Matt W: Never give up. Never, never, never. (Video)

More than anything else, Matt wanted to run in his school’s Field Day race last week. Unfortunately, Matt has spastic cerebral palsy, a difficult disorder that makes moving, especially running, very hard for him. But Matt decided to run anyway, and what happened next is unbearably beautiful.

  • John

    You know.. every day people are on here talking about how beautiful Erin Young is.. or some other chivette.. but it is something like this that shows you what true beauty really is.. it's cliche to say that beauty is what's on the inside.. but it's because of instances like this that this cliche was spoken in the first place.. any parent with a healthy child cannot possibly watch this video and wonder why it is their child is healthy… and pray and direct their child to be one of those in the crowd cheering on this child as he runs.. i know i do.. and that's what I expect from and teach my child.. that you cheer on.. and persevere and help others persevere.

  • Megan

    KCCO Matt! Don't ever give up!

  • Frank

    Pure awesomeness

  • Jeff R.

    Cried a little, but it was a manly cry. Just a quick accumulation of eye sweat and then my testosterone dried that shit up. You see a lot of severely disabled kids in my line of work, but very rarely do you see them sad. It's never ceases to amaze me.

  • MATT!!!

    The older I get, the more stuff like this tugs on my heartstrings. Fucking beautiful.

    Funny, sometimes kids can be so cruel, and other times, they can be so compassionate and understanding.

    Made my day!

  • Kate

    Holy cow- this went from my neighbors facebook/YouTube to the Chive in three days! I'm very proud to say that I went to this elementary school. Can't say I'm as cool as these kids though I try.

  • Shannon

    Faith in humanity restored. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kegger

    Damn allergies… Got me all watered up..

  • Kristen

    Damn dog was cutting onions the whole time… Great video!!!! Love it thanks chive!

  • DRB

    Like a BOSS! Way to go Matt!!

  • tazbad

    Way to go Matt, and way to go kids. But damn guys, posting this stuff while I'm at work? WTF…. I'm the boss, the minions can't see me tearing up….

  • MariaSky100

    I think we have a new superhero; Mighty Matt is a force to be reckoned with…

  • Grant

    Wow. Thanks, Chive! Way to go, Matt!!!

  • Timmy

    Run forest run

  • Shmooglin

    Kids are the most amazing things ever…. From Matt's courage to even TRY this to all his classmates helping to get it done… Amazing!

  • BigDave

    Go Matt!!!

    My allergies kick in every time I watch this…

  • Tomy

    He deserves the biggest respect of all of us,Great Job Matt!

  • Will Smith

    When did TheChive grow pussies? I'm so sick of coming here and seeing all these mushy crap. I'm here for laughs and ass .. if I wanted heart warming stories I'd watch the filler spots on the news.

    I lied sometimes I'm here for the cats …

    • luke

      Have you tried that new awesome drink? It's made by Clorox and it will totally fuck you up. You'll get tons of laughs and ass on that shit.

      • Grant

        I can attest to this. Totally mix Clorox with Gin (4 shots of Clorox, 1/2 shot of Gin) and you will be totally fucked up. It's the best high ever. Try it!!

  • Do0zer

    You are my new hero Matt. I hope I show your courage someday.

  • @horn79

    I adopted a special needs child and he inspires me everyday. Matt should be a wake up call for all of us! I thank the others for cheering him on it is a big deal and I know it first hand. We take so many small things for granted. I cried the first time my son set up by himself at the age of 6.

  • Jessie

    Like a Boss, good job little man. An inspiration to everyone.

  • Jammy

    Way to go Matt!!! And great job to the kids for providing the encouragement.

  • Troll

    Look at the little tard go!

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