Matt W: Never give up. Never, never, never. (Video)

More than anything else, Matt wanted to run in his school’s Field Day race last week. Unfortunately, Matt has spastic cerebral palsy, a difficult disorder that makes moving, especially running, very hard for him. But Matt decided to run anyway, and what happened next is unbearably beautiful.

  • LDS

    epic win!!!

    • Smitty

      That, if anyone needs it explained to them, is the Chiving spirit.

      All of those kids are going to be fine grown ups and Chivers.

  • Nathan Cain

    This is AWESOME! This little guy has so much heart and courage. Faith in the youth of today, restored.

    • HonoluluChiver

      THAT'S HEART AND DEDICATION. There is still some hope left in this world, 🙂

    • Nathan Cain Jr.

      I dunno – the Menendez brothers were pretty spectacular too….

    • clee

      Amen brother! Just when you think the youth these days are going down the tube…you see something awesome as this!!

  • avidd

    Tough little fucker.

    • Hunter X

      No kidding. I think there are 400lb pro linemen that can't run that far that fast. Great effort.

  • pufffdragon

    Next time you complain about having to get off your ass to get the remote from two feet away, remember this dude. Awesome!!

  • Whiskey_Drinker

    That is really is awesome and inspiring. All those people encouraging him to finish. None of the other racers 'faked' not being able to finish, or tried to carry/help him along. He did it 100% on his own. This kid is going to be a winner in life.

    • Teach Love

      already is!

  • Brady

    Best part: EVERYTHING.

  • Inspiring

    Damn onions…

    • Travis

      Yeah someone's cooking them at my office too

    • Jimi Strickland

      Who's Idea was it to chop unions and clean out the dust in the ducts all in the same day?

      Tough lil SOB

      • Jimi Strickland


        • Not Really

          Chopping unions sounds good to me.

    • JohnMcClane_

      If people don't get a little misty watching this they either have no heart, or they are dead.

    • Guest

      What is this clear liquid coming from my eyes?!?

      • Mikey Wins

        I found myself nervously laughing only to realize it was my natural coping with realizing I was about to start the waterworks. LETS GO MATT LETS GO!

    • Sgt. Graft

      stop crying. faggot.

  • B0oRadley

    This kid is my hero.

    • etcrr

      he's so hawt

    • logan

      Lmao boo radley

  • Captlazarus

    well I just suck. Fuck it, I'm going to do some god damn thing beyond me today, thanks Matt.

  • James Gibbins

    I was a really fat little kid and I was forced to run the 800m on sports day. A guy several years above me (who had a very high chance of winning) decided to run with me at the back the entire way.

    • Walls

      Wish there were more guys like him around.

      • hoods

        thats what its about

    • bro


  • Edge

    Many may think that Matt was lucky to have so many friends, I think that it is the other way around – so many were lucky to have Matt as their friend.

    • Jewels

      no doubt!!

      • Chris Scharff

        *Still are!

  • Aad

    no more excuses!!!

    I start tomorrow.

    • Ironic

      how about starting today?

  • PubicJones

    Good for the kid and much respect but enough of these sappy fucking crybaby videos. Watch a military moto video if you need some motivation to get off your ass and do something.

    • Jason Caicco

      You are a fucking idiot!

      • PubicJones

        Go fuck yourself pussy.

        • Jason Caicco

          Pretty sure Pubic Jones is one cock in the mouth shy of two cocks in the mouth.

          Although I do support the troops, war is the furthest thing from inspiration for me.

          Go back to Mentalzero where you belong you fukin loser!

        • Desi

          Die in a fire, ass pirate.

      • The Dude

        Agreed. You, sir, are a complete jackass.

        • The Dude's BF

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    • Brandon

      haha. you're dumb. Go Matt, you're an inspiration to all who have a soul.

      • Satan


    • greg

      then don't watch them!!!

    • JTwise

      Easy there, Col. Jessup… There are many ways to demonstrate character and inspire others. Dude, the kid is a most certainly an inspiration and deserves all the attention and more. To sit and say, "meh, go fight a war" is just asinine. Our servicemen put themselves in harms way for our freedom and for that, our country is grateful; however, heroes come in all forms, man. Our servicemen make a choice to be brave and so did this kid.

      • PubicJones

        Don't put words in my mouth so you can call me asinine you arrogant snob. I never said go fight a war. Not that you would lift a finger to fight for anything other than your entitlements. Now tell me how hard you work, please.

        • Desi

          Wow, PubicHair. You're calling someone an arrogant snob after YOU called this a 'fucking crybaby video'? Tough man, belittling a child with cerebral palsy like that.

          Why don't you tell us how hard YOU work? After all, saying "would you like fries with that" all day must be tiring for a mental midget such as yourself.

