats and these pups…. the Chive is turning me into one sappy dude. Can't fight it anymore!

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #2 This whole post is very berry-esque, but confess, you all awwww'd.

    • Huh say what ...

      I awwwed for the doe eyes on the girl 😉

  • moon101


    whats the deal with the nails lol

    • Phil

      Stripper Nails!!!!
      Or Special Massage!

      • moon101

        I dono about you, but I wouldn't want those nails around my member… it be like getting a handy from wolverine

    • Imzkid

      Bag snaggers.

    • https://www.facebook.com/JayAirMe Jeremy DeAnda

      2/10 would not bang

  • https://www.facebook.com/doesmarcelluswallacelooklikeabtoyou Adam King

    I'm sure it will bark absolutely all night like the one in my house.

  • Paul H

    I am not terribly fond of this dog. He is small. And gross.

    • Het

      That dog is cuteness personified. His owner, though. . .Small. And gross.

    • shampoo boy

      so is your dick you heartless wank-

    • Levian

      The dog is cute and all, but I hate small dogs. They're closer to the cat family in my opinion

  • LucretiusCarus

    #6 Is she going to nurse the dog?

    • Alfred

      If the dog wont, can I?!?

  • Beard


    Lucky dog

  • Slappy_McGee

    I've got a dog named Oscar, but he's a badass black German Shepard/Lab mix and is 100 lbs of pure steel. He would think this dog is a white rat, chase it from the village, then impregnate it's mother in an effort to improve the breed.

  • Dan

    #9 time to take that fake nail off

  • Wet_tosti

    Named you after a hotdog poor man! ~Bill Murray (ghostbusters)~

    • sean

      he's not elephant man ugly, but he's not attractive.

      • chicago

        Tell him about the Twinkie. What about the Twinkie?

  • BruceWayne

    I love this fucking dog!
    Cute with a real
    "Don't fuck me." Attitude.
    Very cool.

  • Guy

    Not trying to be negative but I expected more cuteness than that!

    • Underbaker

      I expected way more owner then that.

  • Het


    Awwwww! A cute puppy. . .and a dog!

  • r00s7a

    Hmmmm…. there are not enough pics of the owner in this pictorial to make it worthy.

  • Joe

    I hope she doesn't eat it.

  • Dan

    #6 Just a puppy, already gets to second base

  • arlindo medeiros

    CHIVE got hacked… THAT IS GAY!!!!!

  • imyourhuckleberry


  • MissChris

    #8 Ooh, I'm not sure who has better eyes…

  • Jon

    #8 nice eyes on the human

  • Farlok72

    That doesn't look like a hump?!?!
    I thought The Chive was a guys site?!?!
    Post that shit on The Berry… For the bitches!!!!

    • noname

      Thumbs up x50

  • Nesto

    Just wasting chive space on dogs and their puppies!!! Get with the program!!

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