Opening a wine bottle: No corkscrew, no problem (6 Photos)

  • Giants Fan


    • Meh

      *Sigh*….What do you want from me!?

    • Eli's gay

      Fuck the giants

      • Mitchell D Cogbill

        you probably dont even have as many testicles as he does rings faggot

    • giants fan is jaded

      if you felt indifferent to this why bother posting?

  • wandy


    • dbh


      • wandy

        that's one…….

  • Shawn

    So need to try this!

  • victor

    I've seen it done. Gotta be careful ya don't make a mess.

    • Flox

      This. Tried this a total of five times so far and it only worked two times. Good thing that the very first try was a mess, so we did it outside the times after.

    • @JustFlushIt

      Sounds like prom night

  • Chicago Sean

    Or: "How to leave scuff marks on your wall"

    • ohno

      OMG NOT SCUFF MARKS…whatever shall we doooo

  • Ruben

    This trick was used by Claire in a modern family episode when she and her brother got stuck in their old treehouse……

    • Steven

      That's exactly what I was thinking.

      • Frank

        I was thinking that Julie Bowen is hot.

    • Tara

      Thinking the same thing!

  • Tim Posta

    serious? what are you 12 and drinking wine for the first time? losers chive, losers

    • Hoboseid


    • Shoe In

      Or you're out of town happen to meet a girl who wants to chill, you go steal a bottle of wine from a hotel banquet, but have no cork screw. Wanna get it in? Use your shoe.

    • archer

      I agree with you Mr. Posta. The Chive community must simply be a group of neanderthals since they have found a commoner's way of opening wine. I personally like to use my 24 karat gold plated corkscrew used by Henry the VIII and… ok. I cant keep up this douchery. Shut the hell up. It was a cool article. You should really try to KCCO dude

  • Me.

    WTF? Spamming the Chive?

  • Jasper

    Its really helpful if you're camping or outdoors and didn't bring a corkscrew.

    • Martttrs

      Except you don't have walls in a tent

      • Ganj

        I'm guessing a tree will work just as well

        • Wallman

          You guessed, poorly.

      • any hard surface

        are you that insanely stupid marttrs? "derrrr, tent no have walls, derrrrr". please suffocate yourself and spare the world

  • bryan

    The French finally got something right. Lol.

    • BigBigBro


      • the French


    • word up

      what about inventing the wine itself?

      • Hippie Hipster Not

        Wine was made centuries before there was a "France"….doesn't matter I had sex …you lose

    • BOOM!

      French girls are hot, your comment is invalid

    • Ass Grease

      The French only work about 4 hours per day. That leaves lots of time to get blitzed on wine and think this shit up. I'm envious.

  • concerned

    oh… how many people will put a hole in their wall… haha

  • Hermes

    Ok, really, what kind of "wall finish" (not sure those are the right words) do you people have? Mine can easily take that without falling or taking marks. But, yeah, if you have to drink wine like this, you probably would enjoy it just like any other watered down drink.

    • adMANistrator

      "Wall finish" eh? Revoked.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      What you need to understand Hermes is that most house in the States have Dry-Wall interiors. Drywall is more delicate to force, but it keeps construction costs down and is easy to paint.

    • Charles U. Farley

      I thinks "Hermes" has made it clear that he/she/it/whateverthefuck, has the IQ of a fucking mouse turd.

  • Hans

    Only in America you need to add 'don't knock a hole in your wall'. In Europe a wall is just that.

    • NHale

      I've seen a lot of crap walls throughout Europe and everywhere else in the world. Leave your ignorant small minded America bashing to yourself Troll.

      • mom b*nger

        U mad bro?

        • U.S. Marine

          yeah, he mad. he's a faggot.

    • Hunter_BZ

      …because all Americans are rich you see

    • Charles U Farley

      Why don't you shove a European wall up your ass, and choke on it.

  • Flox

    The grammar nazi in me just exploded.

    • john

      What did it say originally??? Really Curious

  • Soninja

    I'm in

  • golflimabravo

    I've done it successfully once but it definitely takes a little finesse. From my experience the bottle has to be aligned perfectly, but once it's there the cork comes right out. And no worries about a mess, just stop before the cork comes all the way out.

  • Turdle

    These pop up adds suck donkey balls.

    • Kyle Burns

      The add popups have nearly ruined the mobile view.

      • Yroc

        And their app 😦

      • 'sota

        Heard that..

    • Jake

      If your on a iPhone like me and sick of the ads that pop up, you can now jailbreak ups 5.1.1 and download an app called Adblock. It stops them from coming up at all. It's really nice.

    • Blue bronco


    • Xander

      I saw no popups. You should learn how to internet.

  • matty

    I've done this a couple of times, works fine.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    To do this correctly, you have to have sole.

    • Hunter_BZ

      So Gingers can't do it?

      • Jungle

        Awesome… made my day.

  • Cooper

    I'm a ginger so I suppose I'm out…? Always a bridesmaid…

    • luke

      for every "sole" you steal you get a new freckle

  • chip"themeat"hayes

    I hate that crusty edge on pop tarts.

    • alucardthedeadly

      Me to Why can't the ice all the way

    • Spades

      Hell save all of it and give it to me. I love it.

    • J_T

      you rule, i laughed out loud at your random pop tart comment… then saw your username. revenge of the nerds 2!

  • ben

    Doesn't work with the plastic corks but still an awesome trick

    • I'm ugly

      What's a plastic cork?

    • Trip

      Son, what are you drinking?

      • yup

        He's drinking outa the 4 dollar bin… You know.. the wine that tastes just as good as the shit you are over paying to show off with…..

        • MickeyFig

          haha yup !

  • drbman

    #1 really ugly shoes, just waiting for the HUMP post!

  • moot

    I just tried this, the only thing that popped out was my penis

    • chip"themeat"hayes

      That just made me spew wine out of my nose. Now my copilot has to fly this plane THANKS ALOT!

  • Chris

    Or you could just be a man and break the top of the bottle off then drink straight out of the a boss.

    • corekshun

      Close – a man BITES off the top of the bottle and eats the glass, then drinks the wine from the skulls of his fallen enemies. If fallen enemy skulls are not available, a little plastic tea set is also acceptable.

      • darsh

        Or you could be a man and not drink wine

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