          Quick! Think up some bad-ass job you can claim to have. Jet pilot maybe. Forest Ranger might be good, too. Oh! Oh! I know! A big bad-ass like yourself must be a Navy SEAL, right? Now act tough and call me names–and don't forget to threaten me over the Internet like the big, bad tough guy you wish you were. Ass pirate.

          • PubicJones

            Now you think I'm a tough guy? Make some more assumptions of me to put me in the category of people you hate. I didn't belittle him you cunt. I said much respect. You stupid hypocrites rush to conclusions because you are brainless. I get it, it's easy to when there's a lot of people attacking one person. That's typical coward behavior. Liberal too.

            • Shnooda

              Your a lowlife fucking loser. If you were in ny I would kick the fucking shit out of you. If you have something negotiate to say don't watch the video. And talking about military? They enrolled on their own and knew what they were getting into. I'm sure Matty didn't sign up for his dosorder. So before you say stupid shit- think. Because if this was your child you wouldn't be saying that. Now I hope you have a shitty ass life you probability are a fat miserable ugly loser who was too puasy to server in any armed force. Die in a fire slow you dick head. Ps if ever in ny and I somehow find out where you are. I will kick the shit out of you all day every day.

              • Matt

                Hahaha @ shnoodle… You made me laugh with that flame.. Jeez I never wanna go to NY I might get beat up HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              • PubicJones

                Damn Shnooda, you are making me tremble in fear. I live in NY. Wanna meet up?

              • PubicJones

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                • Jim G

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                  • PubicJones

                    That's a different PubicJones. Not me.

                    • Jim G

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                    • PubicJones

                      One in five. That means your mommy probably has them. Bitch got around.

            • Desi

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              • PubicJones

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                • Roman

                  To sum up:
                  – "butthurt" is not a word.
                  – The word "And" is no way to start a sentence.
                  – Its supposed to be I told you, you are a hypocrite. Not "I told you you were a hypocrite".
                  – Have some emotion, and some pride in humanity; we are one.
                  So in fact sir if you are the "genetically superior" life form you say you are, I write with deep regret that our military has failed. The CHIVE is about bringing fourth the good in today's failing dark world. The CHIVE is a site dedicated to "cup half full" thinking and has no room for close minded people like yourself. Nobody said they don't respect the men and women of today's military, in fact the CHIVE supports them with many stories and albums. Supporters of the CHIVE just enjoy seeing someone like this innocent unbiased child persevere through all of the negativity that a condition like cerebral palsy may bring.


            • Awesome KCCO

              I'd love for your IP address to accidentally get posted. You're what is wrong with this world. If you can KCCO, don't open your mouth.

              • PubicJones

                What would that do? Would someone track me down and kill me because of some internet banter? You are so lost in this fucked society you feel so proud to be a part of. You wouldn't do shit because you are a cunt.

                • Awesome KCCO

                  Just ask and I'll post my address for the who world of KCCO, feel free to come stop by and say hello 🙂

    • Jim G

      dude, ur a fucking tool! go back to ebaums world and comment on their shitty videos. This kid has more heart and courage then you'll ever have!! fucking asshole!!!

      • PubicJones

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        • Jim G

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          • PubicJones

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    • KCCOrazorback

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      • PubicJones

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        • BOSTONchiver

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          • PubicJones

            Damn. That hurt BostonChiver. I love the Chive but some of you so-called Chivers are some simple minded cunts.

            • Matt

              Haha PubicJones I like your style. Thumbs up, let em hate.

              • Desi

                Hey look! PubicHair found himself a boyfriend!

    • PubicJones

      Almost to -100!!! Keep it coming sweethearts! Oh, and the words "fag" and "retard" you sissy boys and girls.

      • BOSTONchiver

        youre sooo manly. please tell us how many beers you drink and how much you can bench. i hope that someday, i can be as cool as you. goshie, youre so so cool

        • Matt

          Drinking beer and benching is how I rate my coolness that's for sure!

        • PubicJones

          I don't drink.

        • Borat

          sooooo, he should like the average chiver?

      • The Dude

        It makes you happy that over 100 people think you are an asshole? That explains a lot.

        • PubicJones

          So far only 80, but with time, it could surpass 100. Fingers crossed.

          • The Dude

            I actually feel sorry for you. You have a sad existence.

            • PubicJones

              Thank you The Dude for wasting your time feeling sorry for me. PubicJones abides.

              • The Dude

                Doesn't take time to feel sorry for someone. Takes compassion. You have too much of one and none of the other.

                • PubicJones

                  That was very philosophical of you. Did you major in psychology or something else that is really original?

                  • The Dude

                    Marketing and Finance. How is that relevant?

              • BunnyLebowski

                "Pubicjones abides" lol i see what you did there.. but still: go tongue punch a fart box

                • PubicJones

                  I'd tongue punch Bunny's fart box. Especially after she had that botched stomach surgery.

          • Ben

            I hope you Die

        • Billy

          This times a 1000……………..

