Matt W: Never give up. Never, never, never. (Video)

More than anything else, Matt wanted to run in his school’s Field Day race last week. Unfortunately, Matt has spastic cerebral palsy, a difficult disorder that makes moving, especially running, very hard for him. But Matt decided to run anyway, and what happened next is unbearably beautiful.

  • Jim

    Awesome! Way to go Matt! Kudos to those other kids, came running from all directions to cheer him on. I would have been balling my eyes out if I was one of the parents on that field.


    Anything can be achieved with determination and the Eye of the tiger! KCCO Matt.

  • TexMan

    Spastic cerebral palsy… and balls the size of Texas. No wonder it's a challenge to run.
    Way to go, Matt.

    • Wally

      You took the words right out if my mouth.

  • Weedo

    This is all the daily awesomeness I need

  • Caferacer

    Do you not realize I am at work and cannot be teary-eyed at my desk.

  • Xian

    That was all kinds of awesome.

  • TheSimonizer

    damn Chive… making me cry like a big baby while I'm at work…

    "errr….why are you crying?"

    "hum..what? oh.. humm… I was working on an excel sheet and it closed and I didn't save…very important stuff"

  • Machew

    Tough little shit. Thanks for the reminder of whwt determination looks like.

  • DBee

    tough little dude, a real inspiration

  • Too short

    Is somebody cutting a damn onion?!? Awesome. Good for him. Very inspiring.

  • RackemJohnny

    I'm not crying, my eyes are just a little sweaty. Just beautiful.

  • HotMomma

    Amazing story! Way to go Matt! And yes totally cried, and am not ashamed to admit it!

  • CLT Chiver

    He's a champion in my book! Made my day!

  • AV Club

    Faith in humanity…restored, because of Matt's will power and all the kids cheering him on. Dust just blew into my eyes. Thanks chive!

  • Shoelessjoe

    Somehow, getting through hump day seems like a lot less of a challenge. Actually, doing just about anything seems like less of a challenge. Way to go Matt W. You absolutely rule.

  • The hunter

    I think it's about time we start having a chiver of the week.

  • alpha86

    If we could all be as kind and caring as these kids are, the world would be a better place. Good job Matty, best of luck to you

  • C.Norris

    Like. A. Boss.

  • squints

    someone was cutting onions in the middle of my allergy attack.

    Words can't express the awesomeness that this video displays, kid has the heart of a lion. Speechless and teary eyed

  • James Keogh

    Damn tear fairy broke into my house again…..

  • wkdfrog

    dam allergies in my eyes

  • Amber

    Cried the entire time. How inspiring for this young boy. Made me whole day chive! Thank you Kcco!

  • Niko

    Way to go Matt! I myself have a similar condition and I must say, you did good 🙂 Just remember to always keep trying and don't let anyone beat you down! Nothing is unachievable!

    • Shoelessjoe

      Nice message Niko KCCO

      • Niko

        Thanks man, you too!

  • Greg

    As a father of a son with spastic triplaygia cerebral palsy, these kids never cease to amaze me. Awesome MATT, you are a true HERO!!!! thanks chive for showing this and the kids cheering him on.

    AWESOME, can't say it enough

  • Smarmy B

    Not just is that kid amazing, but his school is too. How often do you see kids stand by and support someone like that?

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