Summer is here and we’ve gone Country Girl (17 HQ Photos)

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Country Girl’s Facebook Page.

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  • Dotson

    Thats all we get?

  • ernest


  • @mikeyt505

    Dear Amanda,
    You're gorgeous. Every part of you rocks. You're personality seems awesome, and the fact that you look so happy is pretty sweet. Also you've got an amazing smile. Don't ever change. From the first time you were posted here I've adored you.

    Ps. I like your pug!

  • Scott Roberts

    I loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee Country Girl! #8 is probably my favorite

  • Chris

    Seriously – is there a better example of the beautiful girl next door anywhere? Because I can't think of one.

  • Bill

    Nothing special! She's overdone now.
    Sooooo many more deserving chivettes. Everyday in the far there are prettier girls. And guys, she looks friggin 16. No thanks!!

  • The Weekender

    #17 last one is only worthwhile one.

  • Again

    No boots No belt buckles No jeans…no good

  • Gallus

    #12 – This is not a faked out model who is all smoke and lights. This is a real girl with girl-next-door good looks. I coule look at her all day. Better yet, I would like to meet her. I just hope all the attention doesn't go to her head.

  • 'berto

    Beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, beautiful everything…

  • AlbusQ

    Amanda you rock. To hell with the d bag haters. I'd cheerfully break their posting fingers and bet I could get a few thousands of folks to help. KCCO!! The real Chivers and Chivettes have your back

  • Brocksamson007

    Mother of god! You are sooooooo beautiful!

  • Kyle

    Looks like her nipple is pierced in #17. Anyone else think so?

  • Jagdish Parmar

    sow very nice & sexy photo

  • Miagi-son

    She's get it.

  • fcs04

    What the fuck is wrong here in the comments…
    She's simple a real beautiful woman… i don't know what is happening here… some comments are real hard and this isn't theChive that i know…

    Amanda you are so beautiful and nice… don't care about some idiots here….

  • Adam

    I tried to warn you guys months ago about the possible ramifications and the psychological damage that you might have on this girl simply because she is not very good looking! she has a decent body, but has no outstanding features like a bodacious ass or beautiful tits, she is an average chick, stop posting this girl WTF!

    • fcs04

      Whats wrong with her? She's a beautiful next door girl… of course she's no fuckin ugly megan fox… with ultra makeup and botox and operations… just a nature wonder…she's just beautiful…

  • team realtree

    God Bless country Girls……

  • tnrchr

    #10 Amanda you are as beautiful as ever. Thanks so much for contributing and puting a smile on my face. Love some country girls!

  • drew

    Simply gorgeous. Wow

  • RiceMunch


  • Paul

    You made my day with that beautiful smile of yours. and that cute little sundress. Thank you Amanda. I think Im in love

  • Buzzin_Neon

    big fan of country girls…live with one…and this one is pretty darn cute as well…

  • stiklr

    although she is very beautiful I finally found her flaw.. the super short/small baby toe

  • BallznOats

    she needs to stay in country. No one wants to see her.

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