      • Lucy

        I'm not going to call you a "fag" or a "retard" but what I am going to do is simply say that if this video isn't your style, don't watch it. Don't come to the comments and say things that you know will spark a reaction just to have something to kill time with. Have you ever personally known someone with a disability as severe as this? I bet if you had you would not be saying things that could potentially offend so many. Go ahead and say you don't care, that's fine. Everyone has a right to voice there own opinion, however narrow-minded it may be. This kid struggled to achieve a goal he set for himself and that is empowering, whether you find it to be or not. And if you don't find it to be so, I'd hate to find out what your priorities in life are…

        • PubicJones

          Too long.

      • Shnooda

        I hope you suffer one day.

    • Kevin

      I mean, at least you were TRYING to make a point before. Now you're just being a "troll."

    • Bsjensen

      As a father of a little girl with Cerbral Palsy, I am so happy for the Chive to post Videos like this. My little girl is so determined to walk and talk and run and dance and it kills me as a father to watch her not being able to do everything she wants or tries to do. Videos like this help me realize that she can do anything she puts her mind to and shows How special those kids that he goes to school with are that support him to run the whole race and respect him enough to let him do it himself.

      Big thumbs up for the chive and the community

    • Average Chiver

      agreed. though this kid is a boss example of doing it right. he herped while he should have derped!

      • Haha

        Now that is funny. I laughed out loud!

    • YUT

      Pubic face = COD special forces. Fucking pussy

    • Chase McDonald

      GTFO. Now.

      • PubicJones

        Fuckin pig.

    • 'berto

      Get your head out of your ass, you disrespectful, insensitive prick. Want to watch something else? Fuck off and find another site–we don't need you here.

      • PubicJones

        We? You don't speak for everyone here. Chivers are not your friends because you are a Chiver dumbshit.

    • Simon

      But what if I don't find military videos that motivational? Just because you have a set of conditions that you gauge things by, sure doesn't mean everybody else does.

      I'm guessing I have a completely different set of standards by what I consider constitutes strength of character. And if you were born here, you might well be very different.

      The US has a huge military domination that grants you freedom. Do something with that freedom – don't be so closed minded. Heck, I'd be offended if I gave you that freedom and all you did was jack off over me about it.

      • PubicJones

        Sooooooo, you want me to jack off on you?

    • Joel

      Just wanted to say that im in afghanistan right now and that little boy is an inspiration to all of us who saw it. I would be honnored to shake his hand.

  • MissChris

    Clap…….. Clap……. Clap…….Clap….Clap..Clap.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap!!
    (I've always wanted to start a slow clap. This was the perfect inspiration!)

    • Alex Northup

      You may have missed something important here.

  • Stevie Jay


    • Desi

      Go fucking die in a fire, you piece of shit. You fucking waste of flesh. I hope someone skins you alive.

    • Walls

      Someone kill this person with fire!!!!!!!

      • JPL

        dont kill him…that would too be nice…lets just hope stevie jay gets cerebral palsy

    • st33

      Why did you bother to write a comment Stevie Jay??

    • BOOM!

      I am going to shit on your chest so that you can smell it all day long you asshole!

    • Bill Murray

      agreed. i found this difficult to fap to.

    • AlsDisciple

      I am going to create a flux capacitor so I can go back in time and convince your mother to go through with the abortion.

  • qpr


    • Derp

      its 2012……. get an ad blocker already.

      • Simon

        And in 2014, all web sites will either have massively intrusive ads (even more so), a pay-per-view structure, or be shut down due to insufficient funds. All thanks to ad blockers, and those that propagate them.

    • the_mike

      The caps lock button is on the left, middle button, it looks like yours is on.

    • wot

      Piss off qpr for being a douche.

      • Borat

        now kiss!

    • drsneddon

      no ads – no chive.

  • Ramon Marquez

    must not give in!!! damn *tear*

  • zighawk73

    You know, I watch the news and leave feeling that the human race is spiraling down into shit. Somehow the Chive manages to find things like this all the time and I start to wonder if maybe we aren't so bad off after all. Those kids effin' ROCK! And so does Matt.

    • Bud

      There's your problem. Who still watches the news? There is up to the minute news on this new thing called the internet. There is a 92% chance you are on it right now.

  • Jason Caicco

    Wow! What an amazing little guy..

  • SidiousGunray


  • sjd

    Zero Fucks were given by Matt and he ran anyway. Well done young man!

  • Name

    Thank you for putting this up Chive, my faith in humanity is a little stronger today.

  • TIM

    Made my day.Thanks Chive!!

  • echogeo

    Matt has mighty BIG BALLS! Bigger than some guys I know.

    • Walls

      And he still ran, carrying such heavy big balls all the way!!!!

      • Mee


    • IDCHI

      He can't find any under cuz his balls don't fit

    • Smitty

      Great big balls of solid steel that shoot lightning when they clang together.

  • Joe

    Allergies acting up again…..

    • turd ferguson


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