Matt W: Never give up. Never, never, never. (Video)

More than anything else, Matt wanted to run in his school’s Field Day race last week. Unfortunately, Matt has spastic cerebral palsy, a difficult disorder that makes moving, especially running, very hard for him. But Matt decided to run anyway, and what happened next is unbearably beautiful.

  • joey

    Military man here, pubicjones is a tool. my military motivates the shit out of me…..but so do people like Matt. now whoever is cutting onions in my office please knock it off.

    • US Ranger


  • GamingChivette

    Hope in humanity has been restored

  • Mitch

    Great video, thanks Chive

  • dennis

    Awesome…. just awesome…

  • 56Danelectro

    There I was, having a really shitty day and week and last couple of years…. and it ALL melted away. I hope theChive hooks this kid up with a shit ton of goodies. That kid is more of a man than most grown ass men.
    the ONe fuck given today–I give a fuck about Matt. Matt is the epitomy of Chiving ON
    PS next year Matt should be wearing a Bill Fucking Murray shirt.

  • Jared860

    Yup, crying like a bitch

  • Paul

    I think that something just got into my eye.

  • Bill G

    Awesome, Inspiring and faith restoring. Stuff like this is all around us and happens everyday, it just needs exposure. Thank You Chive.

  • Acesevens

    Great job little brother. Don't stop and never give up.

  • DMLinds

    Like a Boss

  • Buckeyemind

    Matt, I don't know you, but I love you, bro! Great job out there! NEVER give up! Keep on moving, keep on fighting and most importantly… KCCO!

    (Damn you Chive for making me tear up during lunch…)

  • scuba steve

    As a parent that was hard to watch, I only wish people has the same determination and heart that Matt showed in his race, KCCO Matt!

  • LizD

    Faith in humanity and kids temporarily restored.

  • ron

    Way to go Matt ! You rock !

    And that damn onion truck keeps driving by, dammit.

  • mattskifire

    Thanks for the pick me up. Inspiration for everyone

  • TCSthesecond

    3. 2. 1. Allergies

  • 'Merica

    I don't know why you people are getting so worked up?!? He finished last! And poor form I noticed.

    • RichardCheese


    • Nik.r

      you really shouldnt be on this website, because you are clearly LOST .. is probably another website you should check out maybe…

      Cant belive you consider yourself a Chiver… all i can do is shake my head at you and hope that you maybe hit yours when you woke up this morning

    • luke

      your poor choice of sarcasm shows that you are a completely selfish, attention starved, less than human, piece of shit fuck, doomed to die alone in a ditch after being violated with a flaming machete.

      you don't belong here

      on earth.

      • 'Merica

        You mad bro?

    • ron

      You need to be on:

      instead of here.

  • hafnium10

    Matt .. young man you rock .. .and as a teacher there is pride in the other students for showing what caring and being a school community is all about … and how bitter are you PublicJones anyway?

  • Chris

    Proof that there is hope for a little humanity in kids today.

  • TJ Dumser

    Awesome. Just Awesome. Way to go dude!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Good for that young man, and the selfless kids that ran with him. Motivates me to be a better father.

  • Eddie

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't have tears right now. Wow.

  • Scotty C

    great the flood banks just overflowed at work

  • MgoBlue

    That was amazing. Kudos to the parent/coach that joined Matt and all of the amazing kids.

  • Gemini Jacksom

    As a father of 2 kids with 'issues' also, I'm pretty damn moved by this. One can only hope the support and friendship he receives today will be there when he's an adult.

    • 'Merica

      You shouldn't have had the second…Jus Sayin

    • Niko

      As a 20 year old guy with 'issues', I'd say the older you get, the more people start not to care, sure there are those who laugh at you or point behind your back, but those moments are getting rarer and rarer as years go by. Just my 2 cents